It was Tahlia's birthday so Percy and Annabeth were invited. Of course! Tyson, Beckondorf, Grover, Juniper, etc. were invited as well. Anyways, the party was at a bar. Tahlia made everybody who knew to promise not to tell anybody, because she was only turning 15. Many demigods were their including Tyson, and everyone drank alcohol. Percy started a drinking contest. "I bet nobody can drink more than me!" he exclaimed. "Oh yeah," Tahlia questioned. "Yeah," Percy answered. "You up to it birthday girl?" When Tahlia didn't answer Percy added," Or are you chicken!?" Percy smirked. "No surprise their." He teased. Tahlia screamed, "Youre on punk!" Everyone watched as Percy chugged down alcohol. Being done before Tahlia even finished her third glass Tahlia almost struck him by lightning. Percy smirked. "Who's up?" Percy sneered. Tahlia was beet red and glowing with anger. After that anyone went to please Tahlia and mostly to not get struck by lightning. Again and again, Percy won as everbody chanted "Chug, chug, chug, chug, chug". Percy kept on winning, and was still unbeaten when Annabeth walked forward. She smiled knowing he would be a bit slower from drinking so much. "Chug chug chug" the crowd chanted. Percy won Annabeth, but Annabeth was determined to keep it up until she won. Percy won, and won and yet another win, but by now he was buzzed. So was Annabeth, but she took advantage of this and drank and drank. "Our new champion!" the crowd cheered. Once declared winner, Annabeth and Percy walked away drunk.

Once at Percy's apartment, the two of them started kissing. When I say kissing I mean really kissing. The French type. They kept making out until about 2 in the morning. I want to go to bed," Annabeth wined. "I have a head ache." Percy didn't complain, because he to had a headache as well. After that they both went into the bedroom and stripped until they were naked then slipped into Percys bed. Niether of them cared what time it was. "I love you," Percy murmered. "I love you too," Annabeth answered. The two of them fell asleep with Percy lieing on top of Annabeth. Both kissing passionately.

Annabeth woke up to the sound of Percys heart. She opened her eyes to find Percy asleep cradling her in his arms. "Oh gods!" Annabeth exclaimed. Awakening a startled Percy. "It's 11 am. I need to get back to my apartment. Tahlia must be anngry. We made a strict rule that we had to be back at at least 12." Percy murmered in her ear,"It's alright Annabeth. I'll make you some breakfast. You can get dressed in here while I make us some eggs."

Annabeths POV

I tried standing up, but failed. Instead, I was admiring Percy and the night before. At least Tahlia won't be as mad at me because I won at the contest. OH, wait. Then I made love birds with him. She was going to blow up!

I could smell the eggs as Percy made them. I hurriedly got dressed as to have warm opposed to cold eggs. I walked out to the living room in fresh clothes. Percy had already prepared the food and brought it out on one plate with two forks. He sat down on the ground next to me and placed the plate in between the two of us.

Percy looked uncomfortable. He kept squriming in his seat. I ate the food, which Percy had made blue trying to ignore his uneasyiness. Finally I just asked, "Percy, what's wrong?"

he ansewered, "I was wondering..." he paused/

What?" I saded

"Nothing, really it's nothing." Percy answerd.

"come on Percy," I pleaded, What do you want to ask me?"

"It's a stupid question," Percy replied, "I was just wondering if you would like to move in with me." Percy blushed.

I could tell I surprised him with my ansewer. He pracgicly jumpes out of his chair. "Sure. If it is alright with you I would like starting to move in tody." he gawked at me like I was a dinosaur that was supposed to be extinct. I kissed him on his lips quickly then started walking to the door.

"Wait!" Percy pleaded. "I was't finished kissing you!" I tried to walk back slowly just to annoy him but it was to slow. I wanted to kiss him. He made me feel complete.

"Love you," I murmuered in his ear.