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Summary: Still, though, I stood there, in the dark midnight; my tongue smarting from where I accidentally bit it; my face scrunched against the urge to scream. Ah, the joys of married life -- married life with John Sheppard. ElizabethJohn

Rating: K+

Warnings: None

Pairing: John/Elizabeth (Sparky, if you prefer)

Spoilers: None

Part 1/1

Title: Midnight Musings

Author: Mama Jo

Author's Note: This was just a little something I thought while musing on my own life as a newlywed. A little fluffy, funny piece from Elizabeth's POV. I hope you enjoy -- thanks for reading! --Mama Jo

Midnight Musings

A Soliloquy


Mama Jo

"Could have been Mensa." I've
Heard him tell Rodney that
On more than one occasion. And
I know it's no idle boast, but
The actual, literal truth. He really
Could have been Mensa.

Still, though, as I stand
Here, in the dark midnight;
My tongue smarting from where
I accidentally bit it; my face
Scrunched against the urge to scream.
Still, I can't help but wonder--

If he could have been Mensa, then
Why, why, why can he not
Remember three simple things:
Always squeeze from the bottom--
Hang the paper roll flap forward--
And never, never, EVER
Leave the seat up at night!

The End