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AU, with major DH spoilers, James and Lily went out on that fateful Halloween night leaving Lily's mother to stay with Harry. She dies and Harry survives while Voldemort is vanquished leaving James and Lily to raise their son… Yes Harry's parents do survive here however his life is not going to be easy. For one there are still death eaters out there that want him dead and he has to deal with a mild disability as he grows up, his legacy of the killing curse fired at him. He will have lots of allies but even with Voldemort gone the war continues unabated.

Harry grows up in a world at war and a ministry trying to keep things the same as they have been for generations, however reluctantly they realize they either change or they very well could lose the war. Even with all this going on Harry manages to still be as normal and happy a boy as he can be despite all that is going on around him. His parents deeply love him and make sure he is raised strong to know what is right and wrong and of course just too. He will gain friends, learn painful truths all before he grows up and with that on with the story.


Chapter One: Godric's Hallow:

October 31, 1981:

He knew he should not be here but he knew that the dark lord would attack on the eve of Samhain or Halloween. It was considered a dark time and a powerful time for the dark lord to attack. He had his reasons, he would be able to use his darkest magic the best on this night. Severus had come to warn the Potters. He had found out that they had been betrayed and as he walked through the village he prayed he would not see the Potter home. If he could not they would still be safe. He came on the outskirts of the village and gasped in shock and horror. He saw the cottage, part of the roof blown off and then he felt his mark twinge on his arm. He quickly looked at his arm and saw his mark fade to a light gray. Voldemort was gone but that meant maybe the Potter's, Lily, sweet Lily was alive.

The black robed, cloaked and hooded man ran into the house and through the lower floor and found no-one there. He ran up the stairs as he heard a baby crying and checked each room his wand out and then he ran into the nursery. He lowered his hood and a young pale face dominated by a large hooked nose and black eyes came to view. The man brushed his long black hair from his face and nearly fell to his knees as he saw Harriet Evans slumped by the crib dead. Her green eyes once so full of life faded now and her graying red-blond hair around her face. Severus Snape walked over to her and gently closed her eyes and he covered her with a blanket and turned to the baby and gasped. Aside from the messy black hair the child looked more like Lily with his bright green eyes. He had a bleeding jagged wound and instinctively Severus walked over and scooped him up spelling the wound with his wand to stop it bleeding.

"Hush baby I will not let anyone harm you." Severus said wrapping the baby in his cloak.

"Gamma?" Harry said. "Want Gamma!"

"Hush we need to go to Hogwarts, not safe here." Severus said walking down the stairs snarling as he saw Sirius Black the damn traitor here! "No Black you will not harm Harry!"

"That is my godson Sni…"

"Stupefy!" Severus snarled knocking out Sirius and with another swipe of his wand he had the other wizard bound and quickly he grabbed him by his robes. "You will pay for your betrayal mutt."

"Padfoot!" Harry cried.

"Hush child, I need to get you where you will be safe."

With that Severus Apparated to the gates of Hogwarts with Sirius and once there he levitated the insane Black to the hospital wing not daring to leave the evil Black behind. Once in the hospital wing he locked him behind several wards and turned as Poppy Pomfrey came up and took the baby boy from him. She quickly healed up the cut and frowned when a purple lightening shaped scar was left behind.

She quickly went to her office and returned with a small box. She opened it and took out several small instruments and a crystal. She began to scan the baby boy's head and frowned, something was not right and Severus felt his heart sink. She cast her Patronus, said something to it quickly and had the dove fly from the room. Severus was nearly panicking though he showed no sign of it on his face except for going whiter.

"What is it Poppy?" Severus asked.

"From what I can tell her he survived the killing curse." Poppy replied, "that should explain the curse scar but it doesn't."

"What is wrong with my godson?" Sirius said struggling in his bonds, "let me see him!"

"Scilencio!" Severus said quieting Sirius he strode over pressing his wand against Sirius's throat, "you have no right to ask anything, you foul traitorous piece of slime! I would kill you myself…"

"However you will not, you will come with me to my office." Came the voice of Albus Dumbledore.

Severus turned to face the older man in the doorway. He had long flowing silver hair and beard and he was clad in robes of bright blue under a purple cloak and he had buckled boots on his feet. His normally twinkling blue eyes were not twinkling now but looked sad as he took in the scene before him. He was going to speak but Argus Filch the caregiver came into the room.

Filch had long stringy hair, wrinkled sallow face and was clad in brown waistcoat, and trousers, heavy buckled boots and brown oilskin coat with lots of pockets. A dusty large cat walked around his ankles and when the cat saw Harry she walked up and jumped up to sit by him mewing with concern. Filch walked over muttering in concern and started to speak to Poppy.

"Can you take care of Harry while I take these two to my office?" Dumbledore asked.

"Aye it will take time bit I kin take care of the wee one." Filch said.

"Good, come Severus, Sirius." Dumbledore said removing the bonds on Sirius.

"Headmaster!" Severus protested.

"Come both of you now." Dumbledore said firmly.

The young wizards followed him out of the Hospital wing and up the stairs to a large gargoyle where the headmaster gave the password and led them up to his office. He opened the door and let Severus enter the room first. Severus saw Lily first and at once with a sob he was across the room and had fallen to his knees before her sobbing as she took him in her arms. Her long dark red hair hung down around them and her green eyes showed concern for him. James was there too and he was stunned but not angry that his wife was comforting one Severus Snape. He had got over himself a long time ago and realized what kind of person he had been in school. He caught a few words Severus said, words like sorry, dead and sister. Lily soothed him with soft words and rubbed his back gently calming him down after a few minutes.

"I thought you were dead." Severus said still crying looking up at Lilly who gently wiped his tears away with a handkerchief. "He killed your mother!"

"I am alive, so is James and Harry and that foul, is it true he tried to kill Harry and was destroyed that way?" Lily asked Dumbledore.

"Yes, it seems Poppy confirmed that and she will continue to monitor him until she is sure he is well." Dumbledore replied.

"Then that leaves me with one thing to do." Severus said getting up he turned on Sirius and with two blows broke his nose and jaw, "you will get worse later you traitor!"

"Snape, Severus he was not the secret keeper!" James said getting up to shove Severus away from Sirius. "He switched with Peter!"

"Pettigrew he was the secret keeper?" Severus snarled.

"Yes, however you cannot go after him Severus and you know why." Dumbledore said, "you must stay here if you leave the school now you will be in Azkaban by the night."

"You will not threaten Severus!" Lily snapped.

"I am not, the Aurors will want him." Dumbledore said.

"He is bound to protect me you know that." Lily said, "they take him and it would harm me."

"He will still be in Azkaban for a time, even I could not keep him out." James said, "Severus let Sirius and I go after him."

"I am going to see about Harry." Lilly said, "James come with me."

"Padfoot you wait for me and we can go after Wormtail later." James said.

Lily walked down to the Hospital wing and saw Poppy holding Harry looking very tired but not daring to put the sleeping babe down. She gave the boy over to his mother and father. Lily looked over at Filch who looked tired and was carrying a small crystal filled with a smoky substance. He looked weary and as Poppy handed Harry to his mother. Harry smiled in his sleep and snuggled against his mother as she held him tightly. She wanted answers as to why someone would go after her baby and she expected to get answers but not tonight, she needed to rest and take in all that had happened. Still she wondered why Poppy and Filch both looked so worried.

"What is wrong with Harry?" Lily asked.

"It's more like what was wrong with him." Filch said quietly, "somehow when the killing spell was used on him it backfired on the dark lord. Somehow part of his sole ended up in your son, but not to worry I did get it out. Some things you wizards can do well but as a priest well I can do exorcism."

"That is what is in the vial." Lily said, "that means, oh it can't it just can't!"

"No-one has been able to create one of those things in over four hundred years." James said paling.

"Create what?" Poppy asked.

"A Horcrux." Filch said and everyone looked at him, "well I might be a squib but as a priest in the magical world I know quite a bit about evil things."

"So he was going to create one?" James said looking sick. "After he killed my son?"

"I wonder." Lily said, "Severus said he started to change looks even when he was working with him, said he looked less and less human. From the records those who created one may have looked a bit off but not like he did."

"More than one then." Filch said, "the last one was created by Montezuma and you are right there was nothing that showed he had made one. I don't know how many he could have made, maybe three?"

"Know anyone we could ask?" James asked.

"I will get back to you on that, maybe Slughorn, rumors are that Voldemort is none other than Tom Riddle." Filch replied.

"Thank you sir." Lily said.

"There is one more thing about Harry, he should be just fine but he will have a little trouble for a year or so." Poppy said.

"What kind of trouble?" James asked a bit sharply.

"Speech mostly, but we can help him through that." Poppy replied, "other than that he will be an ordinary wizard boy.

"Thank God for that." James said.

The next day James and Lily met with Dumbledore in his office to go over what had happened the day before. It was lucky indeed that James and Lily had gone to a small Halloween party that evening with the Longbottoms and Weasley parents. But they knew now that their son was going to be regarded as very special as the boy-who-lived. Yet they knew full well that the death of Harriett Potter had saved the child as her willing sacrifice had protected her grandson long enough to destroy Voldemort. That and the fact that Voldemort had created Horcruxes was not making the Potters very happy. Lily was glaring at Dumbledore who looked as if he wanted to hide and James frowned, so Dumbledore knew what was going on.

Smartest witch in her class did not really fully describe Lily, more like one of the most powerful and smartest witches in all of England. You could not hide things from Lily Potter and it was not wise to try. She knew Severus was going to join the dark lord before he had and had been happy when he came back. Oh of course she made him take a wizard oath to fight on the side of good and he had done so willingly. It was to save his soul more than anything as she saw him as a brother.

"You knew." Lily said calmly. "You knew about Horcruxes and did not tell why?"

"Think about what would happen if that knowledge got out." Dumbledore said.

"What else are you hiding?" Lily asked. "I want the truth, no lies no hiding things from me or you will not like it when Harry comes to school."

"You would turn Harry against me?" Dumbledore said looking upset and James sat back as his wife went for her wand. "You…"

"He is my son and he is not to be used as a pawn, you try that sir and I will make your last days on earth a living hell." Lily said.

"Ah Lily maybe you should not threaten the headmaster?" James said weakly.

"I have to protect my son." Lily said her green eyes glowing, "I don't want you using Severus either, the bond is between him and I and you would do well to remember that!"

"Of course Lily, I just want Voldemort gone." Dumbledore said.

"Then we are on the same page." Lily said. "As for now I am taking Harry home to Potter castle and I expect to see Severus at Christmas if not sooner."

With that Lily got up and James followed her out while the headmaster took a seat and went for a lemon drop. He stopped before he got one conjured up some mead in a clear goblet and drank it down. He knew he had a powerful witch set on getting rid of Voldemort and he was glad he was not alone in this. Truth was he still, after so many years did not trust himself and he knew Lily saw right through him. It made him grateful he did not have to live a lie around her, she saw the darkness in him but did not hate him for it. She would watch him and help him but not let him use her family as pawns and Dumbledore was actually deep inside glad for that.


Lots of things happening here, Lily was powerful in life. The fact she did help with lots of the notes in the potions book that had belonged Severus. As she is so smart she could put two and two together quickly. I did take the liberty of making Filch a priest as well as caretaker of the school. I thinking that a "simple" exorcism would have rid Harry of the sliver of soul in Harry, the sooner removed the better. James here is not weak but Lily is in charge of the house as she is stronger and more powerful than her husband. In cannon Dumbledore trusts Severus completely, my theory is this, Lily made Severus swear a bond before her, James and Dumbledore to protect Harry at all costs. Unfortunately she did not live to keep Dumbledore from using that for his own means in cannon.

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