Annabeth walked out hand in hand with Percy with Poseidon and Athena walking behind them Poseidon with a pensive look on his face with Athena deciding to really show what she thought was happening and of the embarrassment of her father at the hands of what she thought was an upstart and also she didn't want her daughter to become a god just to have it thrown away just because of that spawn of kelp ass or her uncle as he was also known as. When they got out of the council chambers Percy detected a sword coming straight at his throat ducked the swing and caught the arm of Athena. She glared at him and shouted "what did you think you where doing in there. You have no idea what you have just done" Percy just smirked at her and said in a smug voice " I just proved that not even the master bolt of Zeus can harm either me or my wife and also by what I did to Ares I showed that if you pissed us off we can harm you and not even being a god can protect you" Athena just looked at Percy with a shocked expression but Poseidon looked at him and his Queen with pride "couldn't have said it better my self son and would you like me to answer the next question no doubt wants answered what if you are seen to be abusing your powers" at that being said Athena regained a smug Expression like even he was answerable to someone. Percy and Annabeth however had a look of being superior and this time Annabeth answered " go ahead Poseidon as it looks like after the shock in there mum has had a brain freeze as it were" and just smiled and gestured for him to take over. Poseidon had a glimmer in his eye as he spoke softly to his niece " my dear just who controls the destiny of the gods" at this she had a thoughtful expression on her face for all of one second before she declared "the fates do off course uncle" "and just who do the fates now answer to" she thought for a second before a huge smile graced Athena's lips as she said "the god and goddess of the fates which you two are so why did you say that to the council then" at this Poseidon answered for the couple "because they wanted to see just who would be the most difficult in the council because of there new station and it is just brilliant of you two" the couple smiled a beaming smile and Percy gestured to Annabeth to say her piece. Annabeth looked at the two gods before her and grabbed there hands and placed them on her stomach. The two gods eyes became wide open before Athena stuttered out " you're pregnant " at this both Percy and Annabeth had huge smiles on there face and Annabeth said "yes mum, Poseidon I'm pregnant with Percy's child" and was enveloped in a hug by her mother as Poseidon hugged his son for all he was worth