The voice came so distant, so far out of reach, cracking through this endless darkness that stretched out in front of me.


The voice was warm, soft.


I wanted this voice, I wanted to reach out and touch it's comforting vibes.


I stared on into my pool of black.


My mind started to buzz around this one voice. I was confused, I tried to find my eyes, my body, anything. But I could feel nothing.

Open your eyes...

I was trapped inside my mind.


The voice was closer.


I searched and searched, only to find nothing. Just an endless stretch of darkness.

Open your eyes...






The voice was so close, I could feel the warm tickle of a breath against my neck. I could feel.

Open your eyes...

I could feel the gentle breeze slinking around my head, I could feel the soft prickle of the grass beneath me. But I couldn't move.


My mind yearned for that voice. It was a voice that filled me with hope. I know that voice.

Open your eyes...

I searched and searched for my ability to move my body, determined to find a way out of this darkness.

Just open your eyes...

Then something changed. A twitch, a flick of life that echoed through my body. A tail. My tail. It was there, I could feel it.


I searched some more. My toes, my legs, my wings. It was all there.


The voice changed. It's once soft, comforting tone disappeared, one of uncertainty and hope filling it's place. Your voice.


And so I did.

I was struck by a sudden stream of light blinding my delicate eyes. I cringed away from this intense light, squeezing my eyes tight. Bur not before realizing what it was. The sun.


Your voice came urgent and excited, but before I could even react, something hard came crashing down on top of me. Still bewildered and confused, my eyes blinked open, only to reveal your beautiful amethyst eyes staring down at me. It was you.


The Sound came shooting out of my mouth before I even knew it was possible. You were here. You were alive. I felt your warm, smooth cheek brush against mine.

''Cynder...Cynder I thought I had lost you." I felt a lone tear drop onto my neck. I pressed into you closer, wanting to make sure that this moment was real, that we were both really here. Alive.

"Your not getting rid of me that easily..." I whimpered into your ear as my vision became blurred and the tears started to roll down my cheeks. I felt your crooked smile press into my scales. I was alive, but how? Your weight gradually pushed off my tired body, giving me the chance I needed to really look around. The outstandingly bright ray of sunlight hit me once again, blinding me. But not for long. I turned my body to find myself standing in a field. The same field where I first saw you after being rescued from the meadow. The very place were had finally had that exhilarating first kiss. My eyes skimmed the lush grass and over to the group of glistening dragons, standing there, smiles all around. Cyril, Terrador, Volteer, and even Myra, a pot of shimmering gold by her feet.

"Cynder!" A sudden flash of yellow appeared before my eyes, making me jump back in surprise. It was Sparx. Before I could open my mouth to speak, Sparx came buzzing around my face, finally resting himself on the tip of my snout, causing me to go cross eyes in an attempt to keep up. "Your alive! Your alive! I was so worried about you!" He was squeaking, his sharp voice bouncing in all directions. Then, realizing his sudden outburst, he stopped, clearing his throat. "I mean...you know, for Spyro's sake and all." He muttered shadily, looking around for a distraction.

"It's good to see you too Sparx." I giggled, watching as he tried to contain his embarrassment.

"I mean, I thought you were dead." Sparx murmured sadly.

"That makes two of us." I glanced over at you as I spoke, giving you a wary smile. Sparx finally pulled away, giving the others a chance to speak.

"It's good to have you back Cynder..." Terrador's voice flowed through the air like a ballad, strong enough to break anything in it's path. I stared at him in confusion as reality took place.

"But how? How can I be here?" I murmured shakily.

"It really is a miracle that you are alive Cynder." Myra interrupted, her cheerful voice drowning out any worry or tension that there may be.

"This isn't possible, I was dying."

"Yes, we didn't think so either, but yet here you are." Myra took in a deep breath before continuing. "When you arrived, you were almost completely gone." I thought for a moment, replaying her words in my head, something wasn't right.


"Yes, you have Spyro to thank for that my dear." Myra answered sweetly, her pale scales catching the golden sun. "I must fear that if you had turned up barely minutes after you did, it would have been too late."

"You mean...Spyro brought me here?" You stepped forward as I spoke, standing firmly by my side.

"Yep, just in the nick of time, your unconscious body draped over his back." I stared at you in bewilderment. "The war ended just before you arrived, the creatures having suddenly fled in the middle of battle. Obviously having got what they came for. You too." I watched as Myra's pale green scales glistened slightly, the glow soft enough to put you asleep, just like a lullaby.

"But you were powerless, you had no strength." I turned to you, looking you straight in the eye.

"Magic works in strange ways Cynder..." Myra answered, but I didn't turn back. I wanted to hear your version of the story.

"Thanks to you, my powers started to return, gradually coming back as you pushed Malefor further and further away." I just stared on at you. I was so prepared for the end, for that final push, but it had never come. I thought that this was what was supposed to happen. That as I gradually pushed him away, I would go down too. I thought this was supposed to be the end. But maybe destiny doesn't have to decide your future. Maybe it's just there to point you in the right direction, preparing you for the choices you will have to make. Fate and destiny don't control your life. You do. I gazed lovingly over to your twinkling eyes. My miracle really had come.

"You mean this is it? Malefor's really gone?" I stuttered warily.

"Yes Cynder, the war against darkness has finally been won. The Dragon race can finally rest, all thanks to you two" Cyril spoke up cheerfully. "And who knows, maybe now you can lead a normal peaceful life together, and forget about these treturous times."

"Ha! I'l believe that when I see it!" Shouted Sparx challengingly. I noticed Volteer open his mouth to speak, but was soon hushed by Cyril's stern look, making him think twice before rambling on. Cyril then nodded towards the other dragons, signaling it was time to leave.

"We shall leave you in peace now young dragons, but remember, your door is still open." I stared on in astonishment after Myra and the guardians as they slowly padded their way across the lush field and through the tight gap that lead back to the city. Cyril was right, our door is still open, for whenever we will need it. This city is our home now, any may be the rest of our lives. As the last flick of a tail was out of sight, I turned to you, still dumbstruck for what had happened. Without speaking, a small smile lightening up your face, you stepped closer, pressing your soft lips against mine. We stayed there for a moment, lost in the feeling of being so close, and finally free.

"Aw jeez!" A sharp squeaky voice breaking our tender moment. "Get a room! That's something I do not want to see." I chuckled as you flicked your tail in Sparx's direction, almost knocking him to the ground. "Hey! Watch it buddy!" Sparx warned, before nestling down in the tickling grass, letting the sun shine onto to his dazzling body. I stretched out my legs and lay down beside him, you not leaving my side. Sparx squirmed in the middle as we settled into the warm grass, finally resting his small head on your paw. "So..." Sparx sighed. "What now? Got any more menacing baddies to defeat? Evil she-dragons to rescue?"

"Well I don't know about you but, I think I am done for the day." You yawned, stretching out your toes in front of you.

"Yeah, I'm with you on that one." I sighed, leaning closer to your warm body. I couldn't help smile to myself as I felt your smooth tail slink it's way around mine, not stopping until both were completely entwined. I dropped my head gently down onto your shoulder, letting the warmth of the sun radiate onto my scales. I noticed Sparx's eyes close with a sigh, soaking up the sunlight. I stared passed the swaying trees, and into the sky, just catching a cloud drift over the blazing sun, dimming it's bright ray of light, but only for a second. The soft, puffy looking cloud gradually floated over the raging ball of fire, letting the suns full energy stream across the sky once again. Could this really be it? The end of all the fighting and darkness, and the start of something different, something new. Could this really be our happily ever after?

"Spyro...?" I murmured into your shoulder.


"Do you believe in happy endings?"


I suddenly caught my breath. Your answer, it was so quick, simple and positive, like nothing would ever change your mind. "What?" I lifted my head off your shoulder, waiting for an explanation, my sparkling eyes with curiosity.

"I don't believe in endings." You chuckled, amused by the confused expression on my face. "Ending's are just new beginnings." I smiled at this, my eyes glimmering with pride.

"And besides, what fun would that be?" You snickered, nudging me with your shoulder. This answer, so definite and unexpected, suddenly made a whole lot of sense.

"Your right, how would we cope?" I replied, nuzzling back into your neck.

"Exactly." You whispered. We both glanced down at Sparx, who was now starring up at us questioningly. "What?" You chuckled as Sparx raised his eye brows inquisitively. "I swear, there will be no peace in this city with you two on the loose." Sparx wined. I giggled, nudging you with my snout.

"Well, things change." You replied, and I realized then, how true this really was. Things are changing every second, little things around you that are too quick and small to notice. All these little changes, altering your life, bit by bit. And as I lay there, snuggled against your side, soaking up the fresh air and blazing sunlight, I began to dream about the future, and how I wouldn't take one moment of my life to change it. And that's what inspired me to write this letter, so when we are old, wrinkly and too stiff to move, you can read this letter, and so can our children, and our children's children, to look back at the moment where our lives changed forever, this time for the better.

Back to not the end, but the start.

The start of something new.

This letter to a legend.


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