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The pink-haired Kunoichi left the room in haste, she didn't look back, her movements were swift and delicate. No shinobi, man or woman could describe Haruno Sakura as ungraceful; the way she moved was distinct to her personality. Soft and strong at the same time, just like a cherry blossom, as she was so aptly named after.

Naruto could detect the underlining tension lift once Sakura left the room, he noticed Tsunade's shoulders loosen, as she faced him and Sasuke once again. Her eyes were unreadable, as if carrying a secret, something that she was defending for someone other than herself, defending someone's pain. Though all Naruto could sense was no further than something was bothering the Hokage, and she didn't seem willing to share it.

"Sasuke will stay with you, Naruto, until I find a suitable placement for him soon." Tsunade's stern voice broke the silence that had been held since Sakura had left.

Naruto nodded, looking at Tsunade caramel brown eyes, their depths were frightening, she was taking the subject of Uchiha Sasuke very seriously.

Naruto swerved in his stance, an evil grin spreading across his face as he spun to face his new roommate. The blonde's look was one to worried and to be amused about at the same time.

Sasuke sighed, a deep breath, one that filled his lungs so they pushed right up to the barrier of his lungs. His new roommate, Uzumaki Naruto. He found it typical, that something of this magnitude would be thought of as his first punishment. He glanced through narrowed eyes at Tsunade's back as she made her way back to her desk.

She did this on purpose He thought begrudgingly to himself.

His eyes lazily moved their gaze to look at Naruto's face; his grin was even more prominent than before, if that was possible.

"C'mon Sasuke-Teme, I want to give the full tour." Naruto moved hastily and took a firm grip on Sasuke's arm.

The urge to rip away from him was almost painful, though Sasuke resisted, knowing the watching eyes in the room. Just as soon as his best friend gripped his arm, the ANBU members disappeared from behind him. All disappearing in three large puffs of smoke, creating an unnatural breeze to sweep through his and Naruto's hair.

Naruto moved forward without warning, making Sasuke swerve in his stance from his sudden momentum. He glared as he almost, almost stumbled, though as he discreetly regained his balance, he made sure no one saw him, which they didn't.

Sasuke saw the village properly as Naruto lead him to his apartment, the building didn't look different, the same food stores still stood proud in the streets as Sasuke remembered. The village was still the same, though to his quiet disappointment the people in it were a whole other story.

Naruto apartment greeted the two young men with a horrifying smell, Sasuke noted Naruto as not being clean, though he had already suspected it. Dirty socks, dishes and scattered papers engulfed the room. Naruto moved past Sasuke and towards a tattered old green couch by the window. Piled food, milk cartons and ramen packages were what the old couch held. Naruto bent down and in one quick motion knocked the couch's contents off and onto the floor. Sasuke raised an eyebrow as Naruto looked at him expectedly.

"This is your bed, it's not much, I will look for something better, I ho-, who am I kidding, I don't care if you're comfortable, you're Sasuke-Teme." Naruto insulted his friend without hesitation.

Sasuke glared darkly at his friend, out of everyone in the village, Naruto was the one to host his sleeping quarters.

"Hn" Was all he muttered as he moved towards the bed.

It wasn't like Sasuke had packed much, he didn't own very much. His katakana and carry bag was all he had, and as he removed both items from his body, he felt bare.

"I should go find Sakura-chan, so we can go out for dinner together." Naruto mused as he removed his boots and flopped his lanky body onto his unmade bed.

"You should leave her alone." Sasuke suggested to his old friend.

Naruto had closed his eyes, and in reaction to Sasuke's words lifted an eyelid to see his face.

"And what would you know about Sakura-chan, you haven't seen her for almost four years." Naruto stated a very obvious fact.

In response Sasuke had nothing, the annoying blonde was right, he didn't know what she was like. And to his surprising intense disliking, Naruto did know.

"Whatever," Was the brilliant response thought of by Sasuke.

Naruto let out a brief amused laugh, Sasuke looked at his friend's face, some inside joke was seeming to be amusing him.

"You would be surprised by how much Sakura-chan has changed, she isn't like she was six years ago. Because, as we all know each cherry blossom blooms." Naruto spoke respectively, and even if a bit smitten about Sakura.

Sasuke unintentionally curled his lip at Naruto's words, and it wasn't as if he was disgusted by what was said. It was because of who spoke the words and how they were said.

Naruto was oblivious to the discreet hate emitting from Sasuke, as he gleefully rested on his old bed. He looked to his side, and gazed at the afternoon sunlight, as it lit up the village and its people. He was now sitting in the same room with the friend he had for so long aspired to bring home. To think Sasuke came home on his own free will, that part made Naruto the happiest.

Suddenly Naruto flipped himself upwards from his bed, and was standing in an instant and looking down on Sasuke.

"Rest time is over; let's go find Saaaaakuuuraaa-chaaaannnnn" Naruto chanted Sakura's name like a sickly obsessed fan.

The blonde jumped from his bed and landed right in front of Sasuke, the raven-haired man looked at the glistening blue pool of Naruto's eyes.

"Wherever I go, you go." Naruto switched the quote of wherever you go, I go to his advantage.

Sasuke rose from the old excuse for a couch and stood right next to Naruto, noticing his eyes were in line with Naruto's eyebrows.

"Still taller, Dobe" Sasuke muttered as he walked past the blonde and to Naruto's front door.

Naruto literally felt the jealous heat emit from his body as Sasuke's cold voice informed him of something he had so desperately been hoping to be wrong. He followed his friend out the door and onto the village main street, where he began to think.

"Now, where would Sakura-chan be?" Naruto mused to himself.

"You're the one who knows her better than me." Sasuke muttered sarcastically to Naruto, something he hadn't done in years, he was with his best friend.

Naruto felt as if a giant rock had landed on his head at Sasuke's words, the insults just kept coming.

The two friends walked side by side as they searched the entire village, Naruto scurrying into the hospital for his first bet. Though they were quickly told that Sakura hadn't walked through the hospital doors since yesterday night. Next, Naruto went to her apartment, and after several knocks, it was plainly obvious she wasn't there either.

After that, Naruto went to his reserved options, his favourite Ramen shop. And although Sakura wasn't there either, the blonde found it very hard to resist the smells coming form the food store as he and Sasuke walked off.

Sasuke stayed silent through the whole expedition, quietly learning new things about his former team-mate as they went along. He learned she must've gained some medic nin abilities due to the hospital visit, and how they spoke of her there. He realised she no longer lived at home with her parents, though at a quite presentable apartment building. Sasuke slowly made a list of things about the new and improved Haruno Sakura, and the things that had changed.

Naruto began to become worried as he checked Ino's flower shop in desperation, only going there as a last resort. He knew how much Sakura hated going to visit her old best friend in the flower shop.

"So, where is she Dobe?" Sasuke asked the question that had been playing in both of there minds for a while now.

He turned around to glare at his friend, he felt like punching his straight in the nose. There was only one more place she could be, though he never remembered seeing her there, she had always trained in private or further away from the village. Or so he thought.

"Let's go" Naruto informed Sasuke as he leapt up onto the village roofs, and began running in the direction of the training grounds.

Sasuke raced after his friend, though quickly regained a steady pace in equal speed right next to Naruto.

Training grounds Sasuke thought.

That was the last place he would have envisioned the old Sakura to go, he hadn't remembered one time where she had gone to train by herself.

The surrounding sky had become dark, and the stars, moon and village lights were the only things that lit the way to the training grounds. As the two young men leapt from the last roof and onto the training ground grass, they knew straight away someone had been here.

Though they quickly realised the person who had been here had moved at incredibly destructive rate, and into the forest. The target board was destroyed, though Sasuke couldn't see any residual burn marks or explosive tags had done the job.

'Why did she have to go and ruin the target board," Naruto had muttered as they entered the outskirts of the forest.

Sasuke's eyes widened as he realised Naruto was talking about Sakura, the girl that would've of done anything wrong, not hurt a fly and she had destroyed a target board, with no effort at all.

Their pace quickened as it got later in the night and deeper into the forest, just how far had she gone? They were following the many kunai marks in the tree, all leading in one direction, some were high up and others not.

Naruto had stopped dead in his stance, and for the first time since their search started shouted.

"SAKURA-CHAN!" He yelled, his voice echoing again and again throughout the forest.

Nearby animals scattered away from the volume of Naruto's voice, Sasuke looked at his friend as an unconscious emotion of worry greeted him as well.

Naruto began to run again, and Sasuke followed, they both knew that you weren't meant to enter a forest alone, not if your weren't prepared.

As they began to become desperate, Naruto began to stumble in his haste, Sasuke catching him once as he almost tripped out of a tree.

As he lifted his friend slowly upwards and back into the tree, his eyes had swept the forest floor. Something bright caught his eye as his looked directly to the base of the tree, and as he let go of Naruto and looked closer, he recognized a colour. Pink.

"Naruto, there." He pointed bellow them in a whisper, as if they were finding a treasure he didn't want anyone else to discover.

"Sakura-chan," Naruto whispered in a hopeful voice of desperation.

They both dropped down to the bottom of the tree without hesitating, and as they landed it was confirmed about who the pink hair belonged to.

Sakura lay at the bottom of tree, eyes closed and lips slightly parted, a slight flush beginning to grow form, as if she were ill. Dirt covered her skin and leaves were weaved throughout her hair, she had been training hard.

Naruto bent down and put a gentle hand on her shoulder, and shook it carefully. Sasuke's eyes narrowed at his best friend's carefree touch, for one fleeting moment he wished to be the one kneeling down a taking and waking her. Though it was only a fleeting desire, gone as quickly as it came. Well that was what Sasuke thought.

"Sakura-chan," Naruto whispered.

No response, not even an unconscious reaction to her name being mentioned, Naruto's eyebrows began to make worried lines form between them.

"Sakura-chan, Sakura-chan, Sakura-chan!" He yelled her name again and again, shaking her body less carefully, desperately hoping she was just asleep and not unconscious from being injured or worse.

Sasuke felt the centre of his stomach twist into a small knot, nothing painful, though still something he was very aware of. He looked at Sakura slumped form, her pale skin seemed to glow in the moonlight that was struggling to break through the treetops. Her lips were a rosy pink, and seemed to make her look innocent and vulnerable. Her powdery eyelids prevented Sasuke from seeing her emerald green eyes, that he, for some unknown reason, wanted to see more than was what was expected of a friend.

"SAKURA-CHAN!" Naruto yelled, his voice breaking at the end as he shook Sakura one more time.

"Naruto, stop shaking her so hard." Sasuke's voice was stern, and Naruto looked with worried eyes up at his friend.

"What do you care, Sasuke-Teme?" Naruto retorted back.

Before he could argue, the pink-haired kunoichi stirred, a slow moan slipping through her lips as she moved.

Her eyes slowly blinked open, dazed and unaware, totally vulnerable.

Her eyes focused on Naruto's face, and her small eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

"N-Naruto?" Her sleepy voice slurred his name.

Naruto sighed a heavy puff of air as he chuckled at his name being mentioned, she was okay.

She sat up further and looked to Naruto's side, meeting Sasuke's cold, hard eyes. Automatically she stiffened, and Sasuke felt a spike of something stab where the knot in his stomach had been, she wasn't glad to see him. Her eyes had been sleepy and dazed, thought now they were on full alert. Sasuke watched her eyes turn from innocent apple green to distant and hard emerald green in an instant.

Why is he here? She asked a question to herself, though she would never word it.

"Sakura-chan, we were so worried." Sakura's newly cold eyes darted to Sasuke's face in reaction to the words we and worried in the same sentence.

"What were you doing? Training this far into the forest!" He was mad at her, this much was obvious.

She looked the blonde deep into his eyes and sighed, the last thing she had wanted to do was make him worry. Naruto had been like a family member, an irreplaceable companion in the last few years since Sasuke left, and to hurt him, hurt her.

"I'm sorry, Naruto" Sasuke noticed how her voice crumbled into softness as she spoke genuine words of apology to Naruto.

Her eyes returning to the innocent apple green he remembered from their genin days together.

Naruto's worry had turned into anger, though as soon as she spoke words of apology his resolve crumbled and he beamed a brilliant smile at her, his teeth illuminating from the moonlight rays.

"That's okay, Sakura-chan. There's only one thing I want you to do." He stood back, his smile of joy quickly turning mischievous.

"You have to shout me and Sasuke-Teme Ramen!" He almost shouted his request.

Sakura quickly darted her eyes to and from Sasuke and back to Naruto, she didn't know how she would cope being so close to him and trying to work on her resolve of not being besotted by him at the same time.

She felt strong enough, she didn't think she loved him anymore, though one desirable glance or smile and she would be hooked, no matter how hard she tried.

"Fine, let's get going then." She got up and Naruto moved and helped her.

"Thank-you, Saaaakuuuraaa-chan!" His previous mood of worry vanishing now that he knew she was okay.

She brushed off the excess dirt and leapt into the tree, followed by Naruto and Sasuke, as she went to go face the shop that she already found annoying, though with Sasuke there in would become hurtful, destructive and dangerous.

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