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Taking Care of You Part: 1

Abby's POV: Gibbs… is that him? I drowsily think.

Opening my eyes all I see is white.

The first thing I feel is my body is aching and my ribs are screaming.

Then I remember the events that happened to me.

I couldn't help myself I start to cry.

Gibbs POV:

I wake up to someone crying… Abby I think frantically.

Sitting bolt up right I try to sooth her, "Its okay Abby I'm here I'm here."

Hearing me Abby turns her head in that direction. But when she sees me it only makes the crying worse.

"Gi… bbs… it… was… so… horrible," I hear her say.

Smoothing her hair back I feel like shooting the bastard who hurt Abby again and again.

"It's all right Abby… You're safe, you're safe," I reassure her.

"You're in the hospital right now. You're pretty banged up… I'm sorry Abbs… I should have been there to prevent this…" I say looking down because I couldn't stand to have Abby look at me.

Abby slowly stops crying and grabs my face in her hands forcing me to look up at her she says, "You couldn't have stopped this Gibbs… It was a random act you couldn't have known that lunatic was targeting me…"

Looking in her emerald green eyes I respond in almost a whisper, "But I'm torn in two seeing you like this Abby. Never again, never again will this happen to you."

Abby smiles weakly to try to reassure me, but she fails miserably.

Then I see her drift off into a fitful sleep.

Abby's POV:

A week later and I'm finally released out of the hospital.

I was being wheeled out by Tony. "Are you sure you're okay Abby?" Tony asks still a little concerned.

"Physically yes Tony but I'm not so sure about mentally," I respond.

Tony was quiet for a few minutes.

"Well my dear we'll get through this together," I feel Ducky's hand rest on my shoulder.

Smiling I squeeze Ducky's hand and say, "I know Ducky."

"We'll always be there for you Abby," pipes in McGee.

"That is right Abby," says Ziva.

Smiling at all my friends I get wheeled through the hospital doors.

"Free at last!" I exclaim excitedly.

All of us bust out laughing at my happiness.

"Are you ready to go Abby?" asks Gibbs.

Seeing Gibbs by the car having the passenger's door open I say, "Of course Gibbs! I thought I would go mad if I was kept in that white room any longerI need black in my life to much white!"

That made everyone including Gibbs bust out laughing again.

"Of course Abby let's get you home," Gibbs says after his laughter subsided.

"Don't let him boss you around to much Abby, he might think he's in control," chirped in Tony.

He was stopped by Gibbs giving him a "Don't even dare" look.

Laughing nervously Tony says, "Um… I hope you get better Abby… Ziva, McGee I think it's time to go get those drinks."

Ziva and McGee start to laugh and say their good-byes and get wells then follow Tony's practically running body back to the car.

Smiling Ducky looks down at me and says, "Well I should be getting back to Mother now. It was nice to see you Abby. I hope you get better. Now I will leave you in the most capable

hands of our fellow ex marine. Good bye Jethro."

And with that we see Ducky's receding figure go out of sight around the corner.

"Okay Abby time to get you in the car," says Gibbs.

"Sure thing boss man," I say smiling up at Gibbs.

Gibbs POV: Chuckling to myself I help Abby into the passenger's seat.

Most of her bruises where healed except the ones around her mid section and ribs.

So I knew I wasn't hurting her by holding her arms and placing her in the passenger's seat.

I swore to myself that no one will hurt her like this again no matter what, I walked around the car, got in, and headed to my house.

"Gibbs shouldn't we go to my house first to get some of my things?" I hear Abby question.

"Don't worry Abs, I've brought over some clothes, and some things I thought you would want," I say giving her a quick glance before turning my head back on the road.

Clothes… he went through my clothes oh my god he went through my underwear drawer… Abby thought.

Blushing she turns her head before Gibbs notices.

What kind did he get...ok bad thoughts bad thoughts ummm…. Uncle Larry's toenails… ewww ok that did it Abby thinks disgustingly.

Once I reached my house I led Abby in and told her, "Have you already taken a bath."

Abby's mind went blank a bath… is he going to me…

Abby starts to blush "Huh?"

Chuckling I ask again, "Have you already taken a bath?"

Inwardly I fight myself because I'm thinking of Abby wet and naked… how can I be thinking like this after what she's been through.

Inwardly slapping myself I wait for Abby to say something.

"Um… no I haven't," I hear Abby say.

Will Gibbs be able to get through helping Abby take a shower without losing control.

Let's see what happens.

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