Snow Blossom

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The planet that Rallen and Jenna is on is called Hyoga; it is very, very cold, in a solar system with no sun. There is some shadowy light from some unidentified source. Rallen and Jeena are on that planet as part of an exploration team. They start off on their space ship. They are a mile away from the main exploration group, on rough terrain. The story starts with Jeena patching Rallen back up…


"Jeena, you know that I can take care of my self." said Rallen sulkily to Jeena. His orange hair was now a reddish color from the now dried blood that came from a large gash on his temple.


"OOFH!" came the exclamation from Rallen as he went tumbling head over heals down a slope. When he finally came to a stop he was struggling to hold on to his consciousness. He saw a bloom of red spreading out in front of his face and he knew that he had hurt his head badly and needed help. Rallen fought to press the panic button that hung from his belt and then, with great difficulty, he pressed it. He then, without any further ado, passed out.


"Rallen this proves that you can't, despite what you say, so stop complaining…and stop moving! I can't sew you back up if you keep moving you idiot!" Jeena scolded. On the outside she looked furious but on the inside she was very worried for him. She also felt some thing deep, deep inside of her that she could not figure out for the life of her.

"I wish I had a desk job." Rallen mumbled, earning a glare from Jeena. He knew exactly what he was feeling. He felt a mix of anger, despair, calmness, and of all things, love. He felt love for Jeena and all she did for him. He felt love for her scolding, her praises, her help when he needed it whether or not he wanted it, and most of all her smiles. He was in love with each little bit of her.

"I'm done." Said Jeena curtly, packing up the supplies she had used to fix Rallen's gash.

"Fine Rallen said tersely.

"Go check in with the group leader. He want a report from you, NOW!" said Jeena pointing at the elevator.

"What ever you say your majesty!" said Rallen with a rude gesture. Jeena just threw a wrench that she had laying around at his ankle. When it hit, it hit hard and Rallen was forced to limp, swearing the air blue, to the elevator.

"I'LL GET YOU FOR THAT ONE" shouted Rallen up at Jeena once he was in the cargo room. He pulled off his boot to survey the damage. It wasn't too bad, just a little bruised. He slipped his boot back on and hobbled over to a screen where a black haired, pasty complexioned man looked on with a scowl. Rallen cringed at the sudden knowledge that the discussion to follow was not going to be pretty.

***Time Skip***

"And that's about it sir." Said Rallen, finishing up his report.

"Hmmm, I believe you Rallen, but this will go on the record you know." Said Group Leader Dominic sternly. Rallen could be more trouble than he was worth sometimes.

"That's fine by me sir, I was expecting worse." Said Rallen with a large sigh of relief.

"Rallen before you sign off, I want you to know that there is a large blizzard heading your way. Stay in the ship. I don't need any more problems as is." Said Dominic.

"Yes sir. Rallen signing off." Said Rallen. He tuned off the screen and looked around. He spotted something in the corner of the room that did not belong there. He went over to it and picked it up. It was a grey cold weather jacket. All of a sudden the world faded and all he could see and hear was the howling of wind and the biting cold of a blizzard. He held something warm and heavy in his arms. Then the world came back in a rush. The first thing that came to mind was 'what just happened? That was strange.' And the seconded thing was 'That was like an omen', then he went to the elevator to head up.

When he came up he looked around but he didn't see Jeena. He looked around again and he noticed a note. He picked it up and read it. It said:

"Rallen I am going out. Do not follow me. I will be back in an hour. Jeena.

Rallen's face went past white. Jeena was out there and there was a blizzard on the way! He had to go after her!