She opened the letter and her eyes scanned it quickly and a small smirk twisted her lips. Harry was doing well. With his tutors he was even skipping ahead by months of work. She pulled out the pictures in the envelope and glanced at them in surprise. There was Harry. In an art Museum. His paintings took up most of the walls and people were browsing them. Harry was smiling at the camera in front of one. Most of the paintings appeared to be sold already.

The next one was of Harry standing in what appeared to be his dorm. Two men stood with him. The first had wavy gold hair to his shoulders and cheerful blue eyes. He wore a white t-shirt and flowery board shorts. He had a deep tan, a small blonde goatee, and a large grin. The second man had long poker brown hair in a low ponytail, brown eyes, and stylish rectangle glasses. He wore black slacks, a deep blue shirt, and had a scowl on. The blonde man had one arm around the brown haired man's shoulder, and the other ruffling Harry's hair. They both appeared about twenty, and rich.

The next picture was the same three in a park. The brown haired man was reading a book while the blonde stood next to him with Harry on his shoulder. A large crow sat on Harry's shoulder. Petunia moved to the letter.

Dear Aunt Petunia,

I am having a great time here in America. Harvard is a great school. I am hurrying through my classes and my tutors are helping me even more. I have been to an art sale (photo). I sold all of my paintings and have many more requests. The two men in the pictures are my roommates. Gen, the brown haired one, and Akira, the blonde, are both American. They're both magical also. They both went to a magical school here in America. They went later though, after high school. They finished with the quickest times, only two years, and finished with top grades. They are now going to university to take over their family businesses. They're both purebloods but their families have roots in the muggle world. They're quite rich. They're quite intelligent to. We became friends quite quickly.

Did you know I'm even famous here? Harry Potter to almost everyone in the magical world is famous because he survived a curse no one ever has, not just because he defeated Voldemort. Anyways the two have been dragging me around the city a lot, saying I have to get out. Half the time they forget I'm only eight. I have better marks then them. Akira is quiet close though. It annoys Gen that Akira is lazy and carefree, yet gets better marks without trying. They're both training to be doctors. Gen wants to be a therapist with a major in marketing. Akira is going to be a surgeon. I'm taking a bit of everything. The two think I'm insane for taking so many classes along with having a tutor. I have been going a lot of nights with little sleep but I want to finish my schooling before Hogwarts. If I can't I will just skip first year.



She looked at the picture and just snorted. Harry stood with a violin to his shoulder at a concert. He'd probably started the bloody thing less then a month before that. She huffed and flipped to the next picture and choked on her drink.

Harry was driving a dune buggy with the blonde man. Harry was the one driving. They were ten feet in the air, a trail of sand showing their trail off a dune. He was grinning broadly.

The next picture was Harry jumping from a water fall into a crystal clear pool. The brown haired boy, Gen, was in the water, cringing at the splash. The area was surrounded by large exotic trees. Must have been in the rain forest or something. She glanced to the next picture and paused, gob smacked.

Harry stood smirking at the camera. Akira and Gen were hanging upside down from a tree, one foot each caught in a rope trap. A bow in Harry's hand, the fake war paint on his face, and the same on the other two told her the story. She snorted.

The next picture was of the boy and blonde surfing.

Another showed Harry on a skateboard five feet in the air, soaring over Gen, who was throwing himself to the ground.

The next was of Harry sitting by a campfire with the other two posing next to him. A rabbit roasted over a fire.

There was a great picture of them coming down a mountain, the blonde on a snow board and the other two on skis.

The next picture was Harry fighting with what looked like a martial arts master, a large Japanese house behind them. She didn't want to know how he was winning.

The next picture was Harry leaning over a green cauldron that gave an eerie glow. Shelves of bottled and jarred items surround him as he appeared to be cackling. Akira was slinking away from him.

The next picture made her burst out in laughter. Akira was laughing so hard he was crying with Gen hiding a smirk behind his hands. Harry looked pissed. He stood in a Japanese school girl uniform…and it actually looked good on him.

Next picture had Harry standing by a gaggle of beautiful teen girls in front of a French restaurant. The next one was Harry blushing as two closest too him kissed him their breasts pushing into his shoulders on either side.

The next picture was Harry in a small boat gazing at the city of Venice. He appeared lost in thought. Behind him the boat person was trying to fish a flailing Akira out of the water, Gen snickering at him.

The next picture made her choke again. Harry was knife fighting with a man. They appeared to be in an old fashioned street. Akira was taking bets behind Harry from a whole whack of odd people as Gen appeared resigned.

The next made her snort. In the final picture Harry sat in a bar. His two friends had an arm each around his shoulders making him sway as they clashed beer bottles and appeared to sing. He didn't look unhappy. She peered closer. Was that wine in his hand?


She looked down her nose at the child who just smiled up at her. Akira and Gen stood a step back looking a bit hesitant.

"So you're back." She sniffed.

Akira glared at her angrily and looked about to yell at her. Gen put a hand to his chest, stopping him though. Petunia didn't let her eyes move from Harry's stunning emerald eyes. They were the same as always. Observant, intelligent, cunning. She repressed a shudder at the look. She, shamefully, looked away first.

"Good to see you Aunt Petunia."

She snorted.

"The feeling isn't mutual."

Harry nodded sagely.

"I will be leaving tonight again. You won't see again unless I visit, which seems most unlikely."

She nodded. Then she stuck her hand out. Harry gazed at her before smiling, eyes crinkling shut as he shook her hand.

"Good luck Potter."

He smiled even wider and headed for his room. He was most likely cleaning it out. As they passed the two men slowed. Gen scowled at her.

"I don't know what agreement you and Harry have come to, but you harm him and we'll kill you."

She sneered at him.

"I took him in. I gave him the opportunity to grow. I gave him the lessons he'll need. I taught him to survive."

The man looked at her in thought and anger.

"We've taught him to live."

She snorted and waved a hand absently as she walked off. She didn't expect to see Harry more then a few more times in his life. He was no longer her problem. She paused as she watched the three head down the hall. For a moment her chest tightened. She shook her self viciously. She wouldn't miss him. She'd never liked him to begin with. Even though she told herself this she watched almost sadly as Harry turned down a hall and vanished from her line of sight.


End of Chapter 8.

End of 'Child'.

Look for sequel! (Coming Soon!) (Hopefully…)