Valentine: Chapter 1

Just a normal year, thank god, no vampires were trying to kill me this time around.

January 30th 2009, 15 days until Valentines Day and Edward was excited as hell.

"Come on Bella" Alice whined as we sat in the cafeteria. Edward's arm was draped around my shoulder. "The valentine's ball is the romantic deals in Forks"

"It's stupid Alice" I sighed

"Come on love" Edward kissed my cheek causing me to blush, he smirked

"No" I said standing my ground "It's a stupid tradition"

"What is?" Emmett asked holding the hand of his beautiful girlfriend Rosalie.

"Bella seems fit to call the Valentines ball stupid"

"Because it is" Emmett replied urging a smack across the head by Rosalie.

"So, how about it, I think we should go to Port Angeles and shop" Alice mentioned

"I agree" Rosalie agreed


"I won't be long Esme and Carlisle will be here if you need anything" he kissed me softly. I wrapped my arms around his neck to draw him closer. I kissed him harder but he pulled away chuckling

"What am I going to do about you Bella" he whispered breathlessly stroking my cheek with his ice cold thumb. He kissed me softly again before saying "Call me if there's any problems"

"I will, I'll see you in two days"


That night

I was sprawled over my bed working on my homework for Maths.

"Bells, package for you" my dad yelled from downstairs

"Coming" I shut my book and walked downstairs

"Where is it?"

"It's on the kitchen counter, looks like lover boys left something for you before he went camping"

"What" I asked chuckling

I walked in to see a bunch of red roses on the wooden table, I smiled I saw a little white note in between the roses. I opened it and it read

True love is the happiness which people would die to have

But to be loved is the happiness everyone should wish to have

From your devoted secret admirer

"What is it Bells?" my dad came into the kitchen

"It's not from Edward it's from a secret admirer!

"Great another boy I have to deal with" he grunted walking out of the kitchen I laughed.



Edward wasn't due back until tomorrow night and I was getting bored pretty easily. I drove up to the Cullen's house to visit Esme knowing Carlisle would be working at the hospital.

I stopped at the drive way and Esme came out with a smile on her face.

"Hello Bella" she hugged me

"Hey, how are you?" I asked

"Fine, come on in"

She led me towards the house.

2 hours later I had helped Esme cook the cookies for me and we were now waiting for them to cook while I sat and had a cup of tea.


"In the kitchen"

"Hello Bella"

"Hey Carlisle how was work"

"Good, just the average valentines cards" he said kissing his wife I smiled and chuckled

"O, I bumped into Charlie" Carlisle said smirking

"He told you about the card didn't he"

"Yep" he said grinning

"What card" Esme looked at me shocked

"O someone sent me a card and a bunch of roses"

"Oooo Bella's got a secret admirer" Esme smiled brightly

"Yes, any one of ya's guess how Edward's going to react" I said they bit their lips "Exactly"

The timer went off and the cookies were ready.


I arrived home feeling stuffed and exhausted.

"Hey Bells, how was Esme?" Charlie asked not taking his eyes off the TV

"Fine" I replied walking up stairs

"O, there's more flowers on the top for you"

"Great" I replied smirking at my dad knowing it annoyed him.

Truth be told there was flowers there but only the one

"That's odd" I whispered

Another note was tightly sealed to the flower

I grabbed the note

"Ow" I yelped

"Ok there Bells"


I looked at my finger and it was bleeding. I opened the note and he said

Every rose has its thorn

From your devoted secret admirer

What? I thought what did he mean by that 'every rose has its thorn'.

This was weird yesterday he was gushing about love and now he's being cryptic?

I knew one thing I couldn't show this to Edward, he would jump to conclusion planning the worse and go all commando Joe on me.