Not very much to say here. I saw Peter Pan 2 again and wanted to write something about the sad romance of the story. Oh, and I don't own Peter Pan.

Exactly one year after Jane had been kidnapped by Captain Hook and brought to Neverland, she was sitting on her bench, gazing from her bedroom window and out to the silver moon, and found herself awash in a miasma of vivid memories from when she met Peter Pan. She remembered soaring above a beautiful lake, reaching out and touching the water, with Peter's arm around her waist to keep her from falling. She remembered Tinkerbell waking up. She remembered becoming the first Lost Girl, she remembered everything.
Those few days she spent in Neverland would be days she would never forget; they would always be frozen in time, her memoirs of her first love. No one could ever take Peter's place in her heart. Jane wished more than anything that she could go back to Neverland, back to Peter. All she could do was wish.