Chapter 1 The fall of the Uchiha: a second chance for redemption

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Authors Notes: in case you don't know this will be a Naruto/Tenchu crossover, however Naruto won't be the big hero in this story. I have always focus on Naruto in all of my other stories of course he's the main character and hero of the series, this will be an exception this time I have decided to let his rival and best friend Sasuke take the role of the big hero. I don't hate Sasuke nor do I like him he is a good character with great potential, but I don't like the whole revenge thing and killed everyone in Konoga thing. The story will begin three years later after the current manga, so expect some spoilers and also everyone from the rookie nine is nineteen. Please no complaining about the grammar I know my grammar is bad, finally leave a review and I hope you will like this story my first and hopefully it won't be my last Sasuke story.

(Location: Konoha hidden leaf village fire country territory)

The village was a disaster it was being accompany by the sounds of battle cries and weapons clashing, the once proud village of Konoha was now a pool of blood followed by bodies of dead ninjas. Fire was burning the local buildings civilians have been lead to the shelters, the village was in a state of emergency. It seems like a lie that the village was destroyed three years ago by the leader of Akatsuki Pain. Now the rebuild and new Konoha was been destroyed by someone who was once one of their own, the enemy invaders were now engage in merciless combat with the Konoha ninjas. Chunins and jounins alike were in fierce combat against the allied forces of the hidden sound village and the remaining Akatsuki members and they were all being lead by one man with a deep hunger for revenge.

Uchiha Sasuke was now standing on top of a hill gazing at the horizon of Konoha wearing his Akatsuki cloak, he was smiling in so much contempt this was truly the happiest day of his life. He watched as the building burn by the cleansing fires of vengeance, he could hear the sound of the children crying and adults it was music to his ears. He was taking so much pleasure from hearing their desperate cries and their agony screaming, finally after so long of planning his revenge was finally being fulfilled. He was making justice for the whole Uchiha clan that was looked down and mistrusted by the Senju clan, the most important thing that matters to him is that he was making justice and avenging his older brother. Because of Konoha Itachi lived a life of hell pain, regret, hate, remorse those were the feelings his dear and beloved brother felt when he was ordered by the Konoha council to killed every member of the Uchiha clan.

As he watches his home village being destroyed he felt happiness, something he hasn't for a very long time. The only times he has ever felt happy was when he was with his brother, the only person who truly cared for him and acknowledged him. With the death of so many people their loved ones can finally understand his pain, the pain of loss of a beloved one a precious person that meant the whole world to them. He was grateful that he waited three years to planned the invasion, slowly his master Uchiha Madara have been gathering their forces and in the end the wait was worth it. He wasn't expecting that Madara asked assistance from someone he thought he has killed long ago, Orochimaru who has taken over his formal assistant's body Kabuto offered his services and his men to help on the destruction of Konoha. But of course just like Madara he knew that he couldn't be trusted, he knew his formal masters too well and before he had the chance to betray him he killed him making sure he was dead for good.

With a satisfactory smile still marked on his face he bit his thumb making quick hand seals he summoned a giant snake, he got on top of the head and went straight ahead into the battlefield. He wanted to get close to the action and continuing to enjoy hearing their screams of agony, there were a couple of reasons why he went ahead besides wanting to be there to accomplish his revenge. He wanted to see the face of his long and best friend and formal teammate, a person who he has considered to be a brother just like Itachi was. Today he was going to settle things with him for good, it was time to forever break the bond he had with him and his team back when he fought him at the Valley of the End. As he gaze in the village he could see in the distance his comrades that form part of team Hawk, Suigetsu was fighting the Hyuga prodigy Neji and so far his friend was having troubles trying to lend a blow to the Hyuga. Even using Zabuza's sword he couldn't hit him, it seems Neji has become faster during the years if this keep up he was going to get beaten and killed.

In another part of the village he saw Juugo who was using his curse seal level one on two familiar ninjas, they were Maito Gai and his pupil Rock Lee the two taijutsus masters were going all out against him. Sasuke snorted they weren't going to be so lucky if Juugo has his urge to kill, they'll be dead in no time. As the snake continues traveling in the destroyed village he couldn't find the third member of the team which was Karin, he didn't care where she was possibly fighting she could also be dead by now since she didn't had any fighting skills whatsoever. He finally reached his destination which was the Hokage tower, he saw the building was covered in flames it was a sight to behold. He glance towards the Hokage monument where the past Hokage's faces were carved, he saw all six of them including the face of the person he wanted to meet.

He grinned" so you finally came to greet me eh?"


A large cloud of smoke was shown in front of Sasuke and the giant snake, he never lose his grin knowing who the person that has come to him was. When the smoke cleared it revealed the giant toad boss Gamabunta but he wasn't alone, on top of his head was standing a young teen the same age as Sasuke. The teen had long spiky blond hair cerulean eyes whiskers marks on each of his cheeks, he was wearing long black cargo pants black shinobi sandals with a jounin vest and an orange vest he had a long black trench coat like the fourth Hokage and orange flames at the end. Sasuke felt the feeling of nostalgia for a while before gazing at the person in front of him, just looking at him brought him memories that he has decided to forget for good.

His grinned became wider" it's been a while dobe, I take you have become stronger since the last time we met after all you have fulfilled your lifelong dream you have become the sixth Hokage."

Uzumaki Naruto gazed at his formal teammate and best friend with anger in his eyes, how long he has trained to get stronger in order to bring him back to Konoha and yet he couldn't do it. How many times he has to fail to fulfill a promise to his teammate and dear friend, now he has become his enemy with the purpose to continue his revenge. What hurts him the most that he has come to attack his beloved village which he has sworn to protect with his own life, now he was ready to face him with the thought to beat him and bring him back to the village or kill him. He erased the last part there was no way he could go through with it, killing him the person who became like a brother to him but when push comes to shove he knew he was going to be force into making a difficult decision just like Kakashi told him back when he took the bell test.

He gazed at the Uchiha with anger in his eyes" Sasuke….I never thought it will be like this."

Sasuke chuckle at his reaction" why do you sound so upset? I thought you'll be happy to see me back at Konoha always training hard to bring me back to the village, well here I am I decided to finally pay a visit to the village and might as well have some fun by destroying it."

The blond Hokage gaze fell to the ground" who would've thought of all people it had to be you, the one to attacked the village it got me so angry when Pain destroyed it but he had his reasons to do it because of the kind of person he became." a flashback appeared on his mind when he met Pain for the first time and the fight leading to Nagato telling the story of his past.

Sasuke's gaze hardened with a dark look" oh I have my reasons to attacked Konoha too, this is all part of my revenge with the destruction of Konoha the Uchiha clan will finally have their revenge."

Naruto looked back at him but this time his cerulean eyes were full of sorrow, like they were reflecting pain and sadness" I know Sasuke…..I know the truth about Itachi and the Uchiha clan."

The Uchiha's eyes widened in shock not expecting to hear this from his formal teammate" you mean you know the real reason why Itachi killed the clan?"

"Yes I do, after I became Hokage I conducted a private investigation about ROOT and the Konoha elders one of my close friends who used to be a formal ROOT ANBU provided me with the solid information he found in their leaders quarters. The old war hawk Danzou and the other two elders Koharu and Homura made the decision to have the whole Uchiha clan killed by using their spy Itachi to do it, in order to stop the rebellion the Uchiha clan had planned against Konoha it was the only way to save the village."

"This information was kept in pure secret and the elders along with the third were the only ones who knew about the truth of the Uchiha clan massacre, so you see Sasuke the real murders and responsible for such act were the elders and for that I have arrest them and executed them for their crime. The old man was against the decision and he did whatever he could to attempt a reasonable action without spilling blood but there was no time left, so you see Sasuke your justification to attack Konoha is invalid next to Nagato's reasons."

"No you're wrong!" sneered Sasuke not caring if he the elders were killed avenging the Uchiha clan" I have every reason to attack this village, its Konoha's fault that the Uchiha clan has suffered so much all because of those goddamned Senjus that couldn't trust the Uchiha they secluded us from the rest of the village and spy on us like a kid watching an ant farm. They watched every single move we make and because of that mistrust, Itachi was forced to kill the entire clan I can feel his pain when he had to do that. Killing every member in the clan even my mother and father but he couldn't killed me and even if he was very loyal to Konoha, Itachi couldn't killed me because to him I was more important to him than the village itself and now I will take revenge on this forsaken village for the hell they put me, Itachi and the whole clan through."

Naruto kept his gaze on the Uchiha even if he managed to put a fake smile, he couldn't" Sasuke I know you must be suffering so much right now, you're whole life has been full of nothing but lies and betrayal but believe me that destroying Konoha it's not what Itachi wanted."

"SHUT UP!" he shouted in anger" what the hell would you know about what Itachi wanted? You have no right to come at me and tell me what is right and what is wrong."

"I do know" replied the sixth Hokage" because three years ago he told me himself."

Sasuke's eyes widened at the revelation" w…what?"

"When we left on a mission to find you and Itachi, I met him and he asked me why did I care so much about you when you're a missing nin? I told him that he's more of a brother to me than he was to you. I was so wrong when I told him that because he loved you more than any older brother would to their little brother, and then he told me that you were still young and innocent that you could still be lead to a misguided path so easily."

Sasuke was in deep thought thinking about Madara, he was the one that told him everything about the Senjus and the Uchiha and the truth behind the massacre. He looked at the blond with uncertain eyes, he couldn't find the right words to speak to him what he told him was something exactly that his brother will say.

"You know I was very shocked when I found out that all this time Itachi was really innocent and he was never a traitor to begin with, it's strange but I feel like he was testing me to prove myself to become worthy."

"Worthy for what?" asked the upset Sasuke.

"Worthy to be the one to save you from yourself, to save you from the darkness that you have come to embrace and even if you have attacked Konoha it is not too late to change Sasuke please stop this make your troops surrender and fall back there's no need to spill anymore blood."

Sasuke started laughing in amusement but with hint of evil in it" Naruto you have become so senile I guess it's the kind of thing to expect when a person like you becomes Hokage, you fool I won't do such thing this is a glorious day for me and no chance in hell I will let it go to waste I will continued to watch as the village of Konoha burns under the flames of revenge."

Naruto was still hurt he didn't wanted to believe this, but he still needed to try to get through to him before resigning to violence" Sasuke Itachi never wanted you to attack Konoha, this is exactly why he lied to you and kept the truth to himself to his grave. Even if he had to live the life of a traitor and suffered until the end he was still loyal to Konoha, he loved the village very much and by not telling you the truth he was protecting the village in his own way and it seems he knew you that well Sasuke. He knew you were going to planned to attack Konoha if you found out the truth, I didn't believe it when he told me on that day but now I know why he did what he had to do. In the end he really wanted to protect both Konoha and you the two things he cared a lot in this world, he chose me to be the one to protect you and save you from the darkness."

"And what makes you think that you knew Itachi better than me? He wasn't your brother he was MINE!" Sasuke said in a sneer.

"I didn't knew him that well but I was able to see what kind of person he was, didn't you knew Itachi that well Sasuke?"

The Uchiha stood quiet in thought, he started remembering Itachi in the past how nice and kind he was to him taking his role as older brother seriously always there for him. That is until the tragedy of the Uchiha clan massacre before he lost him forever, before he became the avenger of the clan before he went to his quest for power it was all of Konoha's fault that his life became a total hell. Itachi suffered because of THEM they were responsible for the death of the clan and the pain of his brother, he growled glaring at the blond Hokage who was looking at him with all of the sorrow in the world.

"You will never understand my pain Naruto its Konoha's fault that my life and Itachi's life was destroyed and ruined, he became a traitor while feeling guilt and regret and I become a power hungry avenger because of KONOHA! I will never forgive this village NEVER!"

The nineteen year old Hokage lowered his gaze for a moment" I'm sorry you feel that way Sasuke but I want to convince you that Itachi did what he did to protect the village and your life, he wanted you to continue doing his will in protecting Konoha not the other way around."

Sasuke finally had it he growled grabbing the hilt of Kusanagi and he activated his sharingan" why do I even bother? Talking to you is a waste of my time."

Gamabunta that had listened to whole conversation gazed at the Hokage on top of his head" kid it's useless he won't listen to reason looks like we have no choice but to fight."

Naruto stood quiet no matter what he did he was always loyal to the past he remembered the words of his pink haired teammate and now his girlfriend for a year.

"Naruto…please bring him back…bring Sasuke-kun back I tried everything I could to stopped him but I couldn't convince him to stay….please you're the only one who can bring him back…"

The twelve year old Naruto smiled at her while giving her a thumbs up" I promise you Sakura-chan I will bring him back no matter what that's a promise of the life time."

Sakura lowered her gaze as she continued to cry happy and grateful to hear that, now she knew that all this time Naruto understood her more than anyone and from now on she knew he was a true friend.

Naruto was still quiet while Sasuke was grinning dying to fight him" it's time that I finished what I started back at the valley of the end, Naruto you're reign as Hokage ends today with you dead the rest of Konoha will fall easily my revenge will finally be complete."

Naruto gazed back at him with a fire burning in his cerulean eyes" Sasuke even if you find a way to kill me the people of Konoha will not be defeated, they will continue to fight and they will never give up because they are protected by the will of fire everyone will rise to fight for their love ones and their village."

"Oh please spare me the will of fire bullshit, just shut up so I can finally take the pleasure in killing you."

Naruto got into fighting stance as well as Gamabunta grabbing the hilt of his sword" Sasuke I promise Sakura-chan I was going to bring you back to Konoha and that's what I'm going to do, one way or the other." he looked at the toad boss" Gamabunta I want you to take care of the snake while I take care of Sasuke, after that I want you to leave I will handle Sasuke on my own this is my fight."

The toad boss boss nodded in agreement he didn't like the fact that his new master had to fight the Uchiha traitor on his own, but he knew that reasoning with him was impossible he has made up his mind.

"You and your promises when will you learn, you shouldn't make promises you can't keep." The Uchiha vanished from the top of the giant snake's head.

Naruto jumped ahead clashing his kunai with his Kusanagi, they both clashed weapons while keeping eye contact with the other. Gamabunta charged at the giant snake with his sword while the snake use its fangs to attack, the toad boss sword pierced the top of the head of the snake making a loud cry as it vanished in a cloud of smoke Gamabunta gazed at his master one last time before vanishing. Naruto and Sasuke continued to clashed weapons and the Uchiha couldn't help but be amaze at his speed, the blond Hokage has manage to blocked every single blow he made.

"Not bad dobe looks like you have become faster since the last time I saw you, but that won't be enough everything has come down to this very moment and I'm not going to let you ruin it."

"Sasuke I will stop you and bring you back to the village it's a promise." he clashed his kunai with his sword only for Sasuke to continue his assault with Kusanagi.

The Uchiha growled" fool again with your promise didn't you hear me before I said that you shouldn't make promises you can't keep."

Naruto clashed again with Kusanagi not losing eye contact with the Uchiha" Sasuke I thought you knew me better than that, I never go back on my word because THAT'S MY NINJA WAY!"

Sasuke pushed him back creating a chidori in his right hand he shot his chidori sembon needles but Naruto was quicker as he made shadow clones to take the hit for him. Sasuke grinned although he was on the verge to kill him he couldn't help but be impressed by his tactic he needed to be careful the young man in front of him was no longer the same loudmouth idiot who used to be so weak, he activated his chidori Kusanagi and charged with his quick speed. Naruto used his mass shadow clone technique Sasuke was now surrounded by thousand of clone he only snorted as he used his chidori sembon to take them down, the Naruto clones got closer to him but he used his thousand birds current destroying more of the clones.

'He may have become strong but he's still the same fool as before, using those shadow clones to increase his numbers thinking he has a better chance of beating me'

He gasped seeing the Naruto clone army with rasengan in hand they charged at him but Sasuke summoned a long snake covering his whole body protecting him from the attacks. The snake was hit by the rasengans destroying it completely Sasuke jumped high in the air and made quick hand seals using his dragon flame technique. The rest of the Naruto clones were caught in the fire wave, he was grinning with his sharingan activated he could see where the real Naruto was located and he knew where he was already. The real Naruto threw a giant shuriken from one of his shadow clones that used a transformation jutsu, Sasuke used chidori destroying the shuriken in a cloud of smoke. Naruto has charged at him in a speed that matched his, they were now using taijutsu and so far they were both match equally. The fight continued with each throwing punches and kicks until Sasuke kept his distance from the blond Hokage, he panted while Naruto didn't seem to have broken a sweat yet.

'His taijutsu and ninjutsu is impressive, it's hard to admit but the dobe has really gotten strong I guess that leads me to used the one thing his weak against genjutsu' he grinned as the tomoes of his sharingan began spinning rapidly.

Naruto's eyes widened being caught in the genjutsu of Sasuke's sharingan, he quickly took Kusanagi ready to deliver the final blow. With Naruto distracted by the illusion he will finish him off, before he even charged at him he saw that Naruto was smirking at him like he was amuse by the genjutsu he cast on him.

"What's so funny dobe? Are you mocking me?" he growled.

Naruto chuckle" I don't know how to say this to you Sasuke but genjutsu won't work on me anymore."

"What are you talking about? Don't get cocky with me idiot just because you have become strong and you're now the Hokage." he sneered in anger.

"I'm not being cocky with you teme it's true what I say, you know it's very funny on that day three years ago when I met Itachi while on our mission to search for you he told me he gave me some of his power and he hoped that I didn't used it against you too bad for him that I had no choice but to used it against you Sasuke."

Sasuke was really upset he had no idea what the Hokage was talking about" what the hell do you mean by Itachi giving you his power, there's no way he will offered his power to a weakling like you." His voice was filled with anger and betrayal, feeling hurt why the heck would his older brother give power to someone that is not related by his blood.

"Sorry to disappoint you Sasuke but its true, Itachi gave me this power in order to stop you he gave me the responsibility to be the one to save you from the darkness and bring you back to the rightful path where you belong."

"What kind of power did he give you?" Sasuke was feeling all kinds of emotions, hatred, betrayal and sorrow.

"Isn't it obvious?" asked the young Hokage" he gave me the ability to be immune to any kind of genjutsu, so in other words any genjutsu you cast on me using your sharingan will be useless against me and to think Itachi gave me the favor to be immune by the same type of ninja technique that I'm not good at."

The Uchiha growled letting his anger get the best of him" shut up! It doesn't matter I don't need genjutsu to beat you I have plenty of techniques to beat you."

Naruto never lose his focus staring at his opponent seriously like when he fought Pain" Sasuke whether you like it or not I'm taking you back to the village one way or the other."

"Shut up already with that, just give up already I don't want to be in this forsaken village I hate Konoha with every bit of my strength I will never like being here. The only thing I like about being in Konoha is the way it's burning to the ground by my own hand, someone like me knows how sweet revenge can really be." he gave an evil grin.

"I will never give up Sasuke and I won't repeat myself because I didn't ask for your opinion, I will take you back by force."

Sasuke snorted in annoyance" all this talk is making me so sick now DIE!" he made quick hand seals" FIRE RELEASE GRAND FIRE BALL!!!"

Sasuke shot a giant fire ball straight at Naruto, he grinned seeing the spot where the young Hokage stood, and it was destroyed and burned by the powerful fire ball. His sharingan eyes widened seeing that he was no longer there, now the blond Hokage was behind him Naruto was turning the opposite way from him.

"No more holding back Sasuke it's time that I take you seriously since you won't listen to reason anymore."

"Bullshit" was the only replied from the Uchiha not believing that he was holding back since the fight started, after all he was definitely not holding back on him.

Sasuke activated his thousand birds' technique hitting Naruto but he vanished in a cloud of smoke, the Uchiha gasped 'what that was a shadow clone when did he had the chance to summon one in the first place?'

Suddenly in a blink of an eye the real Naruto has appeared in front of him, Sasuke gasped at he was looking at the blond straight in the eyes but there was something wrong with his eyes. They were different they were now colored yellow with a straight black line in the pupil, he didn't know what it meant he knew when he was using the Kyuubi his eyes turned blood red but now he had no idea why his eyes were like that. Suddenly Sasuke felt something inside of him, it was triggered as soon as he looked into the eyes of the young Hokage he didn't want to believe it but it was true what he was feeling right now. It was fear, fear that it was true that Naruto was really holding back on him all for the sake of not hurting him too much. Naruto was no longer holding back he has activated his sage mode he has also used some of the Kyuubi's chakra to merge with his sage powers making another line crossed with the straight line, when he activated his sage mode taking the shape of a cross.

Sasuke finally snapped from his fear and launched a punch at Naruto hitting him straight in the face, but the young Hokage looked back at him without a single scratch on him like the punch didn't have any effect on him. He punched him again but Naruto caught his fist crushing his hand with his strength, Sasuke yelled in pain his strength was inhuman like he had the power of a thousand ninjas. With his free hand the young Hokage punched him sending him a few feet away, he charged at him and launched a barrage of punches and kicks too fast for Sasuke to block. Even with his sharingan activated he couldn't see his attacks, he was faster and stronger than before he knew it had to be the Kyuubi the one who's giving him this power. He was going to the same thing he did when he first met him in one of Orochimaru's hide outs, he used his sharingan to enter his mindscape and suppress the demon fox chakra it worked before and it can work again.

He used his sharingan but nothing happened he was staring at Naruto like it didn't work, the young Hokage in sage mode was looking at him like he had an idea what was going on.

Naruto smirked" Sasuke I hope you're not trying to enter my mind and suppress the fox's chakra like you did the last time we met because this time it won't work."

"What do you mean?" he asked in anger.

"I guess I forgot to tell you that having the power that Itachi gave me also negates the effect of your sharingan, so you can't cast genjutsus on me and you can't enter my mind you will have to face the fact that your sharingan is useless against me."

Sasuke growled letting his anger take over him how dare he insult his bloodline limit, he was going to make sure he pay dearly for his comment. He charged at him with chidori in hand only for his hand to get caught in Naruto's grasp, he gasped in shocked he felt déjà vu when he used chidori against Itachi the first time he met him since the massacre. Eventually the chidori vanished since he lost the concentration to focus his chakra on the technique Naruto was staring at him with the most serious expression he has ever seen in the blond Hokage.

"Damn you Naruto, the only reason you're this strong it's because of that damn demon fox."

"I beg to differed Sasuke I have become this strong because of the results from my intense training that also includes training for a whole year at Mt. Myobokuzan in senjutsu training and the only motivation I have to train is my friends and the will to protect them and Konoha, you're also part of my motivation to bring you back to the village."

"Enough with that crap I told you I don't have the slightest interest in coming back to this hell of a village." he sneered activating his thousand birds current hitting Naruto but he didn't even flinched by the electrical attack.

"What the hell why aren't you affected by my thousand birds current?"

The young Hokage stared at him ready to attack again" when I'm in sage mode my defense, strength and speed is increase ten folds so you're little chidori body attack doesn't affect me at all."

The Uchiha was outrage at this 'damn how can this be why has he become so strong?'

"I'm going to give you one last chance Sasuke called off your men and surrender."

"NEVER!!!" Sasuke shouted in rage" I will never surrender everything I have worked so much and prepared has been for this very moment, the fall of Konoha is my dream I will not lose to you Naruto."

The young Hokage sighed" then you leave me no choice Sasuke but I will have to force you to surrender."

With that said he punched the Uchiha sending him far away from the burning Hokage tower, Sasuke slowly got up but he was caught by Naruto's barrage of attacks. He summoned his shadow clones and they kicked him upward, the real Naruto went in the air and kicked him three times sending him back to the ground. After using his Uzumaki Naruto combo Sasuke was slowly getting up again barely able to stand up, he was bleeding while coughing blood he shook his head he didn't meant to hit him so hard but he has to knock some sense into him.

"Sasuke that's enough" Naruto said" you have put up a good fight but please stop this right now, this madness has to end I don't want to do something I will regret for the rest of my life please reconsider called off your men and surrender."

Sasuke coughed more blood" no I will not surrender I'd rather DIE!" he then activated his magenkyou sharingan his three tomoes turning into the shape of a pentagon" DIE NARUTO AMATERASU!!!"

Naruto gasped as he saw the large wave of black fire heading straight at him, he was caught in the blast while Sasuke was grinning finally happy that he has gotten rid of the Hokage and his formal friend. He never saw it coming when he saw a yellow blur passed him, he was hit by rasengan sending him hit a wall. Naruto saw the ground where used to be filled by the black flames, it wasn't eh first time he has witness the technique known as Amaterasu he saw it when Itachi used it to break free from Jiraiya's toad stomach years ago. He then looked at the spot where Sasuke lay he was injure with a lot of bruises and wounds, his body was almost covered in blood. It really pained him to see his best friend lying there he went to him hoping that it was over there was no way he could go on fighting with his injuries.

"I'm sorry Sasuke I really am, you never deserve any of this and that's why I feel sorry for you my friend my brother."

"Shut up I don't want to hear you, just like I told you back at the valley of the end you will never understand what it's like to lose your whole family since you were all alone from the beginning."

"And I will tell you like I did back then that to me you were my first true friend and my first bond, because of that I will never abandoned you I will always be there for you teme."

"You're such a fool Naruto" he continued as he coughed more blood while he was grinning in his mind having one last trick at his sleeve.

Naruto was still looking at him gazing at his injuries if they weren't treated immediately it could become fatal for the Uchiha, he didn't notice some movement a few feet behind him. Suddenly a Sasuke shadow clone charging chidori was ready to fire it straight at the young Hokage, finally he was going to killed the sixth Hokage and with his death Konoha's downfall is at hand.

Naruto was puzzle to Sasuke's facial expression" what's wrong Sasuke? I guess I will have to take you to Sakura-chan to heal your wounds."

Sasuke grinned evilly seeing his shadow clone with chidori running to him" it's over Naruto I WIN DIE!!!"

The blond Hokage has reacted quickly and he jump out of the way dodging the chidori, Sasuke gasped in shock as his clone hit him with his own attack screaming in agony. The chidori has pierced his heart making him coughed more blood, Naruto saw what happened and he was too shocked to do anything. He stood still from the shock as he watched at the horrible sight, he managed to dodge the attack from Sasuke's shadow clone but he ended up hitting the real Sasuke with the chidori. The shadow clone vanished as soon as the attack collided with the original, Sasuke was in extreme pain and he didn't know if he was going to live after receiving such a wound. Finally Naruto got back to normal and went to his side shock and horror filled in his face, he tried to check on him but he was too injure to do anything and worst of all it was his fault that his best friend got hurt.

"Sasuke." he said in shock as tears were forming at the corner of his eyes" damn it I'm so sorry you got hurt damn it was my fault this happened to you."

Despite his condition the Uchiha only chuckle" shut up you idiot it wasn't your fault……it was mine for planning that attack."

Naruto was about to carry him and bring him to the hospital until he heard voices coming from the distance.


Naruto looked the other way to see four ninjas heading his way three of them were his girlfriend Sakura along with Neji and Shikamaru all were wearing their jounin uniforms. The fourth person was the blue haired jounin Konan who looked very concern for the situation her Hokage was in. After Nagato died from blood loss and chakra exhaustion while fighting Naruto she has decided to leave Akatsuki since the only reason she was in the organization in the first place was because for the sake of her dear friend Nagato. Now that he was gone not wanting to continue living since her two most dear friends were gone and have left her, she was about to kill herself until Naruto stopped her on that day three years ago. His words reached out to her and he has convinced her to continued living for the sake of both Yahiko and Nagato, she was so moved by Naruto's words that she has decided joined up with Konoha and she has become one of Naruto's most loyal and trusted companions.

The four went to him while Sakura embraced her boyfriend tightly worry sick for him, she knew he was fighting their formal teammate and she was desperate to finish with the rest of Sasuke's forces so she can finally be at his side.

Naruto broke the hug while she was still concern for him" Naruto-kun are you all right do you have any injuries?"

"I'm fine Sakura-chan but please heal Sasuke he's in bad shape."

The four saw next to Naruto finally noticing the fallen Uchiha, Sakura gasped and when to him to treat his wounds while Naruto went to the rest of the group.

"What do you guys have to report about the battle?"

Konan was the one to answered for the rest" Hokage-sama the enemy forces have finally been taken care of some of them have fled while others were killed, also the Akatsuki Kisame was killed in the fight thanks to the efforts of Aburame Shino Inuzuka Kiba and Hyuga Hinata."

"That's not all but the members of Sasuke's team were also killed, Gai sensei and Lee defeated that guy with the curse seal, and Neji defeated that guy that could turned his whole body into water." Shikamaru said.

"What about the girl with the glasses?" asked the blond Hokage remembering that there was a girl in Sasuke's team Hawk.

The Nara raised an eyebrow in an obvious matter" what do you think? Sakura defeated her with just one punch she was the weakest of the team with no fighting skills at all."

Naruto sighed in relief he can finally be at peace now that the battle has ended" everyone is all right now I'm so glad." he went back to Sakura's side who seems to have done healing Sasuke she didn't have no noticeable expression on her face" Sakura-chan since you have already treated Sasuke's wounds I guess we should take him to the hospital now."

The pink haired medic jounin stood quiet while her boyfriend went closer to her" Sakura-chan what's wrong?"

That's when notice the tears that were falling from her jade eyes he immediately became worry" Sakura-chan what's wrong? Why are you crying?"

By now the three jounins went to them not knowing what was going on, Sakura looked at her boyfriend with tears in her eyes" Naruto-kun….I don't know how to say this….but it's too late to save Sasuke-kun."

Naruto stiffened hearing that not believing it one bit" what are you talking about Sakura-chan I thought you healed his wounds."

"Naruto-kun listen to me I'm sorry but it's too late there's nothing I can do to help Sasuke-kun." She said with more tears falling from her eyes.

Naruto growled in frustration" what the hell are you talking about Sakura-chan you're the best damn medic in Konoha and in the five nations, you even surpassed granny Tsunade so why are you telling me that there's nothing you can do to save him? You can't let Sasuke die he has to be all right."

"Don't you think I know that?" she said desperate raising her voice a bit" don't you think I know that, of course I don't want him to die but it's too late his injuries are beyond critical and he's being hit in six vital organs there's nothing I can do to save him. Even if you used the flying thunder god technique to bring him to the hospital in seconds it won't make a difference, he doesn't have too much time left I can only guess that he only has a couple of minutes left."

"NO!" shouted the desperate Naruto tears falling from his eyes" this can't be happening this just can't happen he can't die he can't, please Sakura-chan do something we can't lose him we can't."

"Naruto-kun I'm so sorry I really am but there's nothing that we can do to save him, trust me if there was a way for me to save him I would've done it already but there isn't not even the best medic would be able to heal of his injuries."

"So the only thing we can do is to wait and watch him die is that it Sakura-chan?" he looked at his pink haired girlfriend who still had tears in her eyes juts like him.

"I'm sorry Naruto-kun." Sakura said softly as she began to sob silently.

Shikamaru, Neji and Konan stood quiet nothing they could say will make a difference to help their two friends. Shikamaru and Neji knew about the powerful bond of friendship Naruto and Sakura had for Sasuke, from when they were part of team seven to right now. Konan was watching the whole thing with pity in her blue eyes, this reminded her to that horrible rainy night at the hidden rain village. The day that they were betrayed by the leader of rain Hanzo joining forces with Danzou and made Yahiko and Nagato to fight to the death in order to save her, Yahiko ended killing himself so that she was safe. She hated herself for being so weak back then. The pain she felt on that day it was the same pain Naruto and Sakura were feeling, the pain of losing a friend a teammate.

Suddenly they heard weak chuckle coming from Sasuke" so I'm going to die after all eh?"

They looked at him while Naruto and Sakura were still crying, he only chuckle at the sight" what's wrong with you two? Why are you even bothering to shed any tears for me after everything I have done, you should be happy that I'm going to die."

"Don't you dare say that you idiot, you are our friend and no matter what you have done you will always be our friend and a member of team seven." Naruto said with more tears falling from his eyes.

"Sasuke-kun you will always be our friend and teammate, after all you had your reasons to leave the village they were fair and just." Sakura said sobbing with her boyfriend.

He chuckled again" that's funny coming from you Sakura I was the one that left you crying on a bench."

"It's all right Sasuke-kun I don't hate you for doing that to me not anymore."

Sasuke coughed more blood while gazing at his two friends" where's Kakashi?"

The two ninjas looked at each other before looking back at him" Sasuke Kakashi sensei is dead, he died three years ago when Pain attacked the village." Naruto said.

"I see I'm sorry" the Uchiha said softly" I wish he was still here, I never called him sensei before I feel like it was the right thing to do to called him that before I die" tears started falling from his onyx eyes gazing at his two formal teammates" Naruto Sakura I'm really sorry for everything I did I know very well that what I did was wrong but I couldn't help it, revenge is the only thing I have learned in my entire life I feel like it was the only thing that kept me alive it was my only reason to live."

"My whole life was nothing but a mistake it had no meaning and no purpose but to have revenge, even if I knew that revenge will never bring me any happiness. I hate myself so much I have asked myself so many times why me, why did I have to be born as an Uchiha I hate my life so much revenge has brought me nothing but pain and misery it cost me everything I considered precious to me my loyalty to the village and my friends."

Naruto and Sakura continued to shed their tears for their friend hearing his painful confession, slowly Sasuke reached his hand to them which they took it was the last thing they could do for him.

"I was nothing but a pawn of fate why couldn't I have being normal like everyone else?"

"Fate has nothing to do with it" Neji finally spoke" fate is something that we control and we make it happen with our own hands."

Sasuke chuckle hearing the Hyuga's comment" you really have change Neji I never thought I will ever hear you stand up against fate like that."

"It was Naruto the one who taught me that." he said with a small smile.

The Uchiha smirked" of course you're the one who change people for the better you have truly become a worthy Hokage dobe, you know I couldn't be any prouder of you Naruto and you too Sakura you've become quite a kunoichi you're no longer a burden not anymore."

He started coughing more blood than normal both Naruto and Sakura gasped trying to help him but it was futile he was about to reached the end of the line, Sakura knew it well he probably had another minute to go or so.

"Sasuke that's enough, stop talking too much already." Naruto said still couldn't believe that his best friend was going to die.

"Don't be such an idiot Naruto I'm still going to die even if I don't talk at least let me say my last words dobe, Naruto Sakura thank you for everything for being my friends I couldn't be any happier to have you two as part of the genin team and I will always cherished and treasured all the memories we shared thank you."

"We will never forget you either Sasuke-kun." Sakura said between sobs.

"Naruto keep working hard and continued to rule Konoha like a true Hokage okay?" he saw the blond nodding his head while more tears fell from his eyes" never give up no matter what believe it" he smile as he coughed more blood and he finally felt it the end was finally coming he could barely kept his eyes open.

He gave a true heartwarming smile" I wonder if I'm going to see everyone on the other side? Will I see mom and dad and Itachi? Yeah that will be great, but somehow I have a feeling that's not going to happen where I'm going it's not a pleasant place at all I'm going to pay for my sins" he coughed blood he couldn't kept his eyes open any more he felt death taking him, he never erased his smile at his two friends" Naruto Sakura I love you very much….farewell my dear friends…."

They gasped as they saw Sasuke closing his eyes his body felt limp and he was no longer breathing, he had no life and his soul left his body it has happened Uchiha Sasuke has died. Naruto and Sakura sobbed hard at the loss of their friend and teammate, Naruto has learned to control his emotions to prevent anymore incidents with the Kyuubi but he was still heartbroken at the death of his best friend. Sakura only leaned her head on her boyfriends shoulder in a conform matter, they have lost one of their most precious and wonderful friends who walked a dark path of hatred, lies and betrayal the path of the avenger. Konan, Neji and Shikamaru watched the whole scene with sorrow on their eyes but not as devastating as their Hokage and the pink haired medic jounin.

"I hate to be the one to say the bad news but they are still members of Akatsuki around Zetsu and Madara are still alive, they could be back with another army before we know it." Konan said.

"It's all right we'll be ready for them they won't stand a chance believe it" Naruto said.

Shikamaru walked slowly to Naruto's side gazing at the dead body of the Uchiha" what should we do with his body?" although he already knew what Naruto was planning to do with Sasuke's body.

"Were going to held an honorable funeral for him it's the least we could do, let us not forget that Sasuke lived a hard and twisted life because of the lies and corruption of the Konoha council and because of the pride and mistrust of the Senju clan. From this day on Uchiha Sasuke will be remember as an true shinobi of Konoha, those who oppose my decision will get arrested and throw in jail and they will have to eat nothing but ramen."

They chuckle at their Hokage's light humor pretty soon ANBU came to checked on their Hokage, a few minutes later they covered Sasuke's body with a long white sheet. He eventually was taken to the morgue where all the dead people come so it can be prepared for the ceremony of the funeral. His funeral was held by the Hokage making a lot of the villagers to attempt, even if much of the people weren't happy in the least to come to a funeral for a traitor who was responsible for the destruction of the village. However Naruto's law made it clear that they have to attempt the funeral or they will end up in jail eating ramen until the Hokage said so. And just like the sixth Hokage Uzumaki Naruto said from this day on Sasuke was treated as an honorable shinobi of the hidden leaf village of Konoha, no one was ever going to forget him.

(Location: unknown)

Deep silence, pitch black darkness that was where Sasuke was surrounded, there was nothing around but complete darkness. He slowly opened his eyes only to see the blackness that was surrounding him the darkness was so thick and strong that he couldn't even see his body. For a moment he started thinking what happened before he remembered the last thing he saw before he arrived at this dark place, he has died next to his two friends. Since he was dead the dark place must mean he was now part of the afterlife his soul living forever to be here, however he couldn't help but feel relaxed and yet too calm to be on the other side and for once he was having some peace of mind something he has never had when he was still alive.

He chuckle in amusement" I thought hell was going to be a place to truly be afraid of, but this isn't so bad after all I think I could get used to this place being dead is not as bad as I thought."

"You're not dead yet but you're about to cross over to the other side." a deep voice said.

"Huh who's there?" he started looking at every direction but it was all the same" where are you?"

"Relax Sasuke I am not here to torment you for the mistakes you committed in your life time."

"Really is that so?" he raised an eyebrow not believing the deep creepy voice" look if you want to torture me then go ahead and get it over with, let's begin my punishment for all eternity."

"I said I am not here to torment you in any matter I am not the dark lord so relax and calm down, I am a higher being in the afterlife that watches over the living in their daily lives and I must say Sasuke that you are one of the few humans that has gotten my attention after so many years."

"Okay?" he said still not feeling so sure about this" is that a good thing or a bad thing?"

The deep voice chuckle" well it could be a good thing for you depending on your answer."

"Can you get to the point already?" he asked getting annoyed.

"Of course you see Sasuke I have been watching you for a very long time ever since you were born and brought to the world of the living and I have realize that you're entire life has been nothing but a mistake a façade nothing else."

"No you think" he said still annoyed.

"Don't be rude now as I was saying your life was turned upside down because of the mistakes done by humans it is one of the many flaws that humans made all because of their imperfection as living beings."

Sasuke was still annoyed he felt a headache coming on" can you say that in term that I can understand it clearly?"

"Certainly humans are not perfect creatures even with their abilities to communicate with one another perfectly they are still capable of making mistakes, there will always be conflicts that will separate them from the others species making them the inferior species."

Sasuke nodded finally understanding something" okay I think I get what you're trying to say but what does this has to do with me?"

"I will get to that eventually let me explain to you my point with your case, look at the conflict between the Senju clan and the Uchiha clan although they were equally strong they had their flaws and their mistakes. Their pride their sense of superiority is what leaded them to distrust one another eventually leading to the Uchiha clan to be isolated from the village of Konoha, that's what lead for the Uchiha to formed the rebellion against the village and thus leading to the Uchiha clan massacre and finally the beginning of your quest for power and dream of revenge."

Sasuke growled" it was the Senjus fault if they would have trusted the Uchiha more nothing like this would've happened in the first place."

"Are you sure it was their fault because I recalled there was someone else who had the biggest blame of all, I believe you know who he is."

Sasuke's eyes widened in realization knowing who the person the voice was talking about was" Madara."

"Exactly the leader and founder of the Uchiha clan he was the one that started the big conflict between the two clans."

"Of course it makes sense Madara didn't wanted the Uchiha to joined up with the Senju even if he agreed to have a temporary truce, but the reason Madara left Konoha is because he didn't got the position of the first Hokage instead it was the leader of the Senju clan who got the position Senju Hashirama. Madara was upset that he didn't got the title he tried to convinced the rest of the Uchiha clan to joined him in turning against the Senjus, but no one from the Uchiha give him support they abandoned him, so he left the village on his own because he was hurt and betrayed he lost the position of becoming the first Hokage and he lost his clan he ended up….all alone."

He heard the voice chuckling in amusement he growled" what's so funny?"

"You knew all of this all along and yet you didn't do a thing to turned against it, you chose to joined Madara so you could follow in his footsteps in taking revenge on Konoha."

"Yeah I knew that my intentions were evil but there was nothing I could do I was so angry when I found out the truth behind the massacre, I couldn't help it…"

"Revenge is the only thing you've known in your entire life "the voice finished for him"I know I watched you when you told Naruto."

Sasuke was quiet for a moment before speaking again he wanted to get to the bottom of this" all right no more lecturing me of the past that is done and gone forever I am dead, now I want you to tell me what do you want with me?"

"Yes I think it's time that I tell you my intentions with you, Uchiha Sasuke I have an offer for you."

"An offer?" he asked with no interest.

"Yes how would you like to have a second chance at life?"

Sasuke's eyes widened in shock" w….what do you mean?"

"You heard me I can give you a second chance to live again and build your life the right way following the right path."

The Uchiha was still shocked at the words he just heard" c….can you do that?"

"Yes I can however the decision is up to you whether you want to or not."

"Yes!" he said without thinking about it" I will like to have that second chance, if it means I can correct all of my mistakes then so beat it I will gladly take that chance." he felt so happy he was going to have another chance to do the right thing and be with his friends again with Naruto and Sakura, he was going back to Konoha again.

"If that's your decision then fine but I must warn you, I guess I should've told you this first there's a catch."

Sasuke became annoyed again" a catch you should've said it sooner."

"That's what I said but anyway the catch is that I can't send you back to Konoha."

"What what do you mean you can't send me back to Konoha? You told me you will give me a second chance."

"Yes I did but I can't send you back to the world or even the time line where Konoha and the five shinobi nations exists, you have to realize that you died in that world in that time I can't send you back there its beyond my power to do that."

Sasuke growled in anger" damn it you should've told me about this in the first place, what's the point of having a second chance if I can't return to the place where my friends are?"

"I am sorry for that Sasuke but I can still grant you that second chance so what's it going to be?"

"I don't know what to do now, there's no point in having a second chance now." he said in a depressed tone he was really looking forward in seeing Naruto and Sakura again.

"Are you sure either is that or spend eternity in hell, think about it humans like you don't get this chance to escape the fiery pits of the underworld and live again."

"I think hell is more appropriate for me." he muttered.

"If you say so..."

"WAIT!" he shouted desperate" no wait I was just kidding I didn't mean it I'm sorry."

He didn't got a response from the deep voice he started to get worry.

"Hey are you there?"

No answer.

"Come on this isn't funny are you still here?"

Still no answer

"Oh damn it look what I did now that voice is gone and now I'm going to burned in hell forever shit! Great job Sasuke damn why do I always have the ability to fucked things up I'm worst than Naruto at screwing up."

"Haha just kidding I'm still here."

Sasuke's left eye started twitching in annoyance" that was not funny."

"It wasn't funny for you but it was for me you should've seen the look in your face it was priceless."

The Uchiha growled" are you going to give me the second chance yes or no?"

"Calm down Sasuke yes I will do it but let me tell you since you already know that I won't be sending you back to Konoha, however I will be sending you to another place in another time your second chance and your new life for redemption will be back to the past."

"What do you mean by that?"

He never got his answer because his whole body vanished from the dark abyss.

To be continued

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