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They have already rescued Dr. M and they are sipping Fantas after Total arrives.

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(Jason Mraz - I'm Yours)

So, i won't hesitate no more,
No more, it cannot wait i'm sure
There's no need to complicate our time is short
This is our fate
I'm yours


Fang held my hand under the table. It was sort of awkward but I liked it, not that I wanted him to know that. I glared at him and tried to pull out of his hold but he pulled me close to his ear.

"We need to talk," Fang whispered, lips brushing my ear. It gave me tingles. I wasn't sure why.

I hate Fang and his need to talk about the most awkwasrd subjects.

Fang POV

She glared at me. Max isn't one to talk about emotions, and she calls me the emotionless one. I yanked her out of her chair.

"I need to show you something," I insisted. It was really important. It bordered the line between life and death. OK, a little over-dramatic.

Max groaned and rolled her eyes. "Fine."

"Don't forget to use protection." Iggy snickered. Max whapped his head. Hard. Ouch.

I hoped that didn't happen to me. Angel said to show Max I loved her but she wasn't the mushy girly type so I hoped she liked this.

3rd Person

Fang sighed, and pulled her into a room inside the infirmary where Dr. M was held.

"Fang, what are you doing?" Max hissed.

"Max, you said you didn't believe me and Angel said I needed to show you how much I love you so I will."

And there it was, about five trays of chocolate chip cookies. They spelt, "I love you, Max." in yummy chocolate chippy goodness, Max's favourite ever food.

Max's eyes lit up like they were lit by a million suns, Fang thought. They were even more beautiful then usual, they were radiating, captivating. He shook himself and got a hold of himself.

He had to man up and show her how much she meant too him. Even though she could reject him. Just the thought was frightening.


"You know, I would've just loved the cookies if it weren't set in a completely mushy way." I didn't know what to think. I mean, yeah, I sort of figured out I loved him when I was almost crushed, trying to save Angel. Well not exactly, but whatevs.

"Max," Fang was frustrated, I could tell. He dragged a hand through his hair and lent down on one knee. "Max, you're beautiful and I love you so much. No one is more beautiful to me."
I just stared at him. Even more than Dr. Stupendous and Red Haired Wonder?

"More than anything,"he said firmly, like always reading my mind perfectly.

"Maximum Ride, will you be my girlfriend?" He was holding out a promise ring, his dark, hot, obsidian eyes filled with worry and hope.

"Well, Fang," I said sarcastically, "since you asked so nicely, sure."

He rolled his eyes.

I smiled at him. "Seriously, just give me the damn ring already."

He smiled his breathtaking smile and slid the ring on my finger, plain with swirls and a touch of emoness, very Fang. I loved it. I loved him. There was no doubt in my mind.

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Fang POV

I took a deep breath and launched into my speech. I looked deep into her eyes, seeing love? I hope.

"Well, Fang," she said sarcastically, "since you asked so nicely, sure."

I rolled my eyes. Even when I asked her out she had to be sarcastic. Oh wait, she said yes. I felt like spinning around like a freaking ballerina. And heard a snigger inside my head. Angel and no doubt the rest of the flock was listening.

"Seriously, just give me the damn ring already."

I smiled at her, and saw her smile widen. Her sarcasm however annoying it was, completed her. I slid the ring on her finger, it was something I sort of liked but I wasn't sure if she did.

"I love you too," she whispered and my heart and soul felt complete.


I felt like that moment, Fang holding my hand with the ring, still on one knee, could have stayed like that forever and I wouldn't mind. But I ruined it.

Reaching over I grabbed a chocolate chip cookie and crunched it in my teeth, there's nothing better than chocolate chip cookies. (Ha, bet you thought she rejected him or something :))

Wow, my obsession for chocolate chip cookies just took a low point, ruining a 'moment' for a cookie. Fang grinned his 'You and you're freaking chocolate chip cookies obsession smiles." He should smile more often.

"You should smile more often," I told him.

"More than this?" And he grabbed my head and started kissing me. I take it back. Chocolate chip cookies and then kissing Fang tasted better than chocolate chip cookies on its own.

Is it just me or did I heard whoops outside the door.

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