E/O Drabble Challenge - Word: Chest

Chapter 1: Give me a Hand (Dean's POV)

Note: This is my first drabble which Phoebe said I should upload and share LOL :D - I did it as a 'get well soon' for Muffy - nothing like Hurt!Dean and Panicky!Sam to make her feel better ;) - Just playing in Enkidu07's sandbox for a minute :D

One story - many drabbles.

100 words on the nose ;)

Should that be on the outside?

I stare at the gory, jagged bone protruding from my chest. Funny, doesn't hurt. That can't be good. There should be some pain, right? I swallow the tangy taste of blood, Sammy suddenly next to me, his face sickly white.

"Oh god, Dean! Hold on!"

Hold onto what? I look around stupidly. And then it hits.



"Dean! The ambulance is here, stay with me!"

I huff in a breath, shit, not a brilliant idea. I may scream before passing out, Sam's hand unexpectedly in mine.

Oh right, I'll just hold onto that.