"S." Blair began looking out at the ocean from the porch of Serena and Nate's beachfront home. "Did you ever think we'd be this happy? Wonderful husbands, beautiful children." Blair always got introspective when she had too much to drink.

"No, I figured you'd marry an English lord and disappear only to return in all your glory. I always thought I'd travel the world. Nate would marry the first bimbo to say yes and Chuck would just be well Chuck. Rich, distant, and alone." Serena turned to look inside.

She smiled at Nate and Chuck deep in conversation no doubt about some business venture or another. Chuck was sipping his scotch as Nate waved his arms in grand gestures, something he only did when he was excited. Nate paused, feeling Serena's eyes on him and blew her a kiss. She blushed, even after twenty years of marriage he still made her blush.

Meanwhile Chuck and Blair appeared to be having a conversation with their eyes and from the looks of it Serena probably wanted them in the bedroom farthest from her own.

"Gross B, the kids are here." Serena said jostling Blair. Blair just shrugged and smiled at her grinning husband.

"Have to keep the magic alive S." She responded giggling and Serena rolled her eyes. They heard footsteps on the stairs leading down to the beach and turned to greet their children.

The twenty year old Bass twins, Audrey and Rhett, arrived first. They were almost identical barring the fact that they were different genders. They had Chuck's dark hair and narrow eyes with Blair's soft features and determination. They were a force to be reconned with and were already ruling the Harvard campus.

Conner Archibald followed close behind. At eighteen he was tall and muscular and the spitting image of his mother. He was rather haughty like his grandmother Anne and great grandmother CeCe but his athletic abilities made most people ignore it and embrace him anyways. He had been in love with Audrey Bass all his life but never seemed to be able to catch her, she was way out of his league.

Tabitha Archibald followed her older brother. She was seventeen and the queen of her high school. Her resemblance to Nate was uncanny and she had Serena's vivacious personality mixed with her Uncle Eric's gravitas and seriousness. She was a study in contradictions. She offered her mother and aunt a smile before following the older kids into the house.

The last to come up the stairs were the youngest. Victoria Bass and Brock Archibald were the perfect mixture of their respective parents. Victoria had Chuck's sharp angles mixed with Blair's large doe eyes and glistening curls. She was snobby and arrogant like both her parents but fiercely loyal like her mother. She was ruthless like Chuck. Brock had Nate's sandy hair and Serena's glowing features. He was constantly lost in thought like Nate and talkative like his mother. He seemed to attract those around him like Serena and had Nate's easy charms. Both were sixteen and irresistable.

Victoria and Brock paused to huddle together at the bottom of the stairs. They were apparently on again it had been two years since they had declared they were together. This was followed by trips back and forth on the Bass jet and many phone calls. They had broken up two months ago but all was apparently forgotten.

"Do you suppose they'll end up getting married?" Blair asked already planning the lavish ceremony that would forever unite the Archibald and Bass families. She was thinking red and white roses for the centerpieces. Blue for the bridesmaids or perhaps lavender.

"They're only sixteen." Serena replied not wanting to think about her youngest getting married. He had just gotten his driver's license and it made her feel old. Blair shrugged.

"I was only sixteen when Chuck and I first got together and you were what fifteen with Nate?"

"That was different." Serena said trying to quash the old arguments that they still playfully had.

"Hi gorgeous." Nate said coming up behind her and sliding his arms around her waist. Serena settled into the familiarity of his embrace. "I think Chuck and I are done talking shop."

"Nathaniel missed you sis." Chuck teased his arm around his wife's waist. "Are they at it again?" He asked noticing the embracing teenagers on the beach.

"Stand down papa bear." Blair said placing a hand on his chest.

"Don't worry I taught him well." Nate teased Chuck, who's eyes widened.

"That's my baby girl down there." Chuck said.

"Dad don't be so melodramatic." Audrey said joining her parents. "She's sixteen now, there are going to be boys. Besides Victoria knows how to handle them."

"It's true pop." Rhett said. "Tony Sparks tried something once and got a fat lip and a ruined reputation out of it."

"Where can I find this Tony Sparks? How easy would it be to expel him?" Chuck asked his fists clenching. Nate laughed.

"Serena do you ever miss it when they were little and all we had to do was kiss their boo boo." He asked her softly. She nodded.

"Yeah, but everyone has to grow up sometime." She told him kissing his cheek lightly. "Besides soon we'll be empty nesters and the fun will really begin." She winked at him and Nate kissed her.

"Mom, Dad get a room!" Tabitha exclaimed. "Gross!" Serena rolled her eyes and Nate chuckled.

"Are they at it again?" Conner asked his sister.

"Mom and Dad or Brock or Victoria?" She asked making room for him to stand next to her. "Cause the answer is yes on both counts." She motioned to where they younger brother was involved in a heavy make out, petting session below them.

"Hey lovebirds! Thanks for the show!" Conner called and they instantly pulled apart and walked up the steps.

"Don't be jealous Conner one day some lonely mildly attractive girl will lower her standards just enough to let you have a go. Don't blow it." Victoria said breezing past them into the house. Brock followed her like a puppy dog, glaring at his siblings in the process.

"I'm going to go talk to my daughter." Chuck said going inside.

"Here we go again." Rhett and Audrey said in unison following their father. Blair rushed after them knowing that the twins would no doubt be up to no good, egging Chuck on.

"We can't miss this. Plus Brock might need some tactile support." Conner said grabbing Tabitha and dragging her in the house.

"Never a dull moment when the Basses come to visit." Nate said enjoying the quiet moment alone with his wife. She ran her hands through his lightly greying hair and smiled. The laugh lines around her eyes were evident and he loved them.

"I wouldn't have it any other way." Serena said smiling at him. "I love you Nate Archibald."

"I love you Serena Archibald. It's always been you." With that he kissed her and took her hand as they went inside to start damage control.


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