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Category: Crossover

Anime(s)/Manga(s)/Cartoon(s): Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)/Inuyasha

Genre: Romance/Comedy/Mystery/Horror/Supernatural/Paranormal/Historical

Pairing: Ciel Phantomhive/Kagome or Kagome/Sebastian

WARNING 1: This may lead to a brother/sister incest and/or pre-teen/Adult pairing. If you don't like then don't read.

WARNING 2: Due to there being excessive blood and gore as well as mature language, this fic will be Rated M, just to be safe.

Summary: After finishing off Naraku and the jewel complete and dormant, Kagome is turned into a 12-year-old and sent to Victorian London when and where she is found by a woman in red who says she's the twin sister of her nephew, Ciel Phantomhive. While living in the Phantomhive manor, Kagome also meets the house staff, as well as her 'brother's' demonic butler, Sebastian. Our favorite miko's life is turned upside down once again while thrown into the world of demonic and supernatural. Will Kagome be able to survive this adventure? And will she finally have a place to belong… and someone to love?

The Phantomhive Miko

Chapter One

The streets were quiet… aside from the rain that fell upon the stone paved roads and streets. The air had a slight chill, making a lone child shiver a bit as she leaned against the wall of an alleyway as she held an equally soaked two-tailed kitten in her arms. The child was catching her breath as the cool rain continued to soak her to the bone, her large clothes sticking to her young form and her dark raven hair sticking her face.

'How did it end up like this…?' she thought faintly as she looked up and the grey cloudy sky.

The young girl, Kagome then continued to walk out of the alley, cold and exhausted, both physically and mentally while trying her best to protect Kirara in her arms and keeping from dropping her.

During the battle with Naraku, Kagome and everyone involve had their fair share of wounds with hers and Inuyasha's being the worst… and said battle was soon over with the evil Hanyou foolishly trying to absorb Kikyo. Although the undead priestess was in fact no longer alive, her part of Kagome's soul was still that of a holy being. Thus, Naraku was purified from within. And when the jewel was completed, with Kagome holding it in one hand while holding an injured Kirara in her free arm, Midoriko appeared before her… telling her that her 'twin brother' needed her. Before Kagome could ask what she was talking about, she was engulfed in a bright light while her body felt like it was somewhat shrinking and repressing in age.

The process was uncomfortable but not really painful. In the end, she almost felt so small and almost so thin and flat after the light disappeared and she felt it start to rain with the dirt beneath her becoming stone.

But she didn't pay any mind to her bodily changes or her surroundings, too tired to even care. But she did notice Kirara still in her arms and the jewel was now dangling from her necklace, resting over her heart.

After releasing a sneeze that made her wince from the strain on her wounds, Kagome pushed herself off from the wall she was resting against and set off to find shelter. But exhaustion kicked in, making her fall to the cold, wet stone ground with a slight splash. The last thing she saw before her world turned black was a woman dressed in red…


It was so warm… dry, too. Not to mention it smelled kinda nice. Kagome felt like she was wrapped and lying on a mound of warm plush wool. Wondering why she felt so warm when she knew that she was in the cold wet rain before she passed out, Kagome slowly opened her eyes before quickly shutting them from the flash of bright light. She groaned in displeasure before trying to open her eyes again.

When she did, the little miko blinked a few times to clear her vision a bit before seeing that she was in a bed.

'So much softer than my old one…' Kagome thought before looking around to notice that she was in such a large bedroom filled with expensive but simple furnishings. Sitting up, she looked down at herself to see that her wounds were dressed and was dressed in a large white nightshirt.

She heard Kirara mew before turning her attention to the nekomatta and noticed that her wounds were also dressed in clean bandages. Kirara was staring up at her with her red-orange eyes filled with question about where they were.

"I'd like to know where we are too, Kirara. Most especially when…" Kagome said softly, her voice sounding much higher than it used to. Looking down at her self again, the teen miko noticed something missing…

'Where are my boobs…?'

Finding a mirror on an elegant vanity, Kagome carefully eased herself off the bed. But before her feet could touch the floor, the door opened to reveal a very… girly looking man with brown hair, green eyes, and glasses. In his white gloved hands was a tray full of what looked like clean bandages and what she guessed was an antibacterial liquid.

When he saw her trying to get out of bed, he advised her not to do so what trying to quickly make his way to her but ended up tripping on his own feet, landing face first on the floor with a thud.

Kagome and Kirara's eyes were wide with surprised, not expecting the man to fall. The miko had a sweatdrop as she continued to get off the bed and carefully made her way to the fallen man before asking, "Um… Are you… okay, sir?" Despite the slight concern she felt, Kagome couldn't help but sense that something was off about the man's aura… like he wasn't human.

The man picked himself up before giving a helpless smile, "Yes… I'm fine, Miss." Noticing that she was out of bed, the man, Grell almost went into hysterics about the girl's health while advising that she shouldn't be out of bed while still injured. His rambling was cut off by a woman's voice, "Grell, it's alright. She seems fine if she's walking about after being unconscious for almost two days…"

Looking to where the woman was standing, Kagome was surprised to find the woman decked in Victorian dress that was all red, matching it equally blood red hair and eyes. She was very beautiful for an English-looking woman.

And, although Kagome couldn't put her finger on it… this lady in red seemed very familiar to her somehow…

The woman then smiled at her before walking up to her and kneeling in front of her asked gently, "Hello, dear… how are you feeling?"

"Um… fine, thank you. Were you the one who found me and Kirara?" Kagome couldn't help but ask, remembering the woman's skirt being the last thing she saw before passing out.

"That's right. I couldn't just leave you there to catch your death." The woman in red or better known as Madam Red in the Victorian noble society was on her way home from the hospital when she found the girl, dressed in a large dark colored robe pass out in an alleyway. Being a doctor and liking children herself, Madam Red could leave the girl to die so she had her butler Grell stop the carriage and help her get the girl in to take her home with them.

Once they had the girl dry and her wounds dressed, Madam Red couldn't help but think how similar the girl looked to her nephew, Ciel Phantomhive or her elder sister, Rachel. While the girl was asleep, she looked through all the photos she had of her sister with her family. In a few, with her nephew, Ciel, Madam Red found a little girl who almost looked exactly like him. She remembered Ciel having a twin sister but she had somehow disappeared before the tragedy at Phantomhive Manor.

And now that she had seen the girl awake with eyes as blue as her nephew's… there was no doubt in her mind that she had found her niece, Ciel's twin sister, Kagome Phantomhive.

Her disappearance was hard on Ciel because they were so close but he believed that she would come back home somehow. But after losing his parents, he just lost all hope while gain the belief that once you lose something, you can't get it back.

Madam Red could only wonder how her nephew will react at hearing that she had found his beloved twin sister.

Helping the girl up, Madam Red led her back to the bed as Grell started to pick up the rolls of bandages and antibacterial liquid. Once she had her seated on the bed, Madam Red went to work on checking to see if her 'niece's; bandages needed any changing. When she undressed them, Madam Red saw that they were already mostly healed compared to when she first brought her home. What used to be really deep flesh wounds was now nothing but pink raw skin. Despite her experiences as a doctor, Madam Red never seen anyone, adult or child, heal so fast within one to two days.

Kagome looked blankly at where her wounds were before, not surprised that she had healed from such deadly wounds so quickly. She had two theories of how that was…

One was because the Shikon amplifying her miko powers to heal wounds that would cause her certain death.

Two… it probably had to do with her pact with a dying demon she met sometime before the final battle.

Said demon was a one of the more neutral and influential of the White Dragon demon clan that had the power to foretell the past, present, and future.

Since the demon was the only one residing in Japan, Naraku wanted to absorb him for his power to see the future. But he was able to escape, barely with deadly wounds. When Kagome found him under the Goshinboku, he was on the brink of death. As a dying wish, and because he felt that Kagome was a pure soul, he made a sort of pact with her to give his power to her if she vowed to never use it for any type of impure purposes or for her own personal gain. Kagome made the vow, and the Dragon demon gave her his powers.

A week after all of that, Kagome had a hard time controlling her new abilities but with Kaede and Sesshoumaru's help, she was able to keep them under control. She also realized that when she receives a vision or activates her ability to foretell the future, he deep blue eyes become slit like a cat's or a dragon's.

It was a very nifty power especially when it unintentionally helped her and her friends turn the tables in the final battle.

Kagome hardly used her Dragon demon eyes unless the situation called for it and always kept her word about not using them for her own personal gain.

Once Madam Red was done looking at the condition of her wounds, she spoke "Let me introduce myself, dear. My name is Angelina Durless. But many know me as Madam Red. What might your name be…?"

"Um… my name's Kagome. And my cat companion, Kirara. May I ask where we are?"

"You are in my home, on the east end of London…"

The two females talked after Grell had brought them some tea and some soup for Kagome. Madam Red had asked Kagome about her past only to receive an answer of Kagome not remembering anything before she was ten years old but also couldn't help but feel like she had met Madam Red before.

This led to Madam Red showing her some old family photos, showing Kagome what would be the miko's real family.

As Kagome looked over the photos, she kept on feeling a sense of déjà vu whenever she laid eyes on a light-haired woman and a very handsome man with beauty mark under the corner of his left eye. This also went with whenever she laid eye on a very cute little boy holding a girl who looked very much like herself when she was a little girl.

It's true that Kagome had known that she was adopted by the Higurashi family but she had no memories about her past before she was ten years old. And growing up, she always felt nostalgic whenever she saw the Japanese girls dress in goth or white loli clothing or something similar to Victorian dress.

And now that she saw these photos and got subtle flashbacks caused by her Dragon eyes… Kagome couldn't help but feel that… she was home at last… and that this woman before her was truly a relative of hers.


After a couple of weeks had passed, Kagome got used to being a twelve-year-old again while her and Kirara got used to life in Victorian England… but that didn't mean Kagome was going to abide by the female dress code in wearing those poufy and frilly long dresses and having wear corsets so tight that you have to learn not to breath.

It seemed that Madam Red, who Kagome gained a liking to and lovingly started calling Angie, noticed this and suggested that maybe she could wear a noble boy's attire. She wore the normal boys dress shirt and tie with knee length black socks and brown 1 ½ inch heeled shoes, but her jacket was custom with the tail reaching her ankles and being split and square with dark blue lace sewn to the edges. The trimming was black while the rest of it blue; bringing out her eye color. And her shorts were made a little shorter than the average boy's, being a little more form fitting and mid-thigh length. And to complete the look, she was also given a matching top hat.

(For the outfit… think of the school uniform Kagome wears in YukimuraShuusuke Girl's Utena Xover, "Rose Priestess" but give the outfit a more Victorian aristocratic look.)

The miko actually liked the outfit and so did Madam Red, feeling that it suited her more than most of the normal dresses around London.

Within the couple of weeks Kagome had stayed with Madam Red, Kagome gained back her old memories little by little while hearing about what had happened with her family while she was gone. The miko-turned-child was sad to hear that her parents were gone but was at the least relieved to hear that her brother, Ciel was all right. With the older woman promising that she'd take the miko to the Phantomhive Manor to see her twin again, Kagome was pretty excited to see her twin again but wondered if he would remember her, despite that only two years had passed since he had seen her while more time had passed for her.

Right now, Kagome was done with her 'proper etiquette' as a lady along with her dance lessons from a mistress; all arranged by Aunty Angie to prepare her for what she'll most likely receive when she starts living at Phantomhive manor.

Standing from her seat at the windowsill, Kagome gave a stretch before making her way to the door leading out of the common room and catching her Aunt's attention, as well as their guest, Lau of the Shanghai Mafia and his stepsister/personal assassin, Ranmao.

"Kagome, where are you going?" Madam Red's question caught Lau's and Ranmao's attention before they turned to see the Phantomhive heiress in boys clothing stop at the door and turn to her aunt.

As Kagome turned to Madam Red, she replied, "I'm going to go out for a bit and pick up something at that sweets shop down the street. I won't be gone too long. Just a quick look and I'll come right back." The little miko noble gave her aunt one her soft but million pound (British currency) smiles before continuing out the door and closing it behind her.

Grell was about to go after her but was stopped when Kagome called out, "I'll be fine, Grell! No need to follow me everywhere I go just because I'm a girl who looks like I need protecting!" at the entrance hall, Kagome muttered to herself as she stuffed her hair into her top hat, "And knowing you… you'll most likely ruin the cake I bought with what little money I got from Aunt Angie for my first allowance." Once her hair was stuffed inside her top hat, put on her black gloves, and a light coat, she called out to Kirara so that the nekomatta could go with her. And with one last quick goodbye, Kagome was out the door with Kirara on her shoulder.

Back in the common room, while Grell's shoulders sagged a bit at not being able to go with Madam Red's niece to the shop.

Lau then turned his attention back to Madam Red, his stepsister in his lap, and spoke lightly, "Your niece is quite independent, Madam Red… much more independent than Ciel. Not to mention she's really cute."

Madam Red smiled, "I know. It seems that ever since I brought her here, she has taken up Grell's duties with serving tea and everything. She even helps the cooks with the meals and had taken over the kitchen when they were ill for a while." Her smile soon became wistful as she added, "she'll soon become very important in Ciel's life… probably… and hopefully more important than his want for revenge…"


There was a big smile on Kagome's face as she made her way to the sweets shop that was close to Madam Red's home. During the short time she had stayed with Madam Red, she had always been getting cakes and other sweet pastries from the Sweets Shop that was close by. She always placed an order with them when they open and went to pick her order around noon.

She always did this for her aunt since she had found out that Grell had absolutely no talent in the kitchen with baking.

'Hell, the last time I tried his Gooseberry pie, the taste itself made me pass out.' Kagome thought sourly at the memory. Sure, the pie looked like it was supposed to be when baked but after tasting it…

Kagome shivered at the memory before she sighted the bakery just ahead of her. Just a day ago her and Madam Red had finished a really good Apple and Raisin Dip pie (don't know if this is real) and now she was ready to taste the shop's famous Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake.

'Hmmm… just the thought of it sounds so tasty, making my mouth water.' Kagome thought gleefully with a skip in her step and Kirara mewing at her mistress' excitement.

Before she was about to grab the door to the shop, she felt someone's hand grab her shoulder and heard a man's voice speak, "Young Master, what are you doing here? I thought you had work at the manor… "

Kirara hissed as Kagome turned around to see who had grabbed her. Although, she had to admit… the guy was one HELL of a hot male! Black hair that framed his pale face, eyes that looked almost light reddish brown, and he was tall and lean while looking really good in black.

And even though Kagome felt a demonic aura coming from him, the sight of him was enough to make her heart skip a beat and make her face brighten with a blush.

The man, Sebastian; butler of the Phantomhive family was running an errand for his master, Ciel Phantomhive before heading his way back to the mansion when he thought that he saw his master walking the streets with a smile on his face. Even though his clothes looked a little different while his scent seemed slightly off, Sebastian thought that the Young Master was out on his own and had somehow made it to town before him.

After he got of hold of him, Sebastian found out that it was someone completely different. Not only did this child not have an eye patch like Ciel or the seal of the contract in his right eye but the child was a shorthaired, blue-eyed girl dressed in boys' clothing. Another shock to him was that the girl was like a spitting image of Ciel; a full-fledged female version of the young Earl, scent and all!

And on the girl's shoulder was… two-tailed demon cat; one Sebastian hadn't seen in quite a few centuries!

Realizing his mistake and seeing that he must be making the young human girl uncomfortable, he pulled his hand back and apologized, "Oh, forgive me Young Miss, I thought you were my young master. You looked so much like him from behind that…"

The girl cut him off by chuckling lightly before replying, "Don't worry, sir. It's all right. I probably would do the same if I was in your shoes." Despite that Kagome felt a demonic energy coming from the man; she wasn't going to make a scene and try fighting him when he did nothing wrong to her.

Sebastian gave a soft smile, kind of liking the girl's gentle nature yet a part of him felt on edge making chills run up his spine. There was something about this girl that screamed 'danger' for his kind… and he didn't know why. Noticing the shop the girl was in front of; he decided to strike up a small conversation after opening the door for her, "Are you here to pick something up?"

"Ah, yes. Just picking up a cheesecake since my aunt's butler can't really bake, let alone cook." The miko answered after thanking him for opening the door for her and almost bumped into the Shop Owner's daughter who had walked up to her.

"Oh, Miss Kagome, I was just about to deliver your cheesecake to your aunt's residence. I had no idea that you were coming to pick it up." Noticing the man behind the young girl, the woman asked, "And who's this behind you? Is he a new butler?"

"Oh, no I just barely met this man outside the shop. As for me picking the cheesecake up? Yes because I don't really trust my aunt's butler to handle this. Delivered to me or not, I just have this gut feeling that his clumsiness is gonna make the cake go to waste while he trashes it."

The Shop owner's daughter gave a nervous laugh, "I'm sure he means well though… even if he doesn't seem to make a very good butler…"

'They couldn't possibly be talking about him, could they…?' Sebastian thought, finding the description the two females giving to be very familiar.

"Yeah, I know… but sometimes it can be too much to handle when the simplest tasks are turned into a disaster. So… I'm taking over his duties since he's not doing any of the right, especially something simple as making herbal green tea. Plus, I've been craving this cheesecake for the past week and I'll be damned if I let the guy handle retrieving it." Kagome answered in a deadpanned voice that left no room for arguments.

After a little more short conversation, the older woman handed the box holding the cheesecake while giving Kirara a cherry before Kagome thanked her and made her way back out the door and making her way back home. After she had already walked a block, twelve-year-old miko frowned slightly before turning around to see the same demon from the shop standing right behind her.

"Can I… help you now?"

"I'm sorry, young miss, but it's not safe for a young girl like your self to be walking home alone." Sebastian thought it was only a gentlemanly way to escort a young girl back to her home

"That maybe true, sir but with it being broad daylight and so many people walking the streets, as well as someone from Scotland Yard being just across the street, only a desperate dimwit would not thinking about taking a victim at this time of day and not risk getting caught in the act." Kagome answered with a smirk before seeing the surprised look on the demon's face.

Compared to modern times, Kagome could see and tell that the Victorian Era of London was slightly less dangerous aside from the lack in technology to catch criminals. But either way, Kagome wasn't worried about anything happening to her since she was capable of taking care of herself against a human and she had Kirara with her. But if the guy had gun rather than a knife or something, she'll consider herself screwed while worried for Kirara's safety against a bullet.

Sebastian was surprised by the girl- Ms. Kagome's answer but knew that she had a point. Some humans weren't that stupid unless they were just desperate. He barely met this girl and yet he was starting to like her more and more with her witty tongue… although, that really didn't stop him from taking glances at the two-tailed cat on her shoulder.

Noticing that he kept glancing at Kirara and having a feeing that this guy wasn't going to let up and let her walk home by her self, Kagome fully turned to him and spoke, "How about I make you a deal? You can walk me home and in return, since I can tell that you kept glancing at Kirara, I'll let you play with Kirara for a while."

"That sounds like a fine deal."

The walk back to Madam Red's was quiet but it was a comfortable silence while Kagome was trying to hold back her laughs when Sebastian kept playing with Kirara and looking like he was in bliss. When they made it to Madam Red's home, Sebastian recognized the manor and turned to Kagome, "You live with Madam Red?"

"Yes, she's my aunt; my mother's sister." After getting Kirara back from him, she bid thanks and goodbye before making her way inside the manor. Before she closed the door behind her, Kagome gave him one last smile and wave to him.

Once the door was shut, Sebastian blinked before thinking about the similarities between Ciel and Miss Kagome.

'Does the Young Master have any siblings who survived that incident?' Sebastian could help but wonder before making the decision of asking the boy himself when he got back to the Phantomhive Manor.

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