Annabeth's POV I stared at Percy, feeling numb with anger. Anger at everyone. This would change our friendship forever.
Percy started to laugh and I glared at him. "Yeah right" he whispered under his breath.
I was starting to shake with nerves. "It's true" Percy shakily checked his pulse. "I'm not breathing"
I looked away annoyed, did he still not get it?
He looked at me in utter confusion. "You were telling the truth"
Suddenly the air started to shimmer and Athena, my mother, appeared.
"How do you like your gift daughter?" "Gift?" I said stupidly, if losing Percy was a gift.
"I thought you were meant to be clever - you are my daughter, after all"
"It's Percy who's going to live forever... I've lost him" I said. "Check your pulse" Athena demanded.
I had no pulse which must mean.
"You're a Minor God" confirmed Athena.
Smiling and laughing I hugged Percy, as Athena dissapeared in a cloud of smoke.
A.N Sorry for the short chapter, but I am even more sorry for the length of time in between updates. I hope you can forgive me - I have had a lot of other stories I needed to write, and of course Real Life.
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