Star Wars: Evolution of the Rogue Zerg

Chapter 9

Time Period: Shortly before the death of Gent.

Rithcus, in all of his ecstasy, was actually a little overwhelmed. Just a little bit. The pummeling from those… Overlords? They seriously did a number on him. He had a few broken bones, and was actually using the force to hold said fractures together. He wished he could just stop right now, he wished the fight was over and that they were all dead. But, sadly, they weren't.

He wouldn't stop until they all were.

After all, he was unstoppable. He was Jedi Master Abdule Rithcus! Slayer of 4 zerg, 3 extremely powerful in the dark side of the Force! And now, what seemed like the most powerful of them all was in his grasp. He was going to enjoy this fight so much. Watching it squeal in terror and agony as it realizes its arrogance was the death of it.

Abdule couldn't help but begin laughing under his breath, grinning, as the 'Mutalisk,' Tiborsis, unlatched itself from the highest crevice of the ceiling, growling all the way, and at first dropping down, but then letting out its wings to land safely on the floor. The General could feel his eyes shivering in anticipation. As it landed, the worm curved its body into a 'C' shape, and it stilted itself in its wing-arms, which were apparently strong enough to hole its entire weight even when not in flight.

Its bottom mouth gurgled, pleased, "And now, my prey, you are mine to consume. Finally, after all these short years, I will have a truly worthy opponent. One almost at my level…"

Abdule cackled once, "Is that all I am to you, monster? A meal?" he chuckled loudly again.

"The life in the galaxy has always been about survival of the fittest. Only the strongest predators remain alive and live to evolve to a higher purpose. Do you think your species gained intelligence by being nice and herbalistic? No, you killed things, many things, many people," it replied, sounding uncaring.

Abdule smirked and got into another combat stance, "Such is the obvious argument of the dark side of the force, but always invalidated. New intelligence calls for new methods to obtain advancement, and killing each other is never the answer. Your evil will be called into question, by me!" his grin widened.

Surprisingly then, the gigantic worm made a huge reverberating noise, which Rithcus speculated to be laughter. After maybe a dozen second, it calmed down and said, "Y-you… HA… you hypocritical fool. No wonder your injuries do you no pain. You're lost in an insane scheme involving religious and psionic retribution!" its head leaned in closer to Rithcus, and its mouth smiled, "What a delicious mindset you have."

"I answer to a higher call, zerg abomination!" Abdule's smile broke into a dissatisfied sneer, "I do not answer to a zealous religion of any kind! I answer to the will of the light side of the Force! The Force is no mere idea; it is reality; the energy and web that binds everything together. These zerg you didn't help out were masters in it! You dare mark it as mere religion?"

The Mutalisk scoffed, "… Psionics, the Force, it doesn't matter. Your perception of something real is that of the fantastical. It has no will, it has no morals, it is merely a tool for the intelligent and mindful to use to their advantage. Did you truly think you are in the right because your religious doctrine says you are?" it gave the biggest smile that Abdule had ever seen on a living being, "My prey, you and I are exactly the same."

Rithcus snapped. He? Monster? … Sith? His face contorted, and then, it went blank. He felt his consciousness slip into a void; a void of nothingness. This monster claims him a master of the dark side? A bring of evil and death and horror?

He would show it that even the Light tortured that which is Dark.

He wouldn't stop until it begged for mercy; BEGGED for a death to end its agony. NOTHING WOULD STAND BEFORE THE LIGHT SIDE OF THE FORCE! ALL WILL PERISH BENEATH IT!

Without any expression, color in his eyes, or pain in his nerves, Jedi Master General Abdule Rithcus jumped into the fray to meet the Zerg Ariel Commander head on, no matter the size difference.

His assault started with an underhand rush with his saber, using the Force to propel his movement. Within a split second, he closed the distance, intending to cut its lower head in half horizontally. Abdule didn't notice anything, but assumed that the worm must've been surprised, because it didn't jump back fast enough to stop one its tusks from being cut, cleanly half.

But it wasn't stupid, it was a combat master just like Rithcus, which is why it actually quickly, in momentum of it jumping back, hopped up a foot using its wing-arms and twirled around, multiplying the force and flailing its mouth-tail in a circular pattern towards Abdule. It was frighteningly fast, but Abdule was still able to vault high, quickly, where he stood and narrowly avoid being batted by it into a wad of broken bones and torn meat.

When he landed on his feat, he had only a split second to hear it roar and continue its attack by whipping it tail around up, then saulting forward and bringing it down overhead with more momentum then the first counter. Abdule strafed as quickly as the force would take him to the left, and landed prone, his face towards the floor, also avoiding the humongous attack.

The worm wheeled back into an upright position, his overhead attack having not only caused an ear-shattering noise, but also having left a very large, almost artistic impression of its tail in the metal. Abdule, even though exhausted, still was not panting and not giving expression, but still watched as the worm then took a second to stop and turn its eyes to look at him.

It bore no expression but amusement.

Abdule, unfortunately, was no longer amused.

He braced himself for the next attack then, as it suddenly and surprisingly, despite being many dozens of feet away now, twirled around like in its first counterattack. For a split second, Rithcus didn't understand the motion, but then almost showed facial expression as its mouth-tail, as it whipped around in Abdule's direction, spat out a huge, chitinous glaive, as thin as a door, as wide as the General was tall and as sharp as… well, Abdule didn't want to find out. He dove to his right as it flew at him quickly and implanted itself halfway into the wall next to him, now noticeably dripping with bodily acid, likely use to project it in the first place.

Rithcus didn't know how to counter, because almost immediately after, the Mutalisk whipped in another direction and launched another bladed worm, as if it was no trouble whatsoever. It continued to do so, and each consecutive time, Abdule had to throw himself around to stop himself from being decapitated, dismembered, and mutilated, etc. The problem was that he was running out of distance with each dodge, so in a few moves, the Ariel Commander would take his life.

But the General was smarter then that.

He stopped and didn't dodge as the next glaive came at him. Instead, he quickly pulled his hand up and sent a blast of the Force outward against it, greatly slowly its trajectory, slow enough then for Abdule to then swipe out with his saber and slice the glaive to 4 pieces before it hit the ground without cutting him.

Tiborsis squealed, "Now that's what I've been waiting for, Jedi! GIVE ME MORE!" and he launched another one, not to the General's surprise.

After his last defense move, Abdule did not feel threatened by the glaives any longer, and to prove his point, he held up both his hands this time, open palm. The first hand slowed and then stopped the glaive. The second then shot the glaive back at the worm at twice the original speed.

Rithcus almost smiled as the chitin weapon actually met its target in the midst of the counter attack, as intended. It flew off, and despite Tiborsis dodging most of the damage, it still cut a quarter of the width into his segmented body, flying past him after and still implanting half way into the wall many, many feet behind him.

The worm winced in pain for a second, or two, which Rithcus quickly took advantage of. He rushed, and then jumped high, lunging downward to try and cut the mutalisk's head at least a little bit. But he was stopped, because very quickly, in one motion, the Mutalisk retracted its right wing, whipped the edge of it over the blood from its newly opened wound, and then struck out with the wing as if it were a blade, at the overhead General.

Rithcus's eyes opened a single millimeter as it was forced to bring his lightsaber up to guard, and was almost shocked to expression and it didn't cut the wing like a hot knife through butter. The bony edges of the wings were not only armored to the point of a bladed edge, but the coated blood somehow created a natural barrier to stop the lightsaber's cauterizing heat.

This was going to hurt.

Because the force of the upward counter from the Mutalisk sent Rithcus flying, since he had no foundation when falling downward from the air, all the way up into the highest reaches of the hanger. Rithcus knew that he would be severely injured beyond repair as he collided with the ceiling, which is why he pointed upward and used a blast of force. The blast was such that he very softly touched the ceiling, to the point where he gently made a kneeling position on it as if he were on the ground. Then a second after, gravity took affect and he began to fall, but it was no problem, for he immediately took a hand and grasped a nearby hanger rafter, and then easily pulled himself up onto it and crouched there, looking downward on the worm.

It hadn't lost track of him though just because he had gone up so far. As he looked down, it shot a glaive upwards at him and almost cut his head off as he quickly withdrew his head from the direction of motion. It landed and cut into the ceiling, literally in front of Rithcus, as if it were a shield. If it had been shiny, he'd have seen his expressionless reflection.

But he had no time to reflect on that. He quickly then zoomed to the left as another glaive worm shot upward and cut the metal rafter beam in half that he had been standing upon a split second ago. Rithcus kept darting around the metal rafters using the force, hoping the Mutalisk would loose track of him. Ultimately though, it was useless. Rithcus didn't know how, but after looking downward for a second, he saw the Mutalisk shoot a glaive in just the right upward angel for it to then ricochet off the wall and mathematically fly in the General's direction.

With such, he kept darting around to avoid the now bouncy glaive worms which the Mutalisk was actually doing very good at aiming. Who would've thought that Zerg were good at combat mathematics? Abdule wished that the thing would fly up here into this cramped space, but that would be too easy. There was even one glaive that ricocheted around the rafters more then a dozen times before Rithcus had to suddenly slow and cut it to pieces.

This monster was good. Really good.

"I grow tired of this charade! Come back down here so I may eat you!" and with that, Rithcus stopped, because Tiborsis then shot out 2 glaives every second for a few seconds, and each glaive hit one link at each end of the rafter beams. Suddenly, Rithcus realized, as it happened, that the worm had just cut off every link to the point that the entire rafters would fall down.

And so they did.

The General found himself free falling now, slightly above the falling rafters. A quarter of the way down Rithcus at last widened his eyes in adrenaline-pumping shock as Tiborsis zoomed straight upward, streamlined, twirling around, through a gap in the falling rafters, up in front of the General. The Commander finished its twirl and flight by opening its wings and then knocking them back, about to making a reaping motion with its bladed pinions.

And almost symmetrically, Rithcus was 10 feet away, directly in between the coming attack, midair. He had only seconds. The Mutalisk cackled and reaped its natural weapons inward, the direction being for a killing cut-in-half. But the General did not fear. He did not feel. He only knew.

And so he stretched his hands out of both his sides, one pointed to the corresponding wing, and he called upon the force. Instead of a blast, as if Rithcus were a lightning rod, electricity welled out from inside him and shot out, arched midair onto the mutalisk's wings, up their bones and skin and plate, around them, into Tiborsis's body and finally stopped as Rithcus heard the clang of the rafters hitting the ground in conjunction with the Commander's shrill, shocked scream of pure pain.

And at that moment, Rithcus then pointed both of his hands downward and pushed with Force, and his fall was slowed. He slammed onto the ground, the blast bending and widening the gap in fallen rafters which he had landed in. One hand on the ground in his kneeling position, he looked up as the Mutalisk just barely flapped its wings enough in recovery to stop its fall from being extremely detrimental to its health.

Tiborsis rolled a little on the ground as he landed, and then quickly hopped and stood back up on its upright worm position on its wings, but Rithcus could definitely tell that it was much more painful for it to stand on its wings like that now. Abdule's expression was once again blank, nonexistent, and cold like the void he felt only of now.

Was he winning? Even if not yet, the Light would prevail.

He listened as Tiborsis snarled, "Clever, Jedi wretch. Perhaps this is actually a battle of the predators after all. But in the end, you will be mine. I know I am stronger, the strongest zerg alive and I will show you why!" Abdule squinted his eyes as he then watched the Mutalisk clench all of the muscles in his body.

He watched in unexpressed disgust as the Mutalisk's body throbbed with blood and hormones, and Rithcus literally felt its dark Force aura expand to the point of which it would affect the surrounding physics. He heard Tiborsis give a very low-key, constant, guttural growl as his aura expanded, wider, thicker, and his muscles grew slightly larger, and his wounds closed and his electricity burned faded and peeled away. After a few more seconds, he gave one large roar, and the air around the Mutalisk zoomed around and billowed outward, his aura now expanded beyond anything Rithcus had seen in the dark side.

He almost smiled. It was delicious, deep, deep down, knowing that he'd get to kill this monstrosity of the dark side. One who used the Force to instantly accelerate muscle growth and regeneration? One who was now obviously burning away his life force to the dark side?

Force lightning arched around the mutalisk's most prominent bladed and spiked features, and he said, his voice now deeper and stereophonic on three new levels, "I knew one day that my ultimate opponent would be a psychic, and so my own psionic training involved the absorption and consumption of offensive psi that connects with my body. Your kinetic energies have given me regenerative bulk, and your electricity has turned my inner life force into a conductor of static electricity. Insufferable, insane, pathetic humanoid Jedi, your demise is imminent."

And with that, no matter how expressionless, Rithcus was in awe on the inside. It was such an efficient, dazzling display of empowering force powers, that no matter how evil, Rithcus felt… envious, even. Envious…

He then felt the void in the back of his mind. It didn't call out to him, but it offered something. Salvation; the Light's salvation? The power of the avatar of the Jedi? Is that what lay beyond the Veil of Rithcus's mind? The power… the energy! He was to be the champion of the Jedi! It was his destiny!

He reached out and grasped the power. His eyes rolled into the back of his head, his arms when limp, and he began to levitate above the ground. As he floated higher above the ground, up to seven feet, his arms levitated up, outstretched, his hand still holding his sacred weapon of the Jedi. Images… no, not images, feelings. His passions, his fears, his anger, his hatred, his… light. It beamed before his psyche. It called to him, the Light. It would be his true power, and his only cost was his life.

He would gladly die to see the death of all Zerg.

And with that, his wish was granted.

He couldn't help but suddenly scream out in pain as he felt as if his blood was boiling. The radiant goodness of the light streamed up his veins, causing unbearable pain, agony, emotion.

What was his passion?

To destroy all the evil that was the Dark Side. The Zerg; Tiborsis; Karsona… he would bring about their end.

What was his fear?

Of death; of failure. His muscles tensed as the radiant heat of the Light poured into them.

What was his anger?

His anger towards the Zerg and their darkness; their existence was a mockery of all life. His rage towards them was limitless. He felt his aura expand greatly and his muscles gain vitality.

What was his hatred?

Hatred for his enemies; for himself. His eyes sparked up and glowed a bright scarlet, blood dripping from his ears.

What was his light?

The retribution he would bestow, the sacrifice he would now make to put and end to these abominations; forever. All of the metal within twenty feet of Rithcus exploded outward as a rip-field of Force energy formed around him.

He fell to the ground, on one knee, and slowly stood. He felt everything, and he felt nothing. His entire body was cloaked in a transparent wisp of bright scarlet energy, and a field of was seemed like spiritual disintegration was mildly formed around him.

He felt cold and hot as he then grinned widely and yelled, his voice now also stereophonic, "BEHOLD THE POWER OF THE LIGHT SIDE, MONSTER OF THE ABYSS! YOU WILL BE NOTHING BUT ASHES IN THE WAKE OF MY FURY!"

And then both he and Tiborsis were surprised as a large explosion went off. They both quickly peered, Rithcus to his left, at the windows of the hanger lobby, which had been shattered, and their frames bent and busted from some sort of… bomb? What happened in there?

But Rithcus didn't ponder it for a second longer. Immediately, he charged into action, his lightsaber pulsing with energy, and another blade of pure Force energy materializing in his other hand.