In a way Hatagami Tadakatsu was as much a rebellious teenager as Shuya Nanahara. Baseball was an American sport. (Ok ok it originally came from England but honestly who gives a shit? ) The great American past time. Thankfully Baseball had become too integrated into his culture and generated too much money in the economy before the government could ban it as "Western world filth" But even if they had, heck, he'd still play until they forced him to stop. Underground baseball associations? Sounded pretty cool.

Tadakatsu excelled at this. More so than school work at the chargin of his up tight mother. But she would have to just live with it. Tadakatsu was a star on the diamond when he was just another kid in uniform at school. And not maybe. He would become a star. A legend.

"But all the best players are in America." said Niida impishly in the mood to get under Tadakatsu's skin.

"So what is that supposed to mean?" he asked the soccer player.

"Exactly what it sounded like. They're there, you're here. Do the math." Niida chuckled and ducked as Tadakatsu threw a catcher's glove at him. "Piss off, Niida. I didn't come here for your pep talk." He grumbled. So what if all the legends were over there in America. One day he'd be so good at the game the whole world would take notice. No freaking cold war would stop him from reaching his dream.

Just like no cold war would stop that Nanahara from becoming a famous rock star. Devotion. Wow. Maybe they weren't so different.

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