Disclaimer: I own none of the characters from Boogiepop, they all belong to their creator Kouhei Kadono and I'm only borrowing them for awhile. This story also contains some yuri, so if that's not your thing I suggest skipping it.

Boogiepop: Unwilling Friendship


When Nagi Kirima told Kazuko Suema that she didn't want her to turn out like her, Kazuko looked at her in confusion. Nagi was out there saving lives, helping people in trouble, how could Kazuko not want to turn out like her? More importantly, Nagi had even saved her life....

Of course, Kazuko still didn't know everything that happened five years ago, she only had bits in pieces. A killer had been stalking young women, ultimately kiling himself before he was caught by the police. Investigating the scene of the crime they had discovered who his next target would have been, and shockingly it had been Kazuko herself. She had been stunned when she found out, and her near brush with death had cast a shadow of her life for five years. During that time Kazuko had taken up the study of criminology and psychology, trying to find out why she had been targeted. She wanted to understand what drove a man to kill, what made such men become what they were and to try to put her own targeting into some kind of context.

In their school Nagi was a mysterious rebel, skipping classes at will, breaking rules and being suspended off and on. Never expelled, however, because whatever else Nagi did she was a excellent student, passing her teast with ease despite the missed classes. Like her fellows Kazuko had been a little scared of Nagi, the tough girl that slept through classes and was broadly considered a delinquent. Of course, that was before she learned the truth about her.

Appearing in some kind of home made battle gear Nagi had threatened their classmate Kyoko Konoshita, eventually spurring her to reveal her involvement in drugs. Kyoko was so scared by Nagi that Kazuko was certain she had scared the girl straight, as well as forcing her to divulge clues on another case that Nagi was investigating. Shocked and a little fascinated Kazuko sought out Nagi's home, where she was surprised again by how mild mannered Nagi could be. Sitting in a bedroom set up like a hacker's dream Nagi had conversationally explained herself and her quest to fight injustice. And later, accidentally, Nagi had revealed that she was the one who had stopped the killer five years ago. Her and Boogiepop, anyway.