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As darkness fell quietly like a soft blanket over the city Linda Kimura looked at Spencer Reid sleeping peacefully in his hospital bed. He'd had no further bouts of coughing, his blood work was good and his last x-ray had been encouraging. She raised her eyes heavenward in thanks for that. His wavy brown locks that it appeared he'd given up on trying to keep neat were splayed in little wisps on his pillow. His long eyelashes touched his cheek and sleep made him appear even younger and more innocent, if that were possible. All his friends had gone home but the decorations, the books, the fruit basket, the cookies and the Starbuck's coffee cups in the wastebasket all gave testament to their presence, their affection and their loyalty. It was obvious this man was very loved by his teammates.

The refusal of narcotics; Agent Morgan had said he had his reasons. Penelope Garcia had said that some madman had tortured him and he'd had a seizure. Was he tortured with narcotics? That could bring on a seizure. It would also explain his being in a "bad way" afterwards and his refusal to be given any narcotics. This man had been through something horrific and had come out the other side even stronger. Like Abby down the hall, he was a fighter.

Agent Prentiss had seemed really angry with him. She'd said he'd almost been killed three times since she'd known him. He was a brave man who thought nothing of putting himself in harm's way for others. She couldn't deny that they wouldn't have discovered who was responsible for releasing the deadly pathogen if he hadn't put himself in danger but she sincerely hoped this would be his last brush with death for a very long time.

What would have happened if he hadn't been so smart she wondered? What would have happened if he hadn't realized that this wasn't Brown's first attack, which led her to look up those patients in Baltimore and Philadelphia and led the FBI to the all important book store. Hundreds of people would be dead or dying. Thank God he'd had the wisdom to know where to look for the cure. She would have felt such a loss if he had died. How could that be; she'd only met him yesterday yet she'd enjoyed working with him, if you could call searching for an unstable individual with the capability of taking out mass targets enjoyment. Somehow he had touched her, not in the physical sense although, if she were honest with herself, she wouldn't mind that at all.

She recalled how her traitorous heart had sped up uncontrollably when he'd said she looked nice. He may have meant nothing by it but her heart had still soared at the words when all she should have been thinking of was him and the intense situation in which they found themselves. She didn't know how she'd maintained her professionalism when the sight of him undressing caused a frenzied stirring in her inner regions that she hadn't felt since…well she'd never felt this exactly and it scared her that this man who must be ten years her junior could illicit this raw emotion. What was wrong with her?

It wasn't totally a physical attraction either, Linda admitted to herself. He'd been engaging and very interesting to talk to. She would love to spend an entire evening with him doing just that. She wouldn't mind seeing him perform his magic tricks. Actually there was a lot about him that she wouldn't mind exploring. He didn't know how to talk to girls, Penelope Garcia had said, so if she was serious about not letting him disappear from her life, she'd have to make the first move. She could do that. She couldn't allow a man who had moved her more deeply in a day than she had ever been moved before just walk out of her life. Whatever it took, she was up to the challenge. After all, she was a fighter too.