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Hinata does not sleep that hot, sticky night. She sits upright in bed, the cool sheet draped over her white shoulders, and wishes for a window to open, to distract herself with.

One in the morning, the clock reads, and her tiny hands shake into close fists. She will take the man with the darkness in his eyes to town today.

The weather is ironically bright and serene the next morning, and Mello is unsure of whether to scowl or appreciate it. It mocks the previous day's violent downpour and drinks up the puddles with a feverish thirst until the ground is only damp with the memory of rain.

The orphanage is so heavily adorned with windows that the cafeteria is washed in gold. Small flecks of dust that drift by the rays of sunlight turn a warm amber, glittering past Mello's eyes as his breakfast goes cold on the table. Just as he lifts his hand to catch one on his fingertip, bored and distracted, Matt nudges him as he sits down. "Why aren't you eating? You look all…spacey."

Mello keeps his eyes on the amber particles but twists his mouth intil a scowl. "Maybe I'm just not in the mood to eat, Matt," he mutters bitterly.

"I don't know how can do that, Mel," Matt says as he chews a mouthful of pancakes. "Best time of the day for me is when I eat, that's what I've always thought."

Mello succeeds in landing one of the bedazzled flecks on the tip of his pointed finger, but quickly grows bored with the sport, the magic of the sight gone now that he has touched it. A memory stirs in his mind and he promptly turns to Matt. "By the way." He serves him a hard punch to the boy's arm and relishes the yelp that Matt makes, his mouth full with food.

Matt swallows hard, his green eyes wide and demanding of an explanation. "What was that for?" he asks, his voice rising an octave in his outrage.

Mello lifts his black pant leg and exposes a harsh scrape on his knee, pointing to it for dramatic effect. "If you hadn't been such a moron and made me outside with you yesterday, I wouldn't have gotten this."

"But when the hell did you get that?"

The memory, cold and bristled with fresh disturbance, pushes its way to the front of Mello's mind. The breathless fear, the weakening of his legs, the mud beneath his fingernails; it all sweeps through him at the recollection, but he scoffs and looks down at his food to shake it off. "Never mind," he grumbles.

Matt, however, either does not care or does not hear him, for his mouth gapes open in realization as he nods his auburn head animatedly. "That's right! When you fell yesterday! What was that all about anyway?"

Mello narrows his eyes and spears a clump of eggs on his tray with the prongs of his fork. "I just fell, alright? Drop it already."

"No, you didn't just fall, Mel," Matt attests. "You got all white in the face and looked like you couldn't breathe, and-"

"Shut up, Matt!"

Mello has risen from the table, his blonde hair a golden flash over his eyes, and he is stomping out of the cafeteria before Matt is given the chance to redeem himself.

Hinata takes the gold for most conflicted nine-year-old as she stands outside Lawliet's door.

Should she walk right in? She she knock? What if he is not inside? What if she is too early? But surely she cannot be too early, seeing as he clearly told her to be here after her first lesson, and this is the same place she first met him yesterday…but perhaps the entire plan is one grand misunderstanding, and that she was supposed to come another day, another time, another-


His voice! Hearing it behind her at such a close distance comes as such a shock that Hinata yelps, darts around and covers her mouth with her tiny hand. Even seeing him instead of a monster looming over her does not calm her jittering, for his appearance has the same effect on her as it did yesterday. She gapes at his curious eyes and is jumpy, transfixed. "I-I'm sorry, Mr. Lawliet, I didn't know you were right there waiting and I thought you would be in the office and I was going to knock but…"

Her small voice wanders off, and Lawliet is staring down at her oddly, head tilted, dark hair hanging over one equally dark eye. "You are indeed a nervous child, aren't you, Hinata-kun."

The fact that he has not even stated it as a question is enough for Hinata to take it as being true, and she wipes her palms off on her robe timidly. "I don't…I don't really know, Mr. Lawliet," she says with a shrug. And before she can even think it through, she states, "You just scare me a little."

She is stunned by her audacity the second it leaves her lips, which melts into humiliation, which freezes into stuttering apologies scattering from her mouth as quickly as the thought had. As she spins off excuses for her tasteless remark, she sees that the pale corners of Lawliet's lips are curling up in a small, amused smile, which ends her rambling with a fresh bout of confusion. "Mr. Lawliet…?"

Just as the man in question turns around and begins walking off, back hunched over, assuming that the girl will follow, he gives a soft chuckle and says, "And perhaps you scare me a little as well, Hinata-kun."


God, that voice. It already grates at Light's nerves, even with just the declaration of his name. The fact that Ryuzaki just assumes that it will demand his attention, because he really has no other choice; the man would continue repeating it jadedly until he would be forced to grit his teeth and respond anyway.

"Ryuzaki," Light replies tightly. His fingers are flying over the keyboard in search of more leads regarding Yotsuba, doing what he is supposed to be doing instead of conversing freely with the shifty detective chained to him, so he does not look over at him. He could do without the extra annoyance of those eyes accusing him with every glance.

There is the faint clammer of Ryuzaki setting his fork upon his plate of cake, and Light bites upon his tongue in agitation. "I believe I will apologize to Misa-san in a moment," he says, his mouth obviously full since the words are slurred and thick.

Light only sends him a fleeting glance out the corner of his eye. His tone of voice is the same as usual; airy, curious, droning. "Good for you," he says irritably. "But you should actually do it instead of telling me about it, Ryuzaki."

"Would you have preferred me to do so without telling you and dragging you along on the floor, Light-kun?" Ryuzaki asks dryly. He jerks his wrist up, causing the chain to tug on Light's wrist disturbingly. "I thought it would only be polite to inform you before I did so. This chain has a bothersome habit of pulling along whoever is attached to it, which means that-"

"I get it, Ryuzaki!" Light projects.

"Excellent!" Ryuzaki hops up off his chair, resulting in a swift pull of the chain that sends Light nearly stumbling to the floor. Light is forced to look at him now through blazing eyes, trying to reassemble his calm and the creases of his clothing, and he sees that dastardly intense triumph in Ryuzaki's cold eyes at being able to rumple the boy up a little.

Nevertheless, he is still being dragged along as Ryuzaki idles away in search of Misa Amane.

The boy who calls himself Mail Jeevas takes Mihael to a cornfield; why, he hasn't the faintest clue, but he appreciates the rest and lays down in the tall crops to study the sky.

"I come here a lot," the auburn-haired boy says, taking something out of his pocket and placing it in his mouth. "The man who owns the farm doesn't know, though, so if we see him, we're out of here, okay?"

Mihael turns his scraggly head to look at whatever Mail is chewing. "What're you eating?" Truth be told, he is starving, and if the boy has any food he will gladly pummel him for it.

Mail is leaning back on his elbows, his sunburned nose pointed up at the clouds. "I can't eat chewing tobacco," he says with a laugh. "You want some?"

Mihael scrunches his nose in both disgust and disappointment in it not being real food, and sits up promptly to look at him. "That sounds gross," he mutters, rubbing his stomach. "You got anything to eat?"

The boy scratches the back of his messy head, thinking upon something, but he suddenly jumps up and begins prancing through the field from the way they came. He glances over his shoulder at a bewildered Mihael and calls out, "You coming?"

Mihael does not know what this boy is, standing beneath the bright sun with a cheshire grin on his sunburnt face, but he realizes that at this moment, he has nowhere better to go. He stands up with a grimace and catches up with Mail as they flit back to the heart of the village.


Misa stands in the middle of her given room, her hairbrush hoisted in midair above her damp hair as she gapes at Ryuzaki, clueless.

He's…saying he's sorry…?

Yes, that is exactly it, which is why Misa stares at Ryuzaki with a blankness that challenges his own dark stare. The chain attached to his wrist holds Light on the other end, but his gaze wanders around the room with such a lack of interest that she briefly plays with the thought of changing up the room, making it more amiable to him…perhaps some new sheets, maybe something pretty to put on the walls…

"I am apologizing, Misa-san," Ryuzaki repeats, catching her attention again. "My comment yesterday was inappropriate and rude, and therefore I feel that it would only be in my best taste to-"

"Your comment?" Misa asks in confusion. She tilts her head and thinks upon what he could possibly mean; her mind is fuzzy in regards to what occurred before singing to the rain, as if it has been replaced with a blank, off-white slate of vacuity. "What was it?"

Even Ryuzaki looks confused for a moment, and Misa sees Light stifle what appears to be a laugh. "In saying it again, Misa-san," Ryuzaki begins slowly, "I would do nothing but repeat the offense and cause you more distress, wouldn't you agree?"

Just to save the time and trouble in asking him to elaborate, Misa simply drags her brush through her hair and nods, beaming at him. "Yes!" she says cheerfully, giving him a thumbs-up with her free hand.

"I think Misa-san is confused," Ryuzaki mumbles behind the thumb that is playing with his bottom lip.

"I am not!" Misa objects, placing her hand on her hip. "Ryuzaki-san has come to say that he is sorry for what he said! What's there not to get?"

She watches as one smarmy corner of Ryuzaki's lips curl into a small smirk, but he gives her a nod and tugs upon the chain that connects him to Light. "Then consider my deed done," he says with a calm finality. He begins leading Light out of the room, but Misa suddenly leaps forward in hopes of catching the brunette by the arm. She grazes against his back when he turns, however, and Light glances over her shoulder at her. "Yeah?"

Ryuzaki is looking at her as well, which is unnerving in its own sense (she hates his eyes; they are so lifeless that he reminds her of the old ghost films that used to frighten her out of sleep as a child), but Misa shrugs him off and focuses on catching Light's lips in an impromptu kiss, quick and soft on his warm, closed mouth. When she pulls away, she serves him a smile and lets her hand linger on his shoulder, but Light is looking down at the floor. She finds this charming; shy boys have such a hold on her, especially with lips like those.

But Ryuzaki is still peering at her, to the point in which it is unusual even for him, but Misa's eyes quickly avert from his with a disheartened frown as the two men turn to leave. She strolls over to her bed and elegantly stretches across it, brushing her hair with the frown still heavy on her pink lips. Stupid Ryuzaki…that's something you should be apologizing for…

Ten o'clock in the morning arrives, and the heat of the village has lingered at a balmy seventy-three degrees. The peculiar, nervous-eyed girl is beside Lawliet, her tiny four-foot frame seemingly miles beneath his stride. His hands are in the pocket of his robes, his eyes scanning around him subtly, his ears attuned to what she is saying.

"It was by that little stand that sells all the fruits and stuff," Hinata explains timidly, "because I was looking at the apples and, um…it was just down this way, I think."

She is terribly uncertain of where she is, but Lawliet's sharp mind has picked up the basic layout of the labyrinth of fruit stands, fabric stands, vegetable stands, stands of all sorts lining up along each side of the dirt path like soldiers. Two lefts, one right, straight, another left turn, weaving through the busy tributaries of people with lean legs and masterful memory.

"We need to turn right up here, Mr. Lawliet."

Her soft voice causes him to glimpse down at her momentarily before pulling one hand out of his robe pocket and scratching the back of his head lazily. "Noted, Hinata-kun."

Hinata gives him a smile, edgy, anxious, and quickly looks back down at the ground.

She's an odd child…I should consider looking into her records to see where she came from, for I don't recall knowing of her until now…nevertheless, such a strange child-

The boy.

Suddenly, Lawliet's thoughts are thrown to the back of his head for storage the second his eyes lay upon the pair of boys that are sneaking pieces of fruit into their pockets, looking around so as to avoid getting caught, just three stands down from where he is.

The escaped blonde child with all the hatred of the world in his eyes.


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