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Rory Jess Tristan and Paris stood outside the diner. "Well I guess we should go in." Jess grabbed Rory's hand and Tristan grabbed Paris's They all took a deep breath a moved towards the door. Jess pushed it open and they all entered looking around at all the people inside.

"Hi uncle Luke." Jess called to the man behind the counter He came over looking Jess over as he did.

"Well Jess its good to see you were's your mother."

"She is a few minuets behind us."

"Ok intraduce me to your friends." He looked over at the three other teenagers.

"This is Rory Gilmore Hayden Paris Geller and Tristan Dugray."

"Well its nice to meet you Lorelai would have loved to meet you but she had to work so you won't see her until later.

Everyone paused as they heard the name that came off the other man's lips. They shook it off just then Liz came through the door. "Big Brother." She throw her arms around Luke.

"You would have thought that hight society would have put some polish on you Liz."

"Oh what ever." She playfully slapped him.

"Ok everyone you have rooms booked at the Dragonfly inn which Lorelai owns." Liz's breath hitched just like the kids but she she shook it off just like the kids did.

"Ok you four lets get a move on. Liz headed to her car were James was waiting and the teens hopped back in there car finding the inn with mimamal problems. They got out leaving there suitcases in the cars.

"Well dosn't this look homey."

"Tristan you will be nice."


They went into the little inn and up to the front desk were a woman in her mid thirtys was standing. "Hello."

"Hi." The woman smiled at her and something didn't feel right to Rory.

"Were here to check in."

"Well ok I'm Lorelai Gilmore and you are." The woman went over to her computer not noticing the look that had overcame Rory's face as the blood drained form it she felt like she was going to faint.

"excuss me can you please repeat your name." She silantly motioned for Jess Liz Paris and Tristan to come closer to her.

"Of course Its Lorelai Gilmore." The room started to spin in front of Rory's face. as she felt her self slide in to unconciousness. She fainted the only thing keeping her from hitting the floor was Jess's arms around her.

"Whats wrong with her." Lorelai looked worridly at the young girl on the floor.

"You" Jess spat.

"Why what did I do." Paris decied to feild this one.

"I don't know Aunt Lorelai what did you do beside abandon your own baby."

Lorelai looked between the teens and the fainted girl on the floor. Her daughter was passed out on her floor. What the hell was she soupose to do what the hell was she soupose to say. She looked at everyone souronding her looking ready to comit murdur She couldn't believe this was happening she knew they were coming but was hoping to hide.

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