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As he stepped out of the car and looked at the house he grew up in, a sense of fear washed over him. It had been 2 years since he had seen it, as well as the people who have been occupying it all this time.

"Yo Dom! You gunna come inside or what?" Vince asked as he headed up the front steps.

" ya sorry man I was just……"

" enjoying the freedom!" Vince jumped in

"something like that" Dom replied with a nervous smile.

The truth was this very terrifying man was quite terrified himself. Memories of the last time he saw his baby sister kept replaying in his mind as he walked up the front steps and into the house they once shared with their parents.

Flashback Mia is 17 Dom is 20

" what are you talking about?" she couldn't believe the words that just came out of her older brothers mouth

" Mia I mean it I don't want you coming here anymore!" Dom shot Mia his all to familiar hard headed big brother look.

" Dom I just lost my father , the only parent I have ever known , and now you're saying I can't see you for 5 years!" Tears began to swirl around Mia's eyes as she tried to fight them back

"Mia…:" Dom tried to find the words to console the only family member he had left but he just couldn't find the words. Luckily he didn't have to because Mia cut him off

"I don't understand all we have left is each other . How can you just shut me out when we need each other the most" Her stubborn emotions were now completely ignoring her head as the mascara streamed down her face.

A very broken hearted Dom looked at his sister and wanted more than anything to take those words back. But he somehow managed to keep it together.

"I'm not shutting you out Mia I'll still call and write I just don't want you coming here and seeing me like this. And it's not just you I'm not letting anyone for the team come here."

Mia began to understand , he wasn't trying to hurt her he was just trying to spare her the heartache of seeing him like that. The sight of him was causing her pain , he had a black eye , a fat lip and a nasty cut above his eyebrow. And she'd bet a lot a money that the other guy looked a hell of a lot worse. But what killed her the most was she was unable to touch him. She wanted so badly to hug her older brother

"I understand" she mumble in a very soft crackling voice.

" and you know I'm not all you have left. I know Vince will look out for you, and Letty is more of a sister to you than a best friend."

Mia just nodded , everything he was saying was true they were also her family, but nobody could fill the void Dom left.

"However if you need a shoulder to cry on , Leon would be better than Letty." Dom chuckled as Mia looked at him a let out a little laugh

"times up Torreto." as the guard approached to take him away Mia began to sob uncontrollably and Dom knew she would listen and not come back. There was no goodbyes just silence as the guard walked dom out of the visitation area leaving mia heartbroken and alone.

So now here he was ,standing in the entrance of his old family anxiously wanting to hug his baby sister but also scared of her reaction.

"v is that you" Mia yelled from the kitchen

Vince shot Dom a sly smile before replying " yeah and a brought a friend home"

Mia popped her head around the corner and dropped the cup she was holding " OH MY GOD DOM!" she screamed not caring about the glass and iced tea that had spilled all over the kitchen floor, she ran and leapt into his arms.

" hey Mia" he said softly squeezing her as tight as he could the fear quickly leaving him.

"oww! Dom you hurting me" mia managed to get out between short breathes

"sorry" he smiled as he let her go a little. He couldn't believe how much she had changed. his baby sister was now a young women. She was taller and her hair was longer, and he could only pray that vince kept his promise in keeping her protected from scumbags.

Suddenly mia snapped out of it and pushed out of Dom's grasp "Oh my god you didn't break him out did you?" she asked fearfully as she looked at Vince shaking her finger . Both guys couldn't help but laugh Mia was always thinking the worst of them and they always gave her a reason to.

" no Mia I got out early on good behaviour and I wanted it to be a surprise.

" well I'm very surprised, especially because you got out on good behaviour" she laughed as she threw her arm around her brothers shoulder .Both Vince and Dom couldn't help but laugh with her.

the next few hours were spent with Mia making lunch for dom and Vince, as well as catching dom up on the business of the store and garage, until they were interrupted by two roaring engines pulling into the driveway.

" oh my god " Mia said as she jumped up with a grin on her face "they are going to flip out"

Dom didn't even have to ask ,he hadn't been gone that long, he knew who it was. Suddenly the front door swung open as Leon barged in laughing , Dom chuckled a little to himself as he noticed Leons beard. That's new he thought to himself however the rest of leon looked like his same scruffy self.

"Leon you are such an idiot no wonder you can't keep a girlfriend." Letty entered the house while laughing at him

" I don't have a girlfriend because I choose to be single."

" ya what ever! SHOT GUN" letty yelled as she ran to the TV

" aww! no fair" leon whined, he knew that shot gun meant the good controller to the play station. He sulked down beside her and they began to play.

mia and vince just stood there seeing how long it would take them to notice, dom on the other hand was in complete shock. That cannot be Letty, he thought, I mean sure she was pretty before he went away but now she was Gorgeous. It was taking everything in him to keep his eyes form popping out. Her hair was still long and dark but the curl had relaxed to a wave. He curves had filled out a little more than the last time he seen her her teenage girl body had developed into a womens body. He hoped vince was protecting here as well, because that was a type of body that got attention, and if letty was the same he knew it was unwanted attention. He couldn't help but laugh as he watched her and leon bicker and taunt each other as they played.

"you are dead!so very very dead!" leon threatened as his elbow nudge letty's.

"Bring it on Bitch. You aint got nothing on me.'' letty replied playfully

"eehhm" vince cleared his throat getting a little impatient, leon and letty turned their heads and their jaws dropped.