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My brother took a lethal dose of pain killers a month ago. And by some "miracle" (according to my mother) he came back. Everybody already knows about the so called "living impaired" teens so this wasn't some huge surprise to the doctors after his heart stopped beating and he stood up and walked away. They are everywhere, except in Winamac, Indiana. At least not until Christopher. I've seen them on the news so many times but really didn't put much thought into it. I am 15 years old and never really consider having to deal with death at my age unless it was a grandparent or a distant relative I never met. No one knows why they come back, but everyone knows that there is a chance that a teenager will if you die these days. I mean, he knew what would happen or at least I assume he understood, but that didn't stop him. Now he is among the living dead and ruining my life.

I know my parents are trying to prove to this town that my brother is still the same boy he was before, but they aren't convincing anybody. No one cares because he is no longer their white knight. If he hadn't tried (and failed I might add) to kill himself, he would still be Winamac High's star basketball player. He would be accepting his scholarship to Indiana University and preparing to move to Bloomington in the summer leaving me his room in the basement. However, because of his self-inflicted living deadness his skills on the basketball court are less than stellar and the prejudice of the town needed no other excuse to not let him back on the team after try outs.

My parents have always looked at him as their golden child and maybe even more so now that he is their "miracle boy" and now they treat him like he is some victim of some horribly inflicted disease. I know better, to me he is a coward. I will never understand what he was thinking that night and to be honest I really don't feel like asking. He wouldn't answer me. It's not my business, and it's not like he wanted my help before he decided that he wanted to join the Zombies. (Oops. . . I meant to say Living impaired.)

Don't get me wrong, I am not criticizing the all living impaired kids, I just wish my brother didn't have to become one of them. Because of him, I am now a social leper. My old friends are terrified of him or just plain hate him. Nobody wants to hang out with the girl with a living dead brother and their parents have forbidden their kids to come anywhere near me; as if I am going to spread this to their kids or something. I'm not sure if they would have been so opposed to my brother if he had not inflicted this on himself, but it's not like they would have welcomed him with open arms if it had been a car accident or illness. It doesn't matter though the whole family is still suffering because of him. He doesn't have all the side effects most kids have. He still looks the same. His skin is a little paler, but he was always very pale to go along with his ginger hair. Like me, his skin used to burn so easily in the sunlight and the only colors our skin changes to is red or freckled. I think that's what makes it easier. He doesn't really look dead like a lot of the other dead kids I have seen. He's just dead.

I'm not saying that this whole thing doesn't suck for him. He lost his friends, he can't play basketball, and since he is no longer living he is without the rights most living people take for granted. He no longer has a driver's license because dead kids supposedly cannot drive. I've heard of horrible things happening to living impaired and no one ever gets charged with anything more than a misdemeanor for abusing a corpse. Sometimes charges aren't even filed because they feel that no damage has been done. It's scary and that is part of the reason that my parents have imprisoned me and my brother to the house except for family outings.

Tomorrow we have to go back to school.