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A/N: I find myself enjoying JONAS more than I expected, but I really want Macy to have more of a role. This was the idea I came up with on how she could get to know one of them without causing bodily harm. I am still struggling with the fact that they used their own names – it makes it too much like writing about real people.

Kevin was bored. Really bored. Somehow everyone else in his family had found interesting plans for Saturday night but him. Nick had a date, some guys from Joe's math class invited him to go see an action movie, Frankie was at a slumber party, and his parents were "rekindling" their romance. He was trying not to think about what that last one might entail. He, on the other hand, had nothing to do. He had already tuned all of his guitars, flipped through every channel in their deluxe cable package four times, and eaten all the cereal in the house. And it was only eight o'clock.

He considered playing solitaire on the computer, but he hated losing a game when he was the only one playing. But maybe he could find something to do on his computer – like replying to posts on the Jonas site. It wasn't that entertaining, but at least it made someone happy. Or at least he thought it made the fans happy. Sometimes they didn't seem to get what he was saying, which was why Nick and Joe liked to review his comments before he put them up. But his brothers had abandoned him, so they would just have to deal. He switched on the computer and noticed that Stella was logged on.


He immediately began typing, "Hey, Stella! I'm bored. Entertain me!!!!"

The little box showed that 'stylemaven' was typing. He looked at the message and frowned, "Sorry, it's not Stella. She's out at her Grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary party."

Kevin wrinkled his nose in confusion. "Then who are you?" He typed.

"A friend. They needed someone to watch her baby cousin because the sitter flaked at the last minute. But the baby is sleeping now."

"That's nice of you." Kevin wrote, briefly wondering why Stella hadn't asked him to babysit. He was good with kids. He considered it might have something to do with the time he watched her fish, but he still maintained that there was no way he could know they would eat themselves to death.

"Well, she's a really good friend, so I was happy to help. She is always there for me."

Kevin nodded in agreement before remembering that the person couldn't see him. "Stella is awesome!" He responded. "But why are you on her account?"

"It must log in automatically. And I didn't want you to think she was ignoring you."

That made sense. "Thanks."

Kevin wasn't sure what to do now. He didn't want Stella's friend to think we was desperate for someone to talk to, even if it was true. Then he noticed another message.

"Do you go to Horace Mantis?"

"Yes. Do you?" Kevin typed back.

"Yup. Are you in the marching band?"

"?" Kevin was known for his random comments, but that one confused even him.

"Your screen name – otterwithatrumpet. I thought maybe you were the guy in Stella's history class who plays the trumpet in the marching band."

"Oh! No, I just like animals with musical instruments."

"Hmm… like seals with horns?"

"And monkeys with cymbals."

"And chimpanzees with drums." This made Kevin smile. Most people gave him weird looks when he mentioned his fascination with musical animals, but whoever this girl was, and he was assuming it was a girl, she seemed pretty cool. And now he really wanted to see a chimpanzee play the drums. There had to be a YouTube video of that somewhere.

"Baby is crying. Gotta go. Have a great night!"

Kevin was disappointed that the conversation was over. It wasn't every day that you got to talk to someone who could take the otter with a trumpet concept to the next level. Without really thinking it through he typed, "Do you have an account? Can I add you to my buddy list?"

Kevin stared at the screen waiting for a response. Either she had already left to go take care of the baby, or she thought he was a creepy stalker type. He hoped it was the first one, but with his luck, she was already texting Stella about her weird friend. So much for not appearing desperate.

He tried to distract himself by watching animal videos, but even the Liberace of chimpanzees couldn't cheer him up. And then he saw a flashing light on the bottom of his screen. He clicked on the box and grinned.

Someone named 'agirlforallsports' had sent him a buddy request. He figured it had to be Stella's friend. Or at least he hoped it was. He accepted the invitation and sent her a message. "Is that you?"

And then he winced because 'you' could be anyone and not specifically the 'you' he meant. Now she was going to think he was an idiot.

"Yes, I'm me. The me who used to be Stella but is now herself."

Kevin literally laughed in relief. She was awesome. For the first time all night he stopped to wonder who she might be. He really didn't know many of Stella's friends besides the crazy girl who kept maiming him with sports equip…

Kevin froze mid-thought. The screen name.

It had to be her. Stacy or Casey? No, he thought it was Macy.

Freaky fan girl and cool chimpanzee chick were the same girl! He remembered Stella trying to convince them that they would like her friend if they could get to know her, but he had blown her off figuring no girl was worth the bruising and concussions she caused. And once again Stella was right; he did like her, at least from the safety of his home computer.

"Are you there? That sounded stupid, didn't it? Somehow I always manage to say or do something dumb."

Kevin could picture the dejected look that must be on her face right now. He had seen it so many times in the hallway after she had hit him or his brothers with something. And he didn't want her to feel like that when he was enjoying talking to her.

"No! It made perfect sense. You're you, on your account instead of you on Stella's account. And I'm still me."

"The person who likes music and animals."

Kevin smiled and thought about what to type next. Then he heard a door slam and Joe shout, "Hey, Kev, I'm home!"

He didn't want Joe to come find him messaging Macy. He knew that would lead to teasing and somehow Macy would end up embarrassed. And he didn't want that. So he quickly typed, "That's me! But I have to go. Hope to talk to you soon."

He quickly logged off before she could respond. He could hear Joe heading up the stairs, so he quickly grabbed his phone and sent Stella a text. "Don't tell anyone I'm otterwithatrumpet! Will explain later."

He trusted Stella. If he asked her not to say anything, she wouldn't. Because he liked talking with the normal Macy, and he worried if she found out who he was it would be over. She would go back to the spastic menace. For the first time in a long time, he wished he had more time alone, away from his brothers. It was going to be tricky to keep this a secret.