The Romulans had begun making tentative overtures for peace with the Federation almost immediately after the death of the renegade Nero. While the primary reason for this was to distance themselves from Nero's actions as much as they could so they would not be blamed for them (after all it had been another universe that had spawned that planet destroying monster), there was a secondary reason as well for the attendees of the first diplomatic conference which had been scheduled for a year after Nero's destruction. What had been done to Vulcan had shocked the entire Romulan populace from the most common street beggar to the Praetor himself to their cores. While they called the Romulan Star Empire home, the fact remained that Vulcan had been the world that had given birth to their race. Most of those who came desired to help their more peaceful cousins in some way, from the donation of provisions to (for those who were willing to accept the teachings of Surak) adding themselves to the gene pool.

Spock, being an ambassador (albeit one from an alternate future), was in attendance at this historic conference as well as his father's counterpart. Knowing that he would quite likely blame the man who hadn't quite gotten used to the fact that he now had a son that was older than him as well as his own Spock and the exiled Sybok for things his dead father had done, he avoided him for the most part as he usually did when they were both in attendance at any sort of function. It was for this reason that he found himself heading for the drinks table despite the fact that drinking any amount of alcohol would give him indigestion.

Captain Kirk of the Enterprise, who had been assigned to bring the ambassadors to the conference which was located on a small world near the Romulan Neutral Zone, stood next to a Romulan wearing the uniform of a Commander of the Romulan Fleet laughing at something the man had just said.

Spock took one look at the face of the Commander and was brought back to a day more than a century before, when he got his first look at a Romulan and saw a being that had looked a great deal like his father. That day had been firmly imprinted on his memory, and there had been times when he would dwell on it at length. It had been one of the reasons he had sought reunification between the Vulcans and Romulans in his own time.

As he watched Kirk and the Commander laugh as they traded several humorous anecdotes the dying words of a Romulan Commander aboard a doomed ship over a century before echoed through his mind.

"Here's to the start of a hopefully long and beautiful friendship." Spock said before draining his drink and walking off leaving Kirk and his Romulan counterpart to stare at him in confusion.


Author's Note: For those who don't know, the Romulan Commander is the Commander of the ship in "Balance of Terror" who before destroying his ship said to Kirk something along the lines of "In a different lifetime I could have called you friend."