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How could she do this to me? My own mother was sending me away to a finishing school when she knew I wouldn't fit in. Why would she do that to me? Oh wait that's right, it's because she doesn't care. She has ignored me since the day I was born. Well up until now.

I'm a 17 year old, popular (well amongst the guys. The girls just envy me) Queen B. Isabella Swan. I was feared by most, envied by all and wanted by every guy in the school. The only problem for the guys was when I wanted them. It was no secret that I was no longer a virgin. I was known to pick up guys as quickly as I dropped them. You could say I was a play girl.

Well unfortunately I was caught with my latest boyfriend in the girls change room doing some things the principle believed were illegal in 12 countries. Long story short I was expelled for having sex in the school grounds and because my mother can't handle me she's sending me away. Well all I can say is the poor little fuckers at this "finishing school" are toast. Watch out boys Bella's coming for ya.


I had been called to the principal's office again. It might have something to do with the fact that I got caught shagging a girl I didn't even know behind the gym during a school dance. I thought I had payed the teacher off well enough to just let it slip but obviously not. Well this sucks I hadn't been caught out for quite a number of months now and was on good terms with the boss of this shit hole. In fact I was doing so well he had taken to dropping some of my classes (in other words the classes that teach the crap I don't need). Oh well.

I stepped into to office to see Sarah, the secretary, working at her desk. She gave me a very seductive smile but, like the rest of the girl population at our school, I did her months ago and this in my book meant she was used up so I just walked on by. I knocked on Mr Lyhand's (points to anyone from our school who gets that) door and was granted entry by a gruff voice.

Mr Lyhand's office was a rather large room with red and gold furniture covering the floor. His big mahogany desk took up most of the room and awards and trophies covered the walls. The man himself was standing behind the desk looking out the wall length window down onto the school. He turned at the sound of my entry with a large grin on his face. Well this was something I hadn't expected. Mr Lyhand gestured for me to take a seat as he himself sat down.

"Edward I have been very pleased with your results and behaviour these last few months" Mr Lyhand said with what almost sounded like pride. This was soooooo not about the school dance. "You are by far the best student in this school and I have decided that you are going to be mentor to a new student whom will be joining our great institute in a matter of days". Well this was new. I liked fresh meat when it came. It was always exciting watching as they tried to escape over the high security fence that surrounded the school and was even better when you got to catch them. I had been graced with that job as I was the fastest runner in the school. I had also been given the jobs of giving out punishment and overseeing a student take the punishment but mentor well this was new.

"What would I have to do sir" I asked with mock interest. "You will show the new student around, Keep an eye on them and Take them for individual classes of curtesy". WHAT!!!! I hated those classes as if I was gonna teach one. "But sir I wouldn't know what to teach the new student" I said hoping I could escape the torture. "I'll give you lesson plans and check on you every now and again. Edward you'll do fine I believe in you". I could see I was fighting a losing battle so I caved "ok who is he" I said, Rather bored with the whole subject. "Not he Edward, she. Her name is Isabella Swan" I broke into a full blown grin at this. Well well well this was fresh meat indeed. I had just found myself a new play mate and I had as my mentee. This should be fun.

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