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Courtney:Wow that sounds Soooo lame.

Gwen: Ya that was the best you could think of?

Me: Shut up! I was in a rut!

Bridgette: Hey don't fight Geez!


Duncan:What can I say? I'm a born criminal! .......And the door was unlocked.

Me:Crap! *writes on hand*Next author's note bring a chainsaw and a baseball bat to hit Duncan with.

Duncan: ......You're kidding right? No one can be that evil!

Me: That's it! next A/N you're dead!

Bridgette: Anyway enjoy the story!

Bite Me

Gwens POV

"Courtney? Courtney? COURTNEY!?!"I yell. Courtney stood there staring blankly into space. What she was seeing only God knows. Bridgette had a worried look on her face and was gently shaking my preppy best friend. I know what your thinking right? How can we posibily be friends, me a goth and her a prep? Well, me,Bridgette, and Courtney all share the biggest secret ever,

.............. a secret that separates from others




........a secret that isn't one for sharing at a sleepover with a group of blabbermouth 'friends'.




............a secret that can change the way you look on the world











.......a secret that makes us thirst for blood.

That's right,me Gwen a goth,Courtney the respectful prep, and Bridgette the peacemaker surfer are vampires. Oh and as vampires besides the whole we-drink-blood thing,it is pretty cool. We can run way faster than anything on Earth, have super strength, and we also get special talents. Courtney as you can kinda guess can see the future, Bridgette can read people's thoughts and go through your memories; basically everything thats ever happpened to you. And me well I don't have one, yet,Courtney tells me.

But right now me,Bridgette, and Courtney were standing at our lockers and Court was talking about some new history assignment and a vision hit her. Normally we didn't bat an eyelash, but this vision was different. Court never made a sound when she got visions but this time she gave an audible gasp and her eyes went wide, I'm talking plate size. Not to mention she was shaking like a chihuahua. Then it stopped. The brunette sunk to her knees rubbing her temples.

"Ohhhhh," She moaned.

I glanced around making sure no one was close enough to listen. Those that were got my death glare and ran for it. Smart people.

" What did you see?"Bridgette and I asked in unison.

She blinked twice then said,"The vision was blurry but something-or someone- is coming and, well it's not clear what we're in for so we have to watch our step."

We helped the prep up and Bridgette replied," In that case we need to start hunting more and avoiding people."

"The second is easier because people are already intimidated by us." I said dryily. It was true people saw our 'beauty' and how the three of us grouped together without anybody else then they just left us alone. When we first came here we got asked out by guys EVERY frikin day, but now they finally got it that we do not date. Ever. Even the new guys they see us, wanna ask us out, but the ones that have had past experience gave them advice. Before either of my friends could comment, the bell rang for us to get to class.

" English,"I groaned. My least favorite subject. Ever.

"Alegebra,"said Bridgette happily. Ugh how can she and Court actually like school?

"You have to at some point Gwen!"She patted my back. God sometimes her talent was REALLY annoying. Sorry Bridge, but it's the truth.

" Ummmm I've got Study Hall,"Courtney said absentmindly.

" You ok?"I raised an eyebrow.

" Yea just that vision kinda freaked me out a bit,"She shuddered slightly, told us goodbye, and sprinted away at a human speed. But if she was trying for human,it looked like she was running at full speed.

" See you after school, Gwen. Oh and remember we're -ahem- going for a little night hike tonight." My blond best friend reminded me. At school whenever we told each other when we would eat we said we we're going on a hike. Well, actually, we go way up in the mountains and hunt the animals up there. We're 'vegetarians' as Bridgette calls it. It's a private joke. But it means we don't drink human blood and we live off animal blood.

I sighed,"Ok." I gave her a quick hug and walked down the hall to English. I paused outside of the door. Maybe I shouldn't. I thought. Courtney did say that something's gonna change. I stopped breathing and looked around. Then I shook myself. I'm just paranoid. I opened the door and walked into (English teacher) class room, ready for the torture to begin.


Trents POV

"DUNCAN!!! DUDE I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!!"I screamed at the top of my lungs. Duncan was my roommate along with Geoff. Sure all three of us played pranks on each other but this time Duncan went too far. As soon as I find him.... Oh and by the way if you're wondering what he did HE CHANGED MY HAIR GEL TO BLUE HAIR DYE AND NOW MY HAIR IS BLUE!!!!!! We're moving out of our crappy apartment and moving into the never sunny town of FoxFields( I couldn't think of anything else!!! ) and I ran through the apartment looking for that little- Well since children are probably reading this I shouldn't say. Geoff was watching a marathon of George Lopez and he must've known who I was looking for because he snickered -and got a glare- then pointed behind the lounge chair. I cracked my knuckles and jumped over the chair, and started to beat the living crap outta the Mohawked teen. It would have hurt more on him if he hadn't fought back. He was laughing so hard I saw tears coming out of his eyes. That ticked me of even more(if it was possible) so I socked him right in the mouth. Duncan instantly stopped laughing and fought back harder than before. Our fight went on with us clawing, punching, kicking at each other until Geoff yelled,"Yo bros! Just chill!" Duncan had blood at the edge of his mouth, a couple gashes and bruises, and was leaning againest the couch for support. Ha! Take that jerk! It wasn't like I didn't get hurt though because I was just as banged up as him.

" God, that hurt dude its just a little hair dye,"He complained.

I growled,"Change my hair back to black before I kick your a*s."

Geoff looked at Duncan,"Dude, seriously, he looks like a gay punk version of Micheal Jackson."

Duncan shrugged,"Can't argue with that." He turned to me,"Sorry man. dying your hair blue making you look like Micheal Jackson Went Punk."We man-hugged and laughed.

" Oh and there's stuff to rinse the dye out in the cabinet,behind the box of soap."He smirked.

"Nice I would have never guessed, you usually steer clear of anything to do with cleaning,"It was my turn to smirk.

" Hey dudes how 'bout to celebrate us moving out tommorow morning WE THROW A WICKED PARTY!"Geoff yelled.

"Uh dude? We're kinda broke because your last party ended us all in juvi,"Duncan pointed out.

"That's because the chick who was supposed to be lookout got drunk and had her head stuck in the chocolate fountain,"Geoff explained.

I snickered,"The 'chick' that was on lookout was your brother." We started cracking up.

After we finally stopped laughing Duncan suggested we go for a hike tonight.

"It'll be awesome and if we're lucky we'll see a wolve or a bear!"I pumped my fist in the air. Tonight was gonna be awesome.


All six of them in the future(when I say that I mean like a year in the future)

Trent: We never would have guessed would would happen just because we wanted to celebrate.

Gwen: Before that night the only thing keeping me from finding something to kill me was my friends.

Bridgette:That night was the turning point for the rest of my existance.

Geoff:I saw the world a completely different way.

Duncan: The world isn't the way you thought it was.

Courtney: I would have never guessed that what I saw in my vision would change so much.



Sorry not much action but I'm in the making of like three other stories and IT IS SO HARD TO DO THAT!

The next chapter will have action I swear or shoot me.

Trent: Can I do that?


Gwen: Why? In the story I sound like Noah!

Me: No you don't it's you!

Gwen: I'm not-

Me:*takes out metal bat*Not what?


Duncan: Wow I'm glad it wasn't me she was threatening this time.

Me: Oh yea thanks for reminding me *hits Duncan with bat a million times* That's from the last A/N

Duncan:*On the ground bleeding and broken*

Courtney: *runs up to Duncan* Oh my gosh! You broke my boyfriend!

Duncan: I think I need CPR*cough*

Me: Ok I love you guys as a couple but if you wanna make out go in the closet!*opens The Make Out Closet and Bridgette and Geoff are sucking face*

Me:* closes closet* Um maybe you guys should wait until the next A/N to make out, k?


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