Second time lucky?

Flora thought back to that day when she tried to teach Luke to dance –

He was kind of okay at it. (Well, until he tripped and pulled her on him, consequently ending up in her having to explain to the professor why, exactly, she was lying on top of Luke in the first place.) Since that day she would sometimes walk past and just catch him doing a waltz in the corner of her eye! It saddened her in a way that he was having to make an effort to learn alone – maybe they could have another go at it?

She knew deep down that it would end up in more of a mess than last time, but that wasn't going to stop her. Just like when she had tried to cook, again. (Actually, bad example – nothing could possibly end up in more of a mess than that!)

Anyway – second time lucky, right?


The next day, she approached him shyly, and asked –

"Erm, Luke – do you want to have another go at dancing?"

He reluctantly accepted and two hours later they found themselves in the front room doing a waltz –

"Hey, He's not actually that bad, is he?" She thought.

As the record finished, she told him she would like to try something harder, and picked out a Charleston record.

Luke gulped – the Charleston was a really fast – paced dance and he was never going to manage it, but he was having loads of fun so carried on.

Oh dear, big mistake.

With every step and turn, Luke got more off balance until, eventually; he tripped – pulling Flora with him.

Four hours later, Flora woke up on the couch, with Luke and Layton leaning over her.

"Erm, are you alright?" asked Luke.

She asked what had happened. "You made the mistake of trying to dance with him again and ended up unconscious!" Layton replied.

Layton and Flora laughed – but Luke didn't find it that funny.

"Never again" he thought "No matter how much she begs…"

Although, in the back of his mind, he knew that there was not much danger of that ever happening…