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Noises travelled to her ears from a near by place, she stirred in her sleep as the sounds grew on her awareness. Slowly she began to blink her eyes open, flashes of morning sunlight greeting her, she sat up in her bed and looked around her room as she rubbed one eye.

Someone would expect this girl's room to be tidy and orderly, not to have clothes thrown across the floor and old dishes in the sink. Though this girl was tired of what was expected of her,. She was over trying to meet others expectations, she happy being herself now, she enjoyed being Sakura Haruno. The pink haired woman rose from her bed and sighed while she stretched her whole body. The noises travelled to her again, though this time she was awake enough to wonder about them.

She moved to her bedroom window, and opened it, it creating a creaking sound from its lack of use.

"What in the?" Was all Sakura managed to mutter, as she stared at the huge swarm of people gathering at the village's front gate.

Narrowing her eyes, Sakura zoomed in on individuals in the crowd, scanning for any familiar faces. She was at it for less then two seconds when she noticed the back of her sensei's green jacket. Tsunade was wresting past impatient villagers as she worked her way hastily into the middle of the crowd, while Shizune tottered after her while bowing in apology to everyone because of her master.

For the Hokage of Kohona to be out, at the front gate this early, something serious had to be going down. Within minutes Sakura was dressed, and out the door, she ran down the streets of her home village, not smiling or even acknowledging those who stared at the pink-haired woman. She got there quicker than she would have six years ago, she wasn't a child anymore, she didn't need other's to defend her, care for her. Sakura wasn't someone to cry over missing Sasuke Uchiha, she wasn't someone who cried when Naruto got hurt, she was someone completely new.

Sakura wrested her way through the crowd just like her sensei, though she had run into them head on, not stopping. The villagers seemed more prepared this time, moving out of the way, knowing Sakura was important, and also short-tempered.

Half way to what seemed to be the middle of the swarm Sakura caught a glimpse of something orange. She knew who it was, and she zeroed in on where he was, and pushed her way through to him.

"Sakura-chan, what the hell is going on?!" Naruto shouted in her face as soon as she reached him.

The surrounding villagers around them all locked their eyes on her face waiting for a reply. She frowned at Naruto, though knew it was typical of him to be impatient in these situations, so let it slide.

"I don't know Naruto, I just saw Tsunade-sama, and came straight here," She said loudly, allowing Naruto to hear her over the sound of the shouting people around them.

Naruto frowned at the ground and then at Sakura, though it wasn't her he was frustrated at, more himself, for not being in on the news quick enough. Sakura rolled her eyes at him; he was so immature sometimes it was sad.

"Let's go, we need to find out what's going on," Sakura yelled to Naruto, and he looked up and nodded seriously.

Sakura moved her way through again, though her speed had decreased from last time, and people had begun to bunch together.

"Please move aside," Sakura shouted, though still managed to sound sweet.

Though Naruto was less polite, he shoved people and threw himself at others, and quickly, to Sakura's surprise, was ahead of her. They all formed a path once again, recognizing both of their importance as ninja's. Sakura ran the rest of the way; seeing the green of Tsunade's jacket once again, she set it as her target. She ran past Naruto, gripping to his collar while heading for her sensei, and dragged him with her. The blonde and the female kunoichi reached the centre of the crowd, where a small circle had been formed with Tsunade and Shizune's backs facing both Naruto and Sakura.

A tall frame was in front of Sannin and her student, all Naruto and Sakura could see of the frame was the edge of his dark, messy hair. Though his hair was all they needed to see, all they needed to remember to know who it was. Sakura gasped, while Naruto's mouth fell open in shock and utter surprise.

"G-Granny Tsunade," Naruto called the Hokage's name while stuttering, blinking furiously to comprehend who both Sakura and himself knew was standing mere metres in front of them.

As Tsunade and Shizune turned, they both knew what they had to face when they looked into the two of the young ninja's eyes. Two grimaces were looking to Naruto and Sakura, though the two friends were hardly paying attention to their superiors. It was the person that had just been placed into full view, who had their undivided attention and shock.

Sasuke knew what he was going to be faced with when he walked through the gates of Kohona, his home village, the place containing his most treasured memories. He knew the highest security actions would be taken and put into motion, knew what was going to be said about him, and thought of him.

Though he didn't care, as to be expected his attitude to other's opinions hadn't changed, Sasuke wasn't one to change himself for others, as so many already knew.

The village he used to call home had changed, though it still looked the same in a way, some new buildings, though that was all really. Sasuke has minimal time to observe and appreciate his surrounding until ANBU, swarmed in on his position, which had been followed by the endless crowds of people hurrying around him.

He had officially met the new Hokage, receiving a punch to the face that had knocked him hard into the ground, spitting out blood for the first time since he had arrived home.

"Don't think I don't know who you are, Uchiha Sasuke," Tsunade sneered his name, while he looked at her blankly and rose from his position.

"You are a convicted criminal, who has attempted and succeeded in many crimes," Tsunade yelled, her voice was louder then the crowd put together.

The ANBU surrounded Sasuke, once Tsunade had punched him and put chakra cuffs around his wrists, and he glanced to look at one of the masked ninja's beside him.

Sasuke looked at the Hokage and her subordinate, they stood shoulder to shoulder blocking what was directly behind them except some of the villagers head's. He shifted his shoulder's lazily, and he squared his stance to meet Tsunade's heavy glare.

She was about to shout pointless words at him again, when she was interrupted, by a voice Sasuke would know no matter how long he had been away from him.

"G-Granny Tsunade," Naruto's voice filled Sasuke's ears for the first time in year's, his old friend was right there in front of him, and it still sounded the same, maybe deeper, though still it had that annoying Naruto sound to it.

The frowns on both of the women facing him changed immediately to grimaces, Sasuke wondered briefly why they would be so disturbed. The women turned shirted sideways and then faced away from Sasuke as they looked regretfully into Naruto and Sakura's eyes.

Sasuke saw Naruto's mouth fall open in shock, Sasuke made no change in his expression, although deep down he did feel glad to be near his friends again. Naruto was taller now, as tall as himself, which Sasuke had found amusing, because he knew that Naruto would eventually make a deal about it. Naruto, other than his height, hadn't really changed, though maybe that was due to the fact that Sasuke had seen him a couple of times since his departure from the village, he pondered to himself.

Sasuke moved his gaze from Naruto and looked into the depths of the emerald green eye's of the girl next to Naruto. He had expected them to be excited, to look happy and relieved of him being home, it wasn't as if he was vein, though this is what he knew and expected of Sakura.

He was shocked as he witnessed green eyes and was shocked; they were hard as stone, colder then his own black eyes. He felt taken aback, even though his facial expression didn't change dramatically, his eyes widened. His eyes swept over Sakura, as if he was inhaling a beautiful scent, he gazed at how much she had changed.

She was taller, though compared to Naruto she appeared quite petite, her hair wasn't as short anymore, it was layered even more, some parts bellow her shoulders other not. He noticed how her hair was a darker shade of pink, though it still had the appearance of cherry blossoms. Her outfit was different; she wore a fitted leather top and pants, and over the top she wore a lose, yet delicate red jacket that buttoned up just under her bust. The jacket was something Sasuke recognized, having her clan symbols on the top each of the wavy sleeves.

Sasuke couldn't get over how she had changed, though the thing that shocked him the most was what he saw in her eyes. She didn't seem glad to see him, not excited or pleased, instead she was guarded, defensive and she seemed to radiate anger and hurt.

He understood her hurt, though he didn't think she could hate him, he didn't hate her, why should she hate him?

Sakura looked away from Sasuke and looked to her sensei's worried eyes, Sakura's expression made Tsunade confused and bubble with questions.

"What will you do with him?" Sasuke heard Sakura's soft voice, it was hard though, it reflected the emotions he saw in her eyes.

Naruto moved his gaze, from Sasuke to Tsunade also, and looked at the woman expectedly. At first Tsunade was wordless, she didn't know what to say to the new, cold Sakura, though she recovered, being the strong woman she was.

"He will be taken to my office immediately, and I will decide his punishment," She threw a glare at Sasuke, wanting to hate the boy who changed Sakura so dramatically.

"Okay, Naruto and I will meet you there," She turned and grabbed Naruto by the collar again, appearing hasty to remove herself from the crowd.

"Wha-" Naruto managed to gasp as he turned around while being pulled by Sakura.

"You're coming with me," Sakura muttered to Naruto.

Naruto looked over his shoulder at his best friend, he was relived and excited for his return, and couldn't wait to lay into the first chance he got. Though as he turned around and caught up to Sakura as they walked to the Hokage's office, worries began to greet him.

Sakura eyes appeared different, she was mad, he had only seen her like this a couple of times. Once when The Third died, and the other was recently whenever Sasuke's name was mentioned. Though to anyone else the reason of her mood and emotions at he present moment was obvious. Though Naruto couldn't figure it out, he unloaded an onslaught of questions on Sakura as they headed to where they would see their old friend for the second time in one day.

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