BSK FAIRY TALES: Tootsarella (Cinderella)

I do not own anything to do with the beano only this story.

It is done in a sort of script and story form

Teacher sat at his desk, waiting for the kids to come.

Teacher: 9o clock (sigh) and no kids. Except my prize pupil!

Teacher looked at Cuthbert cringeworthy. He looked neat and nerdy like most of the 'pets' at the school.

Plug: sorry I'm late, Teach. I was catching up on my beauty sleep

Teacher: oh, just go sit down. (sigh)

Sydney : sorry we're, I mean I, late Teacha! But I can't find toots any where!

'Erbert : hello mister! Can you please fix my glasses? I'm in no rush!

Teacher: this is school 'erbert.

Wilfred: sorry sir I couldn't find a jumper that fit!

After about half an hour almost all the class was there.

Teacher: class, where is Mr Morgan and Miss Pie?

The whole class looked at him as if he was mad.

Fatty: who?

Teacher: Danny and Toots!

Whole class: ooh!!!

Teacher waited for them to start winding lies with there tongues when the door opened.

Danny: sorry we're late teacher

Toots: yeah sozzie!

Danny and Toots looked at each other. Giggling and smiling finely. Sydney looked down at the 2 children's hands and saw Toots put her hand in Danny's. Sydney felt like smoke was coming out of his ears.