Chapter 3

Oliver walks through the forest and straight ahead he notices a man with a mask pointing a gun directly to the driver of the horse and cart. Another man is going through the carriage looking for valuables. Oliver puts his back pack down behind a tree, and Deanna climbs out of it. Oliver looks at Deanna and says "Hide, and stay out of the way". Oliver then climbs up the tree and waits. He waits for one of the thieves's to get close enough to the tree. He then pounces on the first thief and knocks him unconscious. He runs to the thief in the carriage and grabs him, and throws him to one side, and knocks him down onto the ground.

The carriage master jumps off the carriage and grabs the gun that's on the ground. "Thankyou" said the carriage master. A voice came from inside the carriage "Is it safe to come out"? "Yes, lady Adele" and then a Beautiful women with long black hair, with a very beautiful dress jumps out of the carriage. She has a good look at Oliver, and says "Thankyou peasant, one who has just saved our lives surely deserves a reward". "No, no reward is needed, but would you help me out and give me a ride to Castle Belese?" Lady Adele smiled and said "Yes, of course we are on our way right now". "Thankyou" said Oliver, and he goes to fetch his backpack and Deanna. Deanna looks like she has now adjusted to walking on all fours, and follows Oliver.

Lady Adele has a look at Deanna "who's that". "Oh it's my cat Deanna" said Oliver. "She looks beautiful for a cat" said Lady Adele. Oliver picks up Deanna and hops into the carriage. Lady Adele signals the driver to Drive off. "Have you been to Castle Belese before" Said Lady adele. "Yes, I was there only just last week". "How strange, I haven't seen you before". "We weren't there for very long" Said Oliver. "What is your name young man" "Its Oliver" Said Oliver. "My name is Lady Adele my father is Lord Baylen". "Meow" Said Deanna looking really confused. "I didn't know Baylen had a daughter". "Well now you know Oliver" Said Lady Adele. The carriage then comes to a complete stop. Lady Adele looks outside. "Oh, it looks like we have just arrived".

Oliver hops outside, and has a look at Castle Belese. It looks a lot older, chipped bricks, and surrounding houses around the castle looks old and dusty. Lady Adele's hand maiden rushes out to greet her. "My lady how was the trip?". "It was fine. This boy saved my life. Can you see to it that he and his cat get the guest room upstairs?" Said Lady Adele. "Yes my lady, I'll be right onto it". "Do you know where I can find Algernon?" Lady Adele gives Oliver the weird look "He died just after I was born". "Oh" said Oliver looking very disappointed. "Meow" said Deanna. "I know, maybe we have arrived a little later in time than we have antisipated". "This may prove to be more difficult than I thought" thought oliver.

Oliver and Deanna arrive at the guest room. The guest room looks fit for a king. The bed sheets looks like they have been weaved by hand with the finest silk. There's a couple of chair's. a tables and a very soft bedroom mat on the floor. Oliver puts Deanna down on the bed. Deanna rolls around on the bed, and purrs. It looks like she could get use to this. Ariel sits on the bed and pets Deanna. "I like your cat, she's got soft fur". "Yes, she's one in a million" said Oliver. "meow" said Deanna "Yes I was getting to that said Oliver". "How can you understand your cat?" said Ariel". "umm well that's a long story. Anyway do you know where I can find a unicorn". "I don't know where to find a unicorn, but Bernard might know where to find one" said Ariel. "Who's Bernard?" said Oliver. "A Wizard, who lives in the tower opposite the castle".