In 2014, Kanto was not the same as it was ten years ago. Far from being an idyllic and beautiful place where Pok mon roamed free and battled one another in pleasant splendor. After the Great War of Nael-Ytharlep, when massive armies of Pok mon collided in the fields and in the mountains and in the plains and laid waste to the cities and razed the towns and burned the towers and fouled the rivers and desecrated the land, there was a period of great rebuilding. To that end, a new breed of incredible Pok mon was genetically engineered. They were smarter than Alakazam, stronger than Machamp, and sexier than Jynx. This new species, named Adramalech by their creators, was immediately tasked with the reconstruction of Kanto. Without speaking to anyone, they began to set their incredible powers to the task of rebuilding.

Mewtwo then barged into the offices of the Department of Reclamation, furious with their audacity. With the power of his mind, he crushed the lungs of an impudent secretary, and strode directly into the luxurious abode of Director John Cedar.

What is the meaning of these Adramalechs?! demanded Mewtwo, furiously. They have destroyed me! Once, I was the mightiest of all Pok mon. Cities trembled at the sound of my name, I bested armies in combat, and now you have reduced my status to nothingness. I demand compensation for this defamation!

Mewtwo, Mewtwo, Mewtwo, sighed John Cedar as he wrung his hands. This is not the time for your petty jealousy. The entirety of the continent lies in ruins, and you come to me asking for status?

Mewtwo glared at Cedar and began combusting the Newton s cradle that lay on his desk. You could have informed me of the development of the Adramalechs. You could have enlisted my help. You could have done any number of things, but you chose to ignore me like so many Bidoofs. It is for this dishonor that I demand recompense. I give you a choice: Either give me that which is due, or die. I still possess power beyond that of any human.

I can t argue with your power. You shall have your tribute. Might I suggest that you spend some time in the Bermuda Island with some friends? It has been specially cleared of inhabitants for the sake of its reclamation for tourism, and I think it would be nice if you could relax there. The basic amenities will be provided on the behalf of the Oak Foundation for Virgin Trainers, and I m sure you d have a pleasant time. Upon your return, we can discuss a more weighty form of compensation. I trust this is acceptable to you?

Mewtwo considered the offer, and finally extended his hand. Very well. I shall take this vacation you suggest, and I thank you for your graciousness in receiving my requests. With that, Mewtwo left the facilities, and headed to his friends houses to gather them for this trip to the Island.