Hey guys, Long time since you have heard from me I know. Truth be told I'd actually forgotten about this story after having a rather large fight amongst the friends that I ran this profile with.

I spoke to one of them today, which was nice and actually reminded me of this story and the fact that I left it unfinished. Now I know that's not a great excuse and I'm sorry but I'll admit I wrote this when I was still kind of young and with my busy life and a heap of other factors the story got left behind.

This brings me to my next point. The story. I actually don't plan on continuing it and after I've added this note I'll leave it up for a week or 2 before taking the whole story down. I know this may upset some of you but I have my reasons. The biggest oneā€¦. The story is SHIT! I reread it and I actually have no idea what I was trying to say and I can see some of you didn't either. Now this doesn't mean that I'm going to stop writing in fact I have a story that I'm writing at the moment that I will probably be posting later tonight or maybe in a few days time. I'll explain more about it and why I started writing it in the Authors Note that will go with the chapter.

I know it's a lot to ask seeing as I'm letting you guys down in a way for not completing this story but I can assure you that my writing has gotten better and I'd love your feedback to see if I really have improved (and trust me this one will make sense).

Thank you all for supporting me and yet again sorry for the HUGE hiatus.

Love you all