Full Summary; He always wondered why the new pigtailed kid was so weird. She didn't know what earrings or what videogames were. She ate with six chopsticks and could bike with five books on top of her head. And on the first day of school she showed up wearing an orange blazer and green sneakers. She wouldn't let her hair down and she was very secretive. She was a complete mystery. He tried to figure her out, but Ruka pointed it out for him. "Dude," he said, "She's an alien"

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Out of This World

By Keiko Oda

:Chapter One:


Hokkaido Train Station

November 1992

After nine whole months, it had all come to this.

An ebony-haired woman with eyes red as rubies; lay sprawled on the floor of an empty bathroom. Her body was arched, as she twisted herself in all different angles. Her heart was banging wildly against her ribcage and she could hear it ringing in her ears – she could hear nothing but.

She tossed and turned and groaned and screamed. She felt like her whole body was going to explode. Her belly throbbed and pounded, bluish veins protruded out of her skin; pushing and pumping out blood so fast that she could feel it gushing through her.

She had no idea how long she had been inside that bathroom – perhaps an hour or two. But it seemed longer.

A massive storm had gusted in a few hours ago, and the little shack she had been living in for the past year had been destroyed. She had nowhere else to go, and her water had already broken. She was soaked and chilling. She felt terrible – absolutely terrible.

She wanted to go back home. She hadn't seen her family and friends in a decade. Had they forgotten about her? They probably did. She was a disgrace to them all. A complete and utter discredit to everyone after what she did. Nobody wanted her now – not if she had the baby with her.

The woman continued into more contractions. Her lower abdomen was hard as a rock. She threw her head back and groaned. She shut her eyes and pushed. There was nothing. She sucked in some air. She pushed again, harder – this time. She took another deep breath. She gave another push. And another. She could feel it. She could feel her baby coming into the world. She gave a weak smile. She pushed again.

You can do this, she told herself as she gasped for air. Just a little bit more and…


Morning arrived.

The automatic double doors parted. Chilly, wintry air rushed in; bringing with it crowds of bustling people – chattering non-stop on their cell phones, sipping on lattes, double-checking schedules and reminders on their organizers, fingering through their wallets for their boarding passes or just swinging their luggage back and forth, whistling cheerily.

A woman with blonde hair tied in a messy bun, dressed in a black overcoat, tights and boots made her way through the crowd. Her name was Ukyo Hyuuga. She was thirty years old, and she was on her way to Hakodate, Hokkaido.

There was a man lagging behind her, her husband, carrying her luggage. He had messy, brown hair and he was dressed in a navy blue sweater and jeans. He looked much more laid-back than his wife – not to mention sleepier.

"You might want to hurry up, Katsuma!" She called out to him, "Our train leaves at 7:30!"

Katsuma groaned. It was already 7:00. "And you might want to help me with this luggage!"

Ukyo turned around and sneered at her husband. She picked up two bags from his hands.

"Wait over there," she said, pointing towards the benches. "I need to go to the restroom"

Katsuma nodded and went over to the benches, dumping their luggage on one and giving a big stretch.

After asking a station attendant where the restroom was, Ukyo found it. She was pleased that no one had gone in yet. The smell of lavender freshener filled the room.

Once she relieved herself, she washed her hands. She was thinking of how life in Hakodate would be. She and her husband were transferring there. They were no stranger to moving so often, since they were business officers; and relocation was part of the job. It was hard, but it brought bread to their table. Besides, Hakodate was a nice place. It had an English-Japanese feel, and was a coastal city. She and Katsuma loved the beach terribly.

She was on her way out when she heard a soft, whining noise behind the janitor's closet. It was barely audible, but it was there. It sounded like a hungry, crying, kitten.

Ukyo looked around. There was still nobody in the room with her. She put a finger on the door, and immediately, the door creaked open.

And there, lying inside a rusty, metal sink, draped and wrapped in several blankets and shirts; was a little baby boy.

Ukyo let out a gasp and rushed to it. She picked it up and cradled it in her arms. It looked barely a day old! Its eyes were shut and its face was pink as cotton candy. Its arms and legs squirmed around, and big, fat tears rolled down its cheeks as it squealed unhappily.

She and Katsuma have been married for ten years now, and they still had no children, no matter how much they tried. This was a blessing from Heaven! Ukyo muttered a small thanksgiving prayer to God before rushing out the door to show the child to her husband.

When she got to the benches, Katsuma was lying down on one of their bags, snoring the time away. Ukyo bent down and shook him hard.

"Katsuma! Wake up!" she whispered hastily.

Katsuma opened his eyes. "Ready to – OH MY GOD!"

He immediately jumped up and picked up the baby. "Where did you get this cute little thing?" He asked, a giant smile spreading across his face.

Katsuma adjusted the blanket. The baby had hair blacker than the night sky, and its skin was pale white. He loved him already.

"I found him in the bathroom," Ukyo whispered. "Don't make a scene. We don't want any suspicious people"

"Are we keeping him?" Katsuma asked eagerly.

"Of course we are, idiot! We've always wanted a baby of our own, right? This little darling is a blessing from Heaven!"

"What do we name him?"

Ukyo took the baby from Katsuma's arms and kissed its forehead.



Hakodate, Hokkaido

October 2009

"NATSUME!! GET IN HERE! Can you help wash the dishes?" screamed Ukyo from the kitchen window.

It had been sixteen years since the Hyuugas found the child in the train station. Unfortunately, Ukyo and Katsuma divorced and the man moved to the city of Asahikawa. If not for Ukyo's stable and well-paid job, she and Natsume would have ended up in the streets for sure.

And, Natsume, well, he stood 5"10 with messy raven-black hair and stunning blood-red eyes. Affiliations: Hakodate High Soccer Varsity.

"NATSUME!!" called Ukyo again, her voice echoing through their backyard.

"Damn it," Natsume murmured, rolling his eyes, as he lifted his latest volume of his shounen manga from his face. He sat up from the blue rooftop (his favourite place to nap on) of his two-storey house and gave a long stretch. He scratched the back of his head and gave a yawn.

He flipped out his black LG phone and text messaged his best friend, Nogi Ruka.

You home?

His phone vibrated a reply in less than five seconds.


Natsume slipped on his green hoodie his dad gave him last Christmas and climbed down the Maple tree which towered over his house. He jumped over the wiry metal fence which marked the border between his "prison" and "the free world" and walked two blocks down, where Ruka's house was. Ruka was already outside.

Ruka had strawberry blonde hair that was so often noogie-d, he had given up on taking the efforts to comb it all the time. His eyes were pools of cerulean blue and he had a million-dollar killer smile. It was no wonder that he and Natsume were the heartthrobs of Hakodate High. They were both straight A students, they were both kickass soccer players and they were both amazingly, incredibly and absolutely positively HOT!

"Done with your Biology paper yet?" asked Ruka, as he zipped up his red-checkered jacket. This year's fall was colder than last year's. The streets and sidewalks were all dotted with crunchy scarlet leaves and mist hung in the air like a heavy, wet blanket. The rains came often too. They had a cold shower every two days.

Natsume shook his head.

"Misaki-san will be in a fit!" laughed Ruka.

"I don't care what that bastard thinks" Natsume muttered, as they stopped over a vending machine. Natsume pushed a 100 bill in, pressed a few buttons and kicked the 'chunk of scrap metal' (as he called it) and out came a can of Kirin. Ruka did the same.

The two kept walking.

"We have a game against Nemuro next Saturday" Ruka informed.

"Nemuro sucks," Natsume said, gulping down his drink. He wiped his lips with his sleeve. "Those bastards don't know the difference between defence and offence"

Ruka laughed again. Natsume thought EVERYONE was a bastard.

They were now passing a field. It was a wide expanse of land just covered in grass and wildflowers and weeds.

"Natsume, look!" said Ruka, pointing to the field. His cerulean eyes were wider than saucers.


"Dude, it looks like some massive meteor hit it!"

Ruka jumped over the dilapidated wooden fence and ran over to the the field. Natsume followed him. Ruka was right. Right smack in the middle of the field, was an enormous crater. It looked like it had burned out many of the greenery of the field, for most of the grass had browned. And Natsume noticed some ashes sprinkled around.

"This is so awesome!!" Ruka yelled, pumping his fist into the air. The two boys peered over at it. It was a deep crater. It looked like a giant ice cream scooper scooped up forty feet of soil.

"There's nothing inside" Natsume shrugged.

"Not even a space ship or a meteorite?" said Ruka, who was squinting. It was difficult to see through a deep, dark hole.



It had been two weeks since the "Crater Episode" (as Ruka called it) and the thought of the crater and what could have created it bothered Natsume's mind like a mosquito bite.

He thought of it all night and all mornings. And after soccer practice, he'd drive over to the field and check it out. It was still there. More and more people were paying attention to it by then, and he even saw some news reporters and photographers hovering over it.

He didn't know why he was so curious about it. It's just a friggin hole, Natsume thought, as he got ready for school Monday morning.

He buttoned up his shirt, and slung his blazer over his shoulder and left his room. After he stuffed a blueberry pancake in his mouth and (unwillingly) kissed his mother goodbye, he snatched up the keys and drove to school.

"Did you see her?" asked Ruka, once he arrived.

"See who?" muttered Natsume, as he put his Biology book under his arm and slipped his hands into his pants pockets.

"The new chick," said Ruka, "She's completely nuts. I saw her awhile ago in the gym - skipping like she was in some meadow. What is up with that?"

"What, she's some loon from the mental place?"

"I don't know, man"

The bell rang, and they all settled into their classrooms. Narumi-sensei wrote a name on the blackboard: SAKURA MIKAN

Natsume's eyes flickered to the door. He saw a silhouette of a girl, with pigtails. Pigtails, he thought, who the hell wears pigtails in high school? Most girls wear pony tails or their hair let loose. Maybe this girl is some nutcase.

Narumi-sensei opened the door, and in stepped the girl.

Natsume's eyes widened.



End of Chapter

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