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Here it goes…


Though Cat Royal was known to be the most fearless girl in Covent Garden, who shot straight into dangerous adventures by herself without a second thought, she unexpectedly found herself this time, dragged (quite literally) into a misadventure that stretched across the world.

This time Cat must use all her strength, determination and not to mention her wit, to survive this unpredictable journey of battling pirates, stopping thieves, saving princes', confronting old foes, hypnotism and all while running from police as London's 'Most Wanted'.

But don't worry dear readers, she isn't alone. After all, Cat has the help of a professional boxer, a musical prodigy, a quite clumsy and bewildered Lord, a 'Master of Shadows', a runaway and of course a reluctant Gang lord.

Without further ado, let us wander into the first chapter of Cat's misadventure, and it begins with a 'Master of Shadows'.

~Chapter 1~

Frank and Cat raced down the broken road, dodging past women with their shopping baskets, trotting carriages and deep into the crowd of the busy market place. Cat grinned as mud puddles splashed against their clothes, though the Heir to the Avon dukedom looked quite put out by the dirt and the dangerous speed they were running.

"I can't wait till the game starts!" panted Cat brushing past people. "Syd's taking on the mysterious "Master of Shadows" person. I wonder who he is."

"Master of shadows' huh? He sounds pretty fishy to me." replied Frank gasping between words and trying to keep up. "If we ever meet him, remind me to tell him what an awful, clichéd name he has."

Cat laughed and thought back to when the entire hullabaloo began about this strange new fighter.

Two weeks ago, the whole town had been stirring with excitement about the new enigmatic Master of Shadows. Many posters had been hung up all over Covent Garden about the mysterious man from a far off land, who dared to challenge such a famous boxer, though as usual Syd accepted. From then on the town has been ablaze in preparation of this fight. Men had already started to put bets on who was going to win (mostly on Syd, obviously!) though some had curious expectations of the foreign fighter.

Cat and Frank entered the fighting ring and lined up to pay. There was a huge crowd, lots of men had gathered to watch the fight. Cat quickly pulled her cap down over her eyes to hide her 'girlish' looks as they got near the pay booth. She had been dressed in a murky green dirty and itchy coat and ripped pants Frank had "borrowed" from one of the servants who work in his stable, when he wasn't looking. She also had some dirty marks on her cheeks for good measure. After all, what was a girl without her makeup? She thought. After a good look, they convinced the pay man that she was a boy and they bustle through to the seats.

It was a struggle to find seats. The stadium was crammed with people.

"Cat, Frank!" yelled a voice from somewhere in the front.

They turned to see Syd gesturing them to follow him. Pushing their way through the crowd, Syd led them to two empty seats in the front row. "Here, I saved these for you two," he smiled and they sat down.

"Syd, hurry up! The match is about start!" yelled Syd's father, Mr. Fletcher from the waiting room.

"Well, I'd better go, wish me luck!" Syd said giving Cat a strange look and then sprint off.

After waiting for a few more minutes the match began. Drums began to roll as a small round man stepped into the ring to introduce the contestants.

"Ladies and Gentlemen." He yelled. "I want to welcome you all to the much anticipated match of the season!" The crowd went wild, whistling and clapping.

"I am proud to host this long awaited match, between our very own boxing champion, SYD FLETCHER!" he gestured as one of the gates open and Syd stepped out grinning and raised his hands towards the crowd. As expected the crowd went berserk with cheers and stamping feet. Frank and Cat joined in, cheering Syd on.

"I love Syd's matches," said Frank laughing. "They're so exciting!"

And dangerous, Cat thought.

"And now, introducing the much awaited mysterious 'Master of Shadows'!" the man yelled again. The crowd suddenly fell silent as they craned towards the opposite door. Slowly the door creaked open and a tall figure elegantly stepped out. The Master of Shadows was wearing a long black hooded cape, his hood up so we couldn't see his face. The crowd bursts into laughter at sight of the thin scrawny-ness of the so called Master of Shadows.

"This one is supposed to take on a hulk like Syd?!" Frank heard a person splutter.

The guffaw rose until suddenly the Master of Shadows took off his hood. The crowd immediately stopped their laughter and gaped at beautiful face of a girl. They continued to stare at her not believing what they saw. Cat and Frank were pretty surprised too. They turned to Syd whose mouth was hanging open.

He shook his head, "who on earth are you and where is Master of Shadows?" he demanded.

"You're looking at her," she replied coolly staring up at his eyes. "I am The Master of Shadows."