Three words. Three words to define myself huh? God these questioners are getting stupid by the month.

Natsuki was holding orange juice with vodka -more than the juice in one hand, and a magazine in the other, the pen standing idly in her mouth. It was a Sunday morning ritual.

Bipolar, chain smoker, sex addict?

That had reminded her the need she forget what it was. She let go of the vodka and reached for the little black metal plate that hold 6 cigarettes in them. She took one out and closed tightly between her lips.

''You know, I heard you shouldn't smoke at least for an hour if you want those vitamins from your orange juice,'' it was a sexy yet husky voice, evident of last night's loud talk due to the banging music at the club. Or perhaps the screams she had let out on the western black sheeted king sized bed just hours ago. Perhaps both.

Natsuki didn't even bother to put her head up to the owner of the voice.

''Get me the lighter will you?'' she replied still looking at the question in front of her.

Annoying, alcoholic, sex addict? Jesus Christ why three and not four?!

With the lack of movement around her, she knew the girl standing hadn't moved.

''It's not an orange juice, it's vodka. Now get me the lighter please?'' The please part didn't sound like a plead at all, but more like a demand. Natsuki tilted her head up after finishing her sentence and found the half naked blond girl not looking at her at all but to another magazine's cover lying on the glass table.

''I think she is damn hot.''

''I think not.''

The answer had come rather abrupt to Natsuki's own surprise. She was getting much and much better at lying herself let alone the world.

''Why not! I mean come on, I would kill for a body like hers. But I don't think it's the body its those eyes....''

Natsuki didn't hear the rest. Her mind had shut with the word those eyes.

''Natsuki. Natsukii...''

Natsuki could her the blond silhouette calling for her but her mind was still shut to the world. It was also shut to herself, since she wasn't particularly thinking about something. She wasn't thinking at all.


With that call she jumped back to reality looking at the face of the caller.

''Don't you ever! Ever dare call me like that again!'' she shouted, her eyes wide in anger.

''Fuck, what's wrong with you. Alright...'' the blonde was shocked, and scared to see the figure in front of her burn in green anger.

''Just get out Suzuru! Out!'' Natsuki yelled, throwing the magazine away. She jumped up and walked outside of her villa towards the pool.

''Right now! Out!'' she yelled back, her gaze fixated on the sky, her grip on her cigarette tightened. She saw a lighter standing on the wood table and so she grabbed it quickly with her trembling hands. She could hear the other woman grabbing her stuff in a hurry.

''Whatever Lunatic! Give me a call when you get your shit together!'' the blond shouted back marching towards the grand door of the villa.

Natsuki never planned to call the blonde back anyways. She was just another rising model, Natsuki got under her pants.

Na-tsu-ki... The voice echoed in her head. She threw away the cigarette and threw herself as well, into the aqua blue of her pool. She trembled as the cold water hit her, but her mind slowly returning to it's normal course.

Heartless, desperate, lost...

Was the last thought in her mind. And she smiled when she had finally answered the first question.

''Hey Sexy. What the hell are you doing there?'' A warm voice called. And a giggle followed.

Mai Tokiha was looking at her crazy best friend who seemed very peaceful in the pool with her clothes on.

''Oh. Mai. Wanna join me?'' grinned Natsuki devilishly.

''However tempting it might be, I wouldn't wanna disturb you and your cigarette. When you're done playing, go get changed. We're meeting with the girls downtown.''

''Who is coming?'' Natsuki asked, now she was standing upright in the middle of the pool, waiting for Mai's answer.

''Well, Aoi, Yohko are all on board. Mikoto is back but she can't make it, so is Haruka and Yukino but they are coming. And guess who is making a surprise appearance?'' Mai said, her right brow raising.

''Who?'' the demand to know came right away.

''Our beloved Nao Yuuki.'' Mai answered, and turned her body, her head still looking at Natsuki.

''It will be interesting Na-chan. I'll be waiting at the Zoe's. Jane!'' Mai winked and left.

Nao Yuuki. With exactly what gut is she coming. Doesn't she know that I'll be there. That cunning bitch!

She will talk about her... She will talk about her to my face as if she owns her... Fuck. So be it.

Natsuki jumped off the pool and reached for her cellphone.

''Hey gorgeous, its been a while...'' the voice on the other line greeted.

''A'dee. I need you. Are you free for couple of hours?'' right to the point.

''Well I am the Japan's favorite model Natsuki. Do you really think I have any time for myself?''

''But you have for me, Japan's favorite model.''

''Touché. When are you picking me up?'' the woman gave a little laugh with her surrender.

''Be ready in half an hour.'' Natsuki was about to end the call when the other girl called for her.

''Oh Natsuki.''


''Do make it seem like a kidnap, like the last time...'' the woman said in the most sexy way.

Natsuki just grinned.