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"How is she doing?" asked Dominic concernedly. He was trying to push the fact that Rallen had a good chance of never waking up again.

"She's fine. Ra…Rallen protected her from the worst of the storm." Murmured Kira, the nurse on duty. The mission had been ended early due to what had…happened, and every one had been brought back to Kollin. Rallen was listed in serous condition after Dr. Wilson performed a long and extremely risky procedure to get Rallen's heart beating again.

"You know him?" asked Dominic in surprise. Most people don't usually get chocked up about people they haven't met.

"He was one of my closets friends in middle school. Bullies would pick on me all the time, and he just kept on defending me no matter what. Not many people would do that for me." Kira murmured softly as she left the room to attend to her other duties. Dominic continued his quite vigil by Jeena's bedside. Dr. Wilson pocked his head in, and as he saw that Dominic was there came in.

"Do you know what happened?" Dr. Wilson asked Dominic.

"I don't have a clue. I need one them to wake up first and tell me." Dominic said in response to this.

"Well, Rallen is not going to be awake for at least a week, so your best bet is Jeena." Said Dr. Wilson, laying a hand on Dominic's shoulder. "And until one of them wakes up, all that we can do is keep waiting."

(Time skip 4 days)

"Ohhhhh…my head hurts." Mumbled Jeena, startling Kira in the process. Jeena's eyes fluttered open briefly, then slammed shut in an attempt to block out the bright light. Kira ducked out into the hallway and yelled for Dr. Wilson. Dr. Wilson came running, asking what was happening, and Kira told him what had happened. By this time Jeena had fallen back to sleep.

(Time Skip 19 hours)

"Hey I think she's waking up…not so loud idiot *KA-THUNK* owww…you deserved that Cory." Bickered a couple of voices. Jeena winced and turned away from the loud sounds. Immediately she felt a cool hand touch her forehead, and heard someone call for something.

"It's alright to open your eyes Jeena," a masculine voice said. 'Déjà vu' thought Jeena as she opened her eyes. She was nearly blinded by the lights at first but she soon adjusted. She saw a tall, dirty blond with blue eyes leaning over her.

"My name is Dr. Cory Wilson, Jeena. Could you tell me what happened?" asked Dr. Wilson.

"Only a little bit." Jeena mumbled, still out of it.

"Well just start at the beginning and go slow." Said Dr. Wilson. And so she did, excluding the bits about Kathrin and falling asleep at the end. When she woke up later Dr. Wilson offered to let her see Rallen even though he was still unconscious and she took him up on his offer.

(Time Skip 4 and a half hour later)

"I must warn you, he's not in good shape." Dr. Wilson said kindly.

"I don't care, I just want to see him." Jeena said plainly.

"Alright. Kira, would you like to help Jeena?" Dr. Wilson asked Kira. The two women had become fast friends in the short amount of time that they had known each other.

"All right, come here Jeena…here let me do that." Kira said quietly. Kira gently helped Jeena in to a wheelchair, and then began to wheel her down the various corridors to the room where Rallen was. The trip was silent and fast, all things considered. When Jeena finally saw Rallen, she was shocked. Rallen was the color of death, so white that he almost blended in with the sheets that he lay on. Many, many wires trialed from his body, and the only sign that he was alive was the soft beeping from the monitors and the faint fog that appeared in a steady rhythm on the inside of the mask that was fitted over his nose and mouth.

"Are you ok Jeena?" Kira said noticing her friend's shock.

"I'm…fine. Just a little…unnerved." Said Jeena slowly.

"Do you want me to leave you two alone?" asked Kira, sensing that Jeena needed some time alone with Rallen.

"That would be nice, thank you Kira." Said Jeena with a murmur. Kira helped Jeena into a chair by Rallen's bedside, and then quietly left. For the next three days Jeena did not move from that chair unless she absolutely had to. On the third day Rallen finally awoke. They where all alone when this happened.

(Time Skip)

"Katty…where are you?" Rallen mumbled, scaring the living daylights out of Jeena in the processes.

"Rallen! Oh my… Rallen wake up!" Said Jeena.

"Wha? Jeena? Where am…" Rallen mumbled.

"Hush Rallen. We're back on Kollin now, in a hospital." Jeena said more quietly.

"Katty…" Rallen mumbled again.

"What?" Said Jeena in surprise.

"She said that you had something to tell me." Rallen said more clearly than last time.

"Oh…Uhhhh…RallenI'minlovewithyou!" Jeena said in one breath. "And Kathrin wanted me to tell you that you're not cursed." She continued softly.

"What was the first thing that you said?" Rallen said, his voice almost normal.

"I'minlovewithyou!" Jeena said as fast as she could again.

"…I love you too." Said Rallen, as he reached out with his hand to touch Jeena's cheek. Jeena froze for a second, and then she took his hand and held it against her heart, trying to put into words what she felt. After she failed several times, she just simply cried tears that glittered.

"Don't cry Jeena. Don't be sad" Rallen said after he felt he tears.

"I'm not! I'm happy Rallen! Happy that you're alive! And that you love me!" Jeena cried softly. After a moment Rallen pulled his hand away, much to Jeena's confusion. Rallen then patted the bed that he was laying on. It took a couple more pats before Jeena got the idea. Jeena gently crawled up onto the bed with Rallen, and snuggled in to him. She was rewarded with a very loving and gentle kiss on the forehead. They fell asleep together like this, latter to be found by a three nurses, Kira included. One of the nurses just happened to have a camera, which was then used to take photos of the two. The photos where given to Commander Grant, who had a hissy fit until his wife whacked him upside the head, saying "Leave those poor lovebirds alone!" After this he simply grumbled. All was well, Jeena and Rallen having confessed to each other that they loved each other. Kathrin was happy…or was she? We may never know. But every thing was peaceful for the moment and love had prevailed, once again.

*THE END…or is it?*

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