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Percy got back to his cabin from the lake with annabeth and he was lying there thinking of that amazing kiss and the passionate love that they had shared there in the depth of the water

Percy: That was amazing I can't believe that actually happened

With that he slowly drifted of to sleep he immediately dreamt of a cave and three woman that he had just seen on mount Olympus ( Clotho, lachesis and atropus )

Clotho: What are you doing here half-blood no mortal is allowed here not even the gods may enter our sanctuary

Percy: Actually you know that is not true there is one person who can enter here and that is Rhea for it was her that gave you dominion over the fates of mortals and gods

Lachesis: How do you know that we three are the only ones who know that not even the gods know of this.

Percy: I had a dream about it but that is not all that I have seen I know that she also told you something else she would send a mortal to you who knew the tale and you would do as he said

The three sisters stared at him not believing that this mortal could not know this much about there past without Rhea giving him this vision the mother of the gods for not even the gods knew of that conversation not even Apollo who had the gift of foresight

Atropus: How do you so much about our past young one not even the gods know about the conversation that you speak of how did you come to learn so much about myself and my sisters

Percy: Quite simple really Rhea has came to me in many dreams to speak to me she said that she was guiding me to my destiny and that you three and me are linked in some way don't ask me how she never said she just told me to say the time is know the heavens need balance whatever that means

The three sisters looked at each other as if they could not believe what I had just said and then began to talk in a language that I didn't understand Clotho and Atropus where saying something to Lachesis but she didn't want to hear eventually she conceded

Lachesis: Percy Jackson come here and stand with your arms outstretched in front of you and in front of the three of us

Percy walked over to the sisters and stood in front of the sisters of fate with a questioning look on his face

Percy: what exactly is going to happen to me

Clotho: the three of us are each going to put both hands on you as our mother Rhea instructed us to when she sent the one she had chosen as for what is going to happen we have no idea she only said to do it to the chosen one for it would kill a mortal and change a god to a mortal

Percy: I thought that nothing could harm a god now your telling me that if all three of you touched a god at once he would become mortal but how

Atropus: we don't know how it happens but we know why because only the chosen one would be able to handle the gift that is given for not even a god can harm you or those that you choose to protect

Percy: cool so if I'm the chosen one then not even a god can harm me that is so cool lets get the show on the road ladies I'm ready when you are

Then three sisters stepped forward as one and placed both hands on Percy's chest and when all three fates had there hands there Percy suddenly felt great power come over him even more power than that of the king of the gods Zeus and his father Poseidon he felt as though he was indestructible but how he didn't know suddenly he heard a woman's voice say in his head all hail perseus Jackson god of fate then the hands where gone from him

Percy: what the hell just happened and who was that woman in my head and what did she mean

Lachesis: We do not know what happened if felt as though there was sparks flying between us but also a tug like we where being bound to you I can't explain it anyway what did the mother Rhea say to you

Percy: That women's voice was Rhea what did she mean by all hail perseus Jackson god of fate was that some kind of joke

The three sisters looked at each other in stunned silence then walked over to where they kept the threads of mortal life and picked up Percy's thread

Lachesis: you don't think sister do you

Atropus: I don't know my sister but we shall just find out won't we

And with that atropus picked up her shears and went to cut the thread out of instinct Percy put out his had and said to me and with that the thread glided across the cave to his hand where it glowed gold and when he placed it between atropus shears her shears broke they all gasped and at once said

Fates: All hail perseus Jackson god of fates and our lord and master

With a start he woke up in his cabin to annabeth gently shaking him

Annabeth: hey your eventually awake seaweed brain

Percy slowly sat up in his bed and looked at who he thought was the most beautiful girl in the world and smiled

Percy: hey wise girl how are you this morning

With that Percy leaned over and gave annabeth a deep and passionate kiss