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Chapter Five

Everything was quiet and dark in Kagome's bedroom. It was already after dark and her and Ciel were put to bed in their respective rooms. Earlier, before their late dinner, Sebastian took care of the wounds they had received from Azuro. Her swollen eye was also fine now, the swelling having gone down after setting a hot wet cloth and to sooth the pain some, she was given a very cold cloth. All her other injuries and bruises would heal within a week, more or less, same with Ciel's.

Her mind went back to the conversation she had with her brother and Sebastian during their light dinner. Ciel had reluctantly explained that sometime after she had disappeared, the Phantomhive Manor was attacked. In the siege, Tanaka was severely injured while their parents were murdered. After the attackers made sure the lord and lady of the estate were dead, they burned the manor to the ground and kidnapped Ciel, making him a slave and sacrifice for a cult ritual.

The proof of his enslavement was also reluctantly shown to her; an occult mark burned into his skin.

'All the torture and abuse he went through… it's no wonder that he sometimes flinches away from me when I try to hold his hand or hug him without his knowing…' Kagome thought sadly, pained that her dearest brother went through something so horrible.

When she asked how Ciel came to make a contract with a demon like Sebastian, it was Sebastian, who explained,

xoxoxo Flashback xoxoxo

"Your brother, Master Ciel summoned me in his hatred for his torturers and ordered me to kill everyone within the room he was being kept in. The contract was then sealed with the pentagram being printed into his right eye, as you had seen at Azuro Venere's home."

"Contracts like these for the services of demonic beings… those services don't come cheap." Kagome pointed out, gaining a surprised look from both her brother and Sebastian before she asked, "What's the price that Ciel has to pay… for your services after he's fulfilled his revenge?"

Both of them were silent until Sebastian answered for Ciel, who had turned his head to the side in guilt and regret, "In exchange for my services to help achieve his goals, I have the right to take his soul as payment."

"… And once you have his soul… you'll devour it. Just like you did with Azuro's before Ciel and I had blacked out." Kagome concluded, her expression unreadable as Sebastian gave one of his trademark smiles that showed he was both impressed yet amused while Ciel looked somewhat suspicious yet curious.

After a while of silence, Ciel then spoke, "How is it that you know about demons, Kagome? You weren't even scared when Sebastian showed his… 'Demonic talents'?"

Kagome was silent for a while, lost in her thoughts about Sebastian and everything he just said about the matters of concerning Ciel's soul. Hearing her brother ask how she knew about demons, she looked to him silently and answered, "I've had my own encounters with demons in the past… but I never came across one like Sebastian. So hearing about Sebastian being a demon isn't really a surprise for me… I've sort of known that he wasn't really human… but he wasn't like any demon I've sensed before."

From there, after Ciel asked if she could clarify what she meant, Kagome went to telling her what she had went through from the day she went missing to her life in the modern era with her adoptive family… and to her adventures in the Sengoku Era- including about her encounter with the Dragon Demon who gave her his eyes to allow her to see the past, present, and future… and the loss of her friends in being separated from them without even saying her farewells before the jewel returned her to the Victorian era when Madame Red found her.

xoxoxo Flashback End xoxoxo

At first, her brother didn't believe her but after telling him the times she had seemed to know what was going to happen and Sebastian confirming the somewhat demonic energy coming from her eyes, Ciel had come to believe her with some sketicism with her stories of her trips to the Sengoku era… and about being missing because she was transported to the late 1900's and grew up to her sixteenth year only to be transported to the Victorian era and reverted to his age…

'Then again, he knows I have no reason to lie to him about anything… plus, with Sebastian, he's sure to have heard stranger things…' Kagome thought remembering his skepticism when she hesitantly showed him the Jewel she almost forgot that had been around her neck since after she fully recovered while at Madam Red's.

She even showed him the scar, that was still on her side even after reverting to her twelve-year-old body, where Mistress Centipede bit into her to get the jewel.

Seeing that the moon was almost at its peak in the dark, starless sky Kagome turned onto her side, toward her door, trying to relax so she can fall asleep. Kirara wasn't with her tonight and was out for a night hunt so the young miko was on her own for the night.

But after many attempts with the moon passed its peak, Kagome knew that she couldn't sleep. As she sat up, a soft knock came from her door before it opened to reveal her brother's demonic butler. The light of the candles he held illuminated her room in its soft glow as he further entered her room.

"Miss Kagome. Are you having trouble sleeping?" Sebastian asked. Kagome could hear his curiosity but that was all. There was no concern or any other emotion… just curiosity as to why she wasn't asleep yet.

"I'm fine, Sebastian… Ciel's story of what happened to him after I went missing just worries me… along with you telling me that you'll be devouring his soul once his revenge is completed."

"The thought disturbs you… after finally being reunited with the young master." Sebastian stated, knowing that was what was clearly bothering her despite that she wasn't trying to not outwardly show it toward him. While he instinctively took pleasure at Kagome's turmoil of her thoughts of losing her brother so soon, the thought of her pain… or even her tears made him inwardly frown.

Sure, Sebastian knew that her kind, miko, were natural born enemies of demons of all kinds but the demon butler was drawn to this one girl's purity and everything she was. This also included her pacifism; her views of demons being no different from humans when it came to survival even though humans could be much deadlier than demons when it came to greed and hunger for more power.

She was truly a unique human in her own right, despite that her soul and energy were complete opposites of his and she was currently still a child.

Kagome nodded in confirmation while subtly touching the sacred jewel around her neck in contemplation before asking something that had been bothering her for most of the night as well, "Sebastian… mind if I ask you a question? … Concerning the contract you and Ciel have…"

Setting the three-light candleholder on her nightstand, Sebastian sat at the edge of her bed. "I'm listening, Miss Kagome." A smile then crept on his face as he asked, "Maybe… you're willing to sacrifice your own soul for your brother's sake?" Though he was only half joking, the idea of devouring a priestess' soul was… enticing with the fact that devouring such a pure soul was like a delicacy. His line of thought then led to "devour's" double meaning but he immediately shoved that aside, reminding himself that the miko before him was still physically a child.

Though he was a demon that thrived off of pain, despair, and every other negative emotion known to man, he still had certain principles.

'Besides… the souls of the damned and tainted are much more suited for my tastes…'

Kagome chuckled at the half-joking, half-hoping tone in his voice before replying, "Not exactly, Sebastian. I wanted to ask… if there was a soul… or souls, that interested you more than my brother's, despite the binding of the contract… would you take it as a substitute for my brother's?"

Demon and Miko stared at each other before Sebastian asked, his smile turning dark, "What… or whose soul did you have in mind?"

Resisting her urge to shiver at the deadly smile and tone of his voice, Kagome replied, "It's… more of what than whom… and I've always had them with me."

Sebastian's eyes then lowered to the jewel around her neck she was twiddling with. "You want to offer the demon souls in the jewel in exchange for your brother's…"

"We could hit two birds with one stone, so to speak… I don't know if it will work… but if the demon souls in the jewel were to disappear, then maybe the jewel could be completely purified and Midoriko can be put to rest while I can save my brother. For you, you wouldn't have to wait so long for my brother's soul to ripen the way you want and you have countless immensely tainted demon souls to feed on instead of one. It's a win-win for the both of us no matter how you look at it." Kagome hoped Sebastian would be convinced at the proposition. She knew that he wasn't interested in the jewel's power so she had no worries of him trying to steal it in her sleep or trying to kill her for it.

Sebastian didn't miss the pros that the young miko noble pointed out for they were very legitimate. The idea of being able to eat more than one soul as payment for his services without the wait for his current master's soul to get tainted to his liking. Despite these points, he still had the contract to consider.

Looking down at the female Phantomhive twin, her face still somewhat bruised from the abuse Azuro gave her and her brother, Sebastian spoke with consideration to her proposal, "I'll consider it, Miss Kagome. But for now," he smiled not able to resist the urge to tease the girl, "it's late and young ladies need their beauty sleep." He then stood from his place on the bed to help tuck the lady in but paused when she slid out of bed and wrapped a shawl around her shoulders that were bare from the sleeveless nightgown she wore.

"Young miss?"

"I'm gonna go to my brother's room. If there really is a chance that you'll still take my brother's soul over the demon souls of the jewel as payment for your services… then I want to spend as much time with my brother as possible before that happens." And with that said, Kagome made her way out her room and to Ciel's room.

Sebastian followed behind with his candlelight, after shutting the door to the younger twin's room, so that she wouldn't have to walk in the dark.

Reaching Ciel's room, Kagome quietly opened the door and looked in to see her brother already asleep. His back facing her and Sebastian while tucked into the soft covers of his bedding.

The demon butler watched Kagome silently walk up to her brother's bed in the soft light of the candles he held before making his way to her to take her shawl and helping her into bed. Once he was certain that she was covered, as well as Ciel, he bid the miko pleasant dreams before quietly leaving the room as he heard Kagome softly saying thank you.

At the sound of the door closing, Ciel grunted. He could feel someone with him in his bed with their weight dipping in the mattress beside him before groggily opening his eyes. As his vision cleared, he saw the face of his sister next to him in the dim moonlight as she tried to get comfortable.


"I couldn't sleep… and with me not knowing and not being able to see how soon you'll be to reaching your goals and extracting your revenge… I want to make as many memories as possible before that happens…" her soft answer made Ciel's heart almost sink in regret.

It was true that when he made the contract with Sebastian, he thought that he would still be alone with his entire family dead. When he did reach his goals and take revenge on the people who tortured him, killed his parents, and shamed his family name, he will have to give his soul to Sebastian. But out of it all… he'll be leaving his sister behind… he never expected Madam Red to come across his twin sister and for them to be reunited; to give him a light of hope to live for.

But the deed was already made and the damage done. When everything was done and over, Ciel would have to be separated from Kagome and never be able to see her again.

Without a reply, Ciel scooted closer to Kagome and rested his hand on hers before squeezing it gently as if to reassure her that he wasn't going anywhere for now. Kagome in return looked into his eyes after she brought her face closer to his, making it so that their foreheads were touching.

With a worried and tired sigh, Kagome spoke softly, "before that happens… let's make every moment count…" at this, she felt Ciel nod before relaxing and trying to doze off.

Some moments after, as Ciel started to doze feeling much more comfortable than before now that his twin- his other half- was next to him, he started to hear her soft voice carry a light and soothing tune…

Hoshi o kakushiteru utsumuita hitomi ni
tomadou dake nanimo deki nakute
te to te kasanete mo dokoka gikochinai ne
yume no naka mitai ni waratte yo

yoru no kanata hibiku senritsu
atsui mune wa sawagidasu

The melody within Kagome's words was very beautiful… very soothing to Ciel's mind… almost completely enough to forget his worries, if only for this night that now belonged to him and his sister.

sasayaku Blue Moon te o nobashitara
sugu ni todoki sou na noni
itsumo yasashiku hohoemu dake de
oikakete wa kurenai ne…

Even though he couldn't understand the words to Kagome's song, it didn't make it any less beautiful with is sounding like there could be a new beginning. Yes… with this song… and this night, it felt like a new beginning for both Phantomhive Twins to not only renew their bond but also make the most of their undetermined time together. This is what Ciel vowed until his last breath… and on the promising prospect of his sister's happiness.

With this and his determination set to make it happen, the young Lord of the Phantomhive family allowed himself to be drifted into sleep's waiting arms as Kagome's soft song soothed him into deep slumber before her song started to fade as she followed.


A few weeks had passed since Ciel and Kagome shared that night together. And since then, both twins tried with great effort to spend as much time together with Ciel taking her to London with him for any shopping to having her help out in matters concerning the Funtom Toy Company to even having their lessons in nobility together (Music lessons, studies, etc. even fencing).

For now, Kagome was currently staying behind at the mansion while Ciel went to town with Sebastian to pick up his newly repaired walking cane that Finny had broken about a week or so before.

Even though Kagome would've liked to go into town with, Ciel and Sebastian made a very good point as to watch the clumsy and disaster-prone house staff to make sure they didn't destroy the manor while he was away… especially with Grell, Madam Red's butler staying with them for who knows how long, it was almost a guarantee that there would be nothing left of the manor since the man practically almost brought the apocalypse in his wake from doing even the simplest of tasks.

And although Kagome agreed to stay behind to watch the house, it didn't mean that she wasn't dreading the disasters that were sure to come while her twin and the demon butler were away. She even gave her brother a pleading look, almost begging him to hurry back soon.

Not even ten minutes later, after Sebasatian and Ciel left with Kagome's wishes of them having a safe trip, the miko flinched with Kirara on her shoulder at hearing Maylene scream with porcelain breaking and Grell yelling out apologies.

Miko and Nekomata sighed, thinking, 'This is gonna be a long day…' before Kagome almost snorted as she watched her brother's carriage roll off down the road, "And this morning, Ciel said that he thought that Sebastian would be the only one inconvenienced by 'teaching' Grell to be a proper butler. Heh, he just didn't want to admit that a house member's problem is the entire household's problem; servants included." Both miko and nekomata then stepped back into the front door to face the brunt of the storm that was Grell and the rest of the house staff.

Seeing one of the vases that was displayed in the foyer, next to the stairway, was now on the floor shattered almost beyond repair, Kagome just sighed yet again before turning to Tanaka who sat off to the side drinking his green tea and asked, "Tanaka, would you be so kind as to take everyone outside to help Finny trim the bushes and do the weeding while I take care of this?"

Her father's former and most trusted man servant nodded before leading everyone to the gardens out back without much complaining other than Grell's insistence of cleaning the mess himself.

Once the group was gone and outside, Kagome started to pick up the larger pieces of porcelain to throw away before finding the broom and dustpan, to cleaning the rest of the mess that was made while Kirara held the dustpan in place. As she was picking the dustpan up and making her way to the kitchen where the trash bin was kept, Kagome couldn't help but feel that something annoyingly (more annoying than a certain accident-prone butler) bad was going to happen or arrive at her and her brother's doorstep. She could practically feel it in her bones but since her Dragon Eyes weren't reacting, she thought that it couldn't be something really bad.

But she was soon proven wrong as she making her way to the gardens where she not only heard a lot of startled commotion but also saw the one person she wanted to avoid at all times; avoid more than a very pissed Sesshoumaru or any other demon around mating season when her body was sixteen… and what made her blood almost run cold with apprehension was an unfamiliar male face calling out to her and softly calling her his 'beloved'.

Before she knew it or before she could tell Kirara to run for it, a blonde with curled pigtails and green eyes tackled the miko child to the ground after said blonde had Grell hanging from a noose.


About an hour or two later, Ciel and Sebastian returned to the manor from their trip into London to pick up the young boy's cane a bit earlier than usual, since the young lord of Phantomhive didn't want to leave his sister with his clumsy staff very long, what with how they are despite that he knew Kagome could take care of herself and keep the staff in line. But that still didn't mean he didn't worry about her even though he might not show it.

After Ciel and Sebastian made it up the front steps to the door, the demon butler spoke as he went to open the door, "I'm sure you must be tired, Young Master. I shall prepare some tea for you and Miss Kagome immediately."

"Ah, Kagome would like that if there's a chance that the idiots gave her a stressful time while we were out." As soon as the younger boy said that when Sebastian opened the door, Ciel was immediately met with Kirara jumping at him with a screech and almost latched to his face but ended up latching to his top hat. Ciel asked aloud about what was wrong with her but could only gap in near horror and shock at what he was seeing.

Sebastian was first surprised when Kirara jumped at Ciel and latched onto the boy's hat without said hat flying off the boy's head but looked at Ciel curiously asking what was wrong but was stopped at mid-sentence and soon got his answer when he saw the condition the mansion was in.

Almost every corner, pillar, archway, railing, and door was decorated with brightly colored ribbons, stuffed animals, patterned streamers, and ornaments, making the mansion look like a "Kiddie Wonderland" as Ciel was sure that Kagome would say.

"My mansion…" Ciel muttered a bit shocked while absently feeling his sister's cat shaking through his top hat. Whoever did this to his home must've surely spooked the normally fearless feline and he was certain that it wasn't Kagome who put up these girly decorations since she made it very clear after moving in with him that she not only didn't like pink but anything overly girly or overly frilly. Hence why she usually wore boys' clothes and had mature tastes in décor compared to the average thirteen year old girl of any noble family.

Sebastian, almost equally shocked demanded but with a bit of an angry sounding edge to his voice, "What on earth is this?"

It was then that Bard, Finny, and Maylene came running out of the common room and toward Sebastian, calling out his name in desperation and exasperated suffering. Both Finny and Maylene on their knees and clinging to the demon's hands while Bard stood in from of him with both hands fisting the front of Sebastian's shirt.

While Maylene didn't seem to have anything wrong with her but Bard had a baby bonnet and bib, where as Finny had rabbit ears and rabbit paw mitts on.

All three servants were almost or were crying while Sebastian, although internally confused, was unfazed by their behavior as he asked, "Just what is going on here? More importantly, what on earth are you wearing?"

"Ask that crazy girl!" Came as Bard's reply as he tensely pointed to the room he and the other two have just ran out of.

"Crazy girl?" Ciel asked, a little over his shock while Kirara's shaking subsided a bit before he turned to the said room buit not before noticing his sister almost desperately running down the stairs, yelling when she noticed he was home, "It wasn't me!" It was obvious that she heard Bard yell about a crazy girl and wanted to make it clear that she had nothing to do with the Mansion's current décor.

But it seemed, not far behind her, was a boy chasing Kagome down the stairs. After Kagome had ducked behind her brother, Ciel was able to get a good look at the boy with a guarded look.

He was his height, probably fourteen years of age with short, well-kept, dark brown hair and olive green eyes with a golden section to part of the iris (sectoral Heterochromia eyes) while he wore a pair of short, dark russet pants, a matching overcoat with black cuffs and threading, white dress shirt with a black necktie, black socks reaching below his knees, and black leather shoes.

At first, the boy looked unfamiliar to Ciel but the uncommon eye color gave away the boy's identity, along with the cufflinks that bore his family crest, Ciel knew who this boy was, "Alston…? What are you doing here?"

Kagome looked between Ciel and the boy who had been chasing her all over the estate, wondering how her brother knew him. Although a part of her was thankful that the 'crazy girl', Bard had no doubt mentioned, was no longer chasing after her, she still didn't know who this green/golden eye-colored boy was… hell, she still thought the 'crazy girl' was still following her so had no idea that he went after her but with different interests! (No, not rape or anything, like that.)

The boy then replied with a smile, "Oh, Earl Phantomhive, I just came to meet Miss Kagome for the first time. My father heard from Madam Red that she had finally returned and in my excitement to finally meet her, I left home suddenly without an escort, even though Marchioness Middleford was visiting my home."

Ciel sighed at the boy's nature of looking forward to meeting new people. In the past, after Ciel's father agreed with his old friend, Duke Caldecourt to arrange a marriage between Kagome and Alston, the brunette boy and his father came to visit him every now and then to 'get better acquainted with his future brother-in-law' and hope to meet his future wife should she return. Even after the Phantomhive manor was burnt to the ground and rebuilt upon Ciel's return, Alston still came by every now and then.

The boy was a good person and was very innocent… aside from being overly ecstatic and exasperated about everyone's health and their well-being. He'll even get worked up over a simple little paper cut if it's bleeding. But other than that, he was a good kid and was very kind… much like his mother, as his father always said.

Before Ciel was about to ask Kagome about the 'crazy girl' that Bard mentioned, everyone heard an agonized moaning coming from the room Bard, Maylene, and Finny had run out of. Reaching the door, Ciel and Sebastian peeked into the crack of the door to see Grell hanging from the ceiling by a noose and with a golden yellow bow on his head and a matching one around his neck as looked like he was about to really keel over.

Ciel demanded what Madam Red's butler was doing, the answer he got was almost strangled, "As you can see, I'm dying…"

'In a way, it's what you wanted after exaggerating over the damages you made…' Kagome thought with a humorous hint to it as Ciel ordered Sebastian to take him down.

Just as Sebastian was about to, a shiver went up Kagome's spine when something – or really, someone ran past both butlers, crying out Ciel's name before it practically glomped the blue-eyed boy with arms wrapped tightly around him as she cuddled him like he was a stuffed toy, saying how much she missed him. The sudden action made Ciel's top hat, which Kirara was on, fall off his head while the nekomata screeched again before fleeing for refuge on Bard's shoulders, hoping that the overly thrilled wouldn't reach her.

"Elizabeth!" Ciel exclaimed while confused and stiffened in her hold. When the blond girl let him go but kept him within arms reach as said 'cutely' (more like annoyingly) while giggling, "Ah! I'm always telling you to call me Lizzy, aren't I?" Before cuddling him again, "Kyaa! You really are just the cutest thing ever, aren't you?"

Kagome's form was stiff, much like her brother's but it was due to the cornered feeling she always got because of the other girl's overwhelming personality that seemed to make her feel claustrophobic or something. Remembering her childhood before she was sent to the twentieth century of modern Tokyo, Kagome guessed it was because of all the times that Elizabeth tried (and most of the time succeeded) dressing her up in the most ridiculous ways and giving her bear hugs that would make her almost pass out from lack of oxygen. These memories were more the reason she was edgy around the girl than her childish jealousies of the Middleford heiress being her twin brother's fiancée; jealousies fueled by thinking the girl was stealing her brother away from her.

But with her now mentally matured, those jealousies were completely overtaken by her agitation toward the girl who seemed to see her as a dress-up doll.

"Oh yes, since the Marchioness Middleford was visiting my father, Miss Elizabeth was there as well. When I had mentioned to her that I was coming to the Phantomhive manor, she decided to come along to see Lord Ciel and welcome Miss Kagome back home after missing for so long." Alston explained with a smile to clear up any confusion of the blond girl's sudden appearance.

During all of this exchange, Sebastian managed to get Grell down from the ceiling and divert Elizabeth's attention to let go of the emotionally exhausted boy to greet the demonic butler.

Kagome stepped up to Ciel, laying a comforting hand on his shoulder as he started to come back to his self.

After her greeting with a curtsy to Sebastian, Elizabeth pouted seeing that Grell was taken down, asking, "What? You took him down?"

"Yes. It ruined the aesthetics." Sebastian replied with a smile.

Elizabeth pouted even more, "Eh, really? Even though I decorated him so nicely?" It was obvious to Kagome that her so-called 'future sister-in-law' was oblivious to the fact that Grell would've died if he were left hanging by that noose any longer. 'There has to be a limit to her naivety.'

When Sebastian asked what she meant by her decorating, Elizabeth answered, "Of course. Just take a look. Doesn't everything look so much cuter now?"

Ciel looked at the decorations of his mansion with a gloomed daze as Kagome gave a light frown to Elizabeth while pointing out, "You know that it is kinda rude to not only walk in uninvited but to decorate someone else's home without their permission."

As if finally noticing her presence, Elizabeth immediately latched onto Kagome, almost smothering the raven-haired girl in a hug, and almost making her ears bleed with her excited and ecstatic squeeing, "Oh, Kaggy! Where did you run off? I really wanted you to wear one of the cutest dresses I got for you! I think they're much better than the clothes you're wearing now." The nickname the blond girl gave Kagome made her brow twitch before said blond girl pulled away a bit before pointing out, "And besides, there shouldn't be anything but the cutest items in this mansion. Isn't that right, Antoinette?"

Everyone's attention turned to look at whom Elizabeth was talking to and found Tanaka with his hair, long and blond with curls and a pink bow around his neck.

Kagome looked at the old man in shock as Sebastian gave a silent chuckle, "So Mr. Tanaka as well?"

Elizabeth's voice caught everyone's attention once again when she spoke to Ciel's butler, "I have a little gift for you, too." After Sebastian turned to her, Elizabeth managed to tie a pink and flowery bonnet over Sebastian's head- the light pink color clashing badly with his dark copper eyes and his black hair and clothes.

(In reality, I can't give Sebastian's eye color a name. It's really hard to describe.)

Although Kagome's expression resembled on of near horror, Bard, Finny, and Maylene tried to hold back their laughs as Elizabeth gushed out compliments on how 'good' the color pink seemed to suit Sebastian.

The demon butler gave them a deadly look that immediately shut them up… but the next thing they knew, Sebastian had skewered them before giving his most humble thanks and gratitude to Elizabeth. The scene the three servants made, and Sebastian's reaction amused Kagome to no end as she let Kirara rest on the safety of her arms.

Sighing, Ciel spoke after finally composing himself, "Anyway, Lizzy, I know that Alston told us this but why are you here? And where's Auntie?"

Elizabeth came up to the boy, grasping one of his hands and Kagome's as she answered, "I wanted to come see you and Kaggy, so I snuck out with Alston secretly."

While the Phantomhive twins were talking to Elizabeth and Alston, Grell recovered from getting hanged. Fixing his glasses to look at the four pre-teens, he asked, "Um, these two would be…"

Sebastian answered him with formality, "The young girl is the daughter of the Marquis of Scotoni; Lady Elizabeth Esel Cordelia Middleford. And the boy is the son of Duke Richard Caldelcourt who was an old friend of former Lord Phantomhive's. Alston Carlisle Embrey Caldecourt." After Grell tried pronouncing their names, getting tongue-tied and almost biting his tongue in the process, Sebastian continued, "Lady Elizabeth is the young master's fiancée while Lord Alston is Miss Kagome's."

"Ah, their fiancées?" A pregnant pause dragged on among the servants before the information sunk in and they voiced their shock. But everything did seem to stop as Kagome almost yelled out, "What?"

This made Alston turned to Kagome, surprised before she continued, stunned at the information she just heard, "You mean to tell me you're the one my father arranged me to marry while I was still missing?"

"Hehe, yes, I'm afraid so." Alston replied with a sheepish smile. "Sometime after you had disappeared, my father confronted the late Lord Victor about arranging a marriage between you and I without knowing that you were missing for at least a month or two. For as long as they had been friends, they agreed that one day that if one had a son or daughter, they would marry them off their friend's son or daughter. But after everything was settled and agreed upon, my father was surprise to hear about you being missing and soon felt terrible about bringing the entire thing up."

Only able to blink as she processed this information, understanding the promise Alston's father and hers made when they were young. 'I guess it was the main reason as to why he turned down so many other noble families who suggested I marry one of their sons… because he wanted to keep the promise he made with a friend…'

Ciel looked between his sister and his 'future brother-in-law'. Don't get him wrong, he had known Alston for a few years and knew the boy was nice and that Kagome could most likely get along with him just fine… but he couldn't push aside the feeling that the boy might take his sister away, even after he's gone. His train of thought, as well as Kagome's was broken when Elizabeth exclaimed, "Oh, I got an idea! Since the mansion has been decorated so nicely, we should have a dance party!"

Ciel stiffened once again at the idea while his servants grew curious. His tense form caught Kagome's attention as she thought, 'ah, crap no!'

Kagome knew that her brother hated certain events of the Nobility, Dance Parties being his most disliked. As for her… she wasn't really the ballroom dancing type after growing up in the Modern Era of Tokyo with there being different styles all over, not to mention she never danced to anything that needed a partner.

As for Alston, he thought Elizabeth's idea was pretty good. It would give him a chance to get to know Kagome since they were to be married when they get older, as their fathers had arranged it. When he saw the female Phantomhive for the first time, she looked like a female version of Ciel, yes, but in his eyes… she was one of a kind. If he had to compare her dark, young beauty to someone, like Elizabeth- who has a classic English beauty… he'd choose Kagome over her any day.

Some would think his choice would be because he was to be married to her when really it was because he felt 'love at first sight'. In his eyes, Kagome's features consisting of dark raven hair and dark sapphire eyes were very rare among the ladies of London.

His thoughts were interrupted when Elizabeth continued, grabbing a hold of Ciel's hand, "And then you and Alston can escort your fiancées and we can dance around in circles. Ah! It's fantastic!" She then clung to Ciel again.

(Damn, she does that a lot)

Getting slightly annoyed at the girl's impulsiveness, Kagome spoke, "Elizabeth, you never asked us if you could have a dance party in our home, let alone if we wanted one!" But she was ignored, her words seeming to go through one ear and out the other as Elizabeth continued, "You and Kaggy were the clothes I picked out, okay, Ciel? What I picked for you would look so cute on you." She then turned to Kagome, "And the dress and ribbons I picked out for you would look so good on you, Kaggy."

Even when Ciel was starting to get irritated and tried to tell Elizabeth that she should stop to listen to what they were saying, the overexcited girl continued to ignore while saying that she and Kagome should get their makeup done and make Grell much cuter. As the Middleford heiress ran out the room, dragging Grell by the noose that was still around his neck and dragging a protesting Kagome by the hand while making Kirara jump to Maylene's arms.

Just before the door closed behind them, Ciel yelled out to his betrothed, "Listen to what others are telling you!"

After the door had shut closed, Ciel sighed mentally exhausted while Alston gave an uneasy chuckle before saying, "Sorry, Ciel. If I knew that it was going to turn out like this…"

"It's fine… I wasn't really expecting Lizzy to be here when I got back, even though I know she has a tendency to do as she pleases and going off on her own without regard. I also didn't expect word of my sister returning home to reach your ears so quickly. Although you arriving isn't the least bit unexpected or unpleasant when I would concern meeting my sister."

"What can I say? I really wanted to meet my future bride." Alston then grew silent, gaining a curious look from Ciel as he saw a soft yet hopeful smile before the older boy continued as they didn't pay attention to the servants and Sebastian still present, "At the beginning, when I heard from my father that he was able to find the perfect bride for me, I was a bit sour about it. I even hated the idea that I wouldn't be able to marry someone of my choice. To be honest, really wanted to come today so that I can meet Kagome and see whom my father arranged me to marry with my own eyes." Alston looked to Ciel, a light blush dusting his cheeks, "Your sister really exceeded my expectations. As soon as I had laid eyes on her… I just can't describe the feeling. My heart just sped up and I couldn't seem to take my eyes off her…"

Sebastian watched to two, ignoring the dreamy tone of Maylene's voice saying that Alston was experiencing 'love at first sight', as Ciel spoke, "So what do you think about being engaged with Kagome now?"

"Considering her personality, when not around Miss Elizabeth… having her as my future bride may not be so bad. On my part, I want us to at least get along and be friends… then us being engaged won't seem so bad."


After a while of being in his study and letting out a sigh while resting his head on his arms, Ciel heard the door open. Lifting his head a bit to see Kagome just as exhausted, no doubt because of Elizabeth, as she made her way to take a seat in a chair the was set by the small table, close to his desk.

Once reaching the chair, Kagome let herself plop in it, slouching in a un-lady-like manner as she let out a heavy tired sigh with her eyes closed.

"Lizzy already finished with you?" Ciel asked, curiously.

Kagome gave a soft snort before replying, "No, I just snuck away while she was busy with getting Grell, Bard, Finny, and Tanaka in dresses and helping Alston in an extra suit that she had in hand. And I already saw the dress she got me. Heh, no way I'm wearing that if she thinks that we can fit in the same sized dress." Although it didn't seem like it, Kagome's current breast size was a tad bigger than Elizabeth's, maybe a size under a B-cup. And from the dress she saw that Elizabeth got her, it seemed the girl believed that they were the exact same size when they weren't from the chest area.

Ciel and Sebastian made no move to reprimand her on sitting properly and let her actions slide as the demon butler asked if she would like some tea and cake like her brother.

Moving to pour Kagome a cup of tea before pouring Ciel one, Sebastian began to speak to Ciel after the boy gave another tired sigh, "it would've been easier to agree with Lady Elizabeth, and then subsequently withdraw from the event."

As he set Kagome's tea on the table next to her, Sebastian went to giving Ciel his as the boy replied in an annoyed tone, "Hurry up and get her some dinner or something, and get her out of here! I don't have time to keep up with her little girly games."

"Ditto. If I never gave Aunt Angie (Madam Red) the chance dress me up like a doll, what makes you think I'll let Elizabeth do so?" Kagome made a pretty good argument. No matter what, she drew a line when it came to getting dressed up by someone else.

Sebastian stared at the twins, "However, it seems that Lady Elizabeth has invited the two of you and Master Alston to a dance."

Ciel paused before the rim of his cup could reach his lips and turned his head to the side while Kagome just stared at the liquid in hers. The demon butler looked at them, eyes narrowing slightly, "Young Master… Miss Kagome…"

Kagome's fingers twitched at hearing his tone, sure of what he might ask as Ciel replied to him, "What is it?"

"I have never witnessed it, but do the two of you have any proficiency in dancing?"

Ciel didn't answer but silently lifting a thin packet of papers to cover his face. Sebastian sighed at his master's reply and spoke, mostly to himself, a bit of disappointment coloring his voice, "No wonder. So that's why you intended to be a wallflower until you were called to the party." As he went to cut the cake he had brought, he turned to Kagome who eyed him nervously. "And you, Miss Kagome? Surely the era you grew up in had dancing etiquette."

"They offered classes for dances of many styles and cultures, but I was raised among the working middle-class and… dancing wasn't really a mandatory skill unless you wanted to be a dance instructor or choreographer. I do know how to dance… I just never learned the waltz or any other dances that required a partner." Kagome answered only to have Sebastian sigh again as if disappointed to hear the answer before continuing his task of serving them cake. His reaction made her pout a bit before muttering, "What? I had amnesia after I was taken to the late 1900's, not to mention dancing is mostly done for fun… not that I had any time for that with entrance exams and my business in the Sengoku era…"

After the butler handed her a good-sized slice, Ciel spoke still looking at the papers he had, "Kagome can do as she pleases and not have to go. Alston will understand since Lizzy's forcing her but I'm busy with work. I have no time to be idling with games like…" the boy was cut off when Sebastian took his papers before bringing his face almost close to Ciel's, with a cake in his hand and countered, "Forgive my directness, but dance balls are quite a regular occurrence," Ciel turned away from him, uneasy, "and at events such as banquets and dinner parties, it's an irreplaceable cultural skill."

Both twins twitched at Sebastian's tone and even though he was looking at Ciel while speaking, his words were also directed at Kagome will her own lack of skill in the formal dancing department, "If you both wish the be a gentleman and lady with the finest degree of class, it is only natural for you to be able to dance. If you were to refuse a dance with a lady, your reputation at social gatherings could be thrown into the gutter."

The butler then turned to Kagome, making the miko stiffen in anticipation of what he might say to her, And Miss Kagome… despite that you were raised among the working middle class in the late twentieth century, you are still a noble English lady and are required to know how to formally dance. It would seem unbecoming that a young and intelligent lady such as yourself doesn't know how to dance. With you refusing to dance with any gentleman, it would be viewed as you being supercilious among the other ladies of your standing."

Kagome raised a brow at him after taking a bit from her slice of cake. After chewing and swallowing, she reminded Sebastian, "Since when did I seem like the type to worry about what those other so-called ladies think about me? I'm already somewhat viewed as strange since I do domestic chores like cooking and cleaning without the help of servants, and also practice martial arts with Ranmao and Lau whenever they come to visit at Aunt Angie's."

"Still… however, it is mandatory with your noble status."

Releasing an irritated sigh, Ciel replied, "We get it, we get it. We just have to do it, right?" he then took the cake and requested, "Call us a private tutor or something. Lady Bright, Lady Rodkin, or someone."

'Or in other words… anyway Madame who can teach us quickly…' Kagome absently thought, almost halfway into her slice of cake as Sebastian brought out his pocket watch to look at the time and stated, "There's not enough time to call for the madams. While I am a poor replacement," he closed his pocket watch, gaining curious looks from the twins before Sebastian smiled, "I shall take on your dance supervision."

"Don't be stupid! As if I could dance with a huge guy like you!" Ciel exclaimed after he slammed his fists on his desk.

The butler chuckled, "And that is why Miss Kagome will be your partner during the lessons, since the both of you are learning together to please your fiancées."

Kagome gave an uneasy smile as she sipped her tea while Ciel gave a scowl, "In any case, your dancing must be…" he was cut off by Sebastian, "If it is the Vienna Waltz, then leave it all to me. I often intruded upon them at Schönbrunn Palace." Kagome had to keep her mirth in check at the stumped look her brother had, especially when Sebastian held his hand to him, "May I have the honor of this dance… my Lord?"

There was a pause between them before Kagome let out a chuckle. Wanting to spare her brother his uneasiness, Kagome offered, "How about I give it a shot first, Sebastian? That way, Ciel can watch and get an idea of how the dance goes. I think I remember my adoptive parents dancing the Vienna Waltz once, but I can't be too sure."

"Ah, I believe that should be fine. You believe you've seen the waltz done?"

"I think so… but then again, I could be wrong." Kagome believed she did see her adoptive parents, Kun-loon and her late husband dance the waltz once but the memory was one of the few she had with the two of them together… since a week after, her adoptive father died in an accident.

Sebastian then held his hand to her, "Then let us see if it is the Vienna waltz that you had seen."

A bit over 8 pages but I don't think it's too bad. I had introduced Kagome's fiancée, whom her father had picked and also introduced Elizabeth, even though I was leaning toward not giving her a part in my fic at all. Hehe, yeah, I'm not a huge fan of hers.

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"Blue Moon" by Nana Mizuki

I hide my star within my dejected eyes,
full of bewilderment, I can't do anything…
Even if we hold hands, we'll feel awkward…
I want us to smile, like we do in my dream.

The other side of night resounds it's melody
and my hot chest makes a riot…

If we stretch our hands to the whispering Blue Moon,
it seems we'll be able to reach it.
You won't run after me
with your usual tender smile…