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Chapter 1

He was in his usual sketching place, a large oak. He could hear his father shout from the house, and he felt the stings from the beatings in his chest. The father was drunk again. The boys name was Sasuke, Sasuke Uchiha. He hated that name "Uchiha", he always thought that the name or the family behind it was a mistake to the world (including himself). The Uchihas pretty much owned the city; in every street you would at least see one poster or tag with the Uchiha crest. It was an "underground" business thing.

Sasuke sat on a branch, drawing in his sketchbook (a gift from a friend), Sasuke was drawing his mother, she was beautiful. She had past away a few years ago, jumped out of a window. Or that's what they said. But Sasuke knew, what had really happened. Since his mothers death, the beatings had only gotten worse. Every time his farther missed a deal with an important person or came home drunk, and there wasn't any breakfast ready on the table when he woke up or if he just felt like it, he would beat Sasuke. And since his mothers death, he have had the feeling that only his closest friends had to know. And his choice of clothing, didn't exactly say welcome.


Black Seether t-shirt

xxxxx-large hoody (Hiding his oh so handsome face)

Skinny jeans

Belt made out of bullets

And "in your face" neon green converse (His farther always complained about his "going all black" style, so that's why he bought these).





In the right ear: Earrings all the way up

In the left ear: Half way up with the earrings, a pole in the top

A helix

And he had chain made out of silver, that used to belong to his brother

Yeah, that was his almost everyday outfit.

Sasuke did have a few friends, who knew about the beatings. And every time he sees them, they pretty much made him strip.


It was early Monday morning.

First lunch break:

Sasuke took place at the usual table along with his friends: Temari, Shikamaru, Neji and Naruto (though Naruto was only at the table part-time, he was in a dilemma between his friends' table and the popular table). pretty much every person in the school called that table "the emo table"for some odd reason.

Temari was always the first one to speak up.

"Hey, we should go to the amusement park!"

Info about Temari:

She is VERY bossy

She has an evil look in her eyes

And NEVER EVER say "no" to something like a trip to the amusement park, if she asks.

"So what do think?" She asked with the "evil look"

They all looked down at the table. "Yeah, sure why not".

"Great! But Sasuke you're gonna have to wear something else." Sasukes face expression was as always kind of emotionless, but this time, it was mostly because he knew what she was going to say.

"I'm NOT gonna wear a skirt!" He stated

"Aww, but it would look so good on you." He glared with a "you're a retard" glare.

"But okay, I demand a tank and shorts!" She pointed a finger in Sasukes face.

"I don't have a tank" He said to Temari with a smirk.

"Don't worry, SHIKAMARU! SASUKE NEEDS TO BORROW YOUR TANK!" She shouted to her boyfriend, who was being scolded for sleeping in class. And the shouting resulted in a lot of eyes on Sasuke.

"You did than on purpose, you mean woman". Sasuke continued the "you're a retard" glare. All the students were looking at Sasuke, while Sasuke stopped the glaring but instead decided to slam his head hard against the tables surface.

"Wow, Sasuke you're gonna murder your brain if you keep doing that" (side comment from Neji).

"I'll just sue the school for making hard tables?" Neji was surprised by that answer (which was didn't go unnoticed by Sasuke).

"I'm joking" Sasuke stated.

"That's what's surprising me". Meanwhile Shikamaru came back to the table.

"Any extra homework?" Temari asked because of the last punishment.

"No, they said that they will have to call my parents, which means I'm gonna crash your house for the next couple of weeks... So Sasuke, a tank?" Shikamaru was bored in school, the paperwork they gave him was way to easy for him.

"Yeah, thanks to your girls evil eyes." Sasuke mumbled. Temari slapped the back of Sasukes head.

Just as the bell rang, they separated and went to their classrooms.

Sasuke was in art class along with Shikamaru. They were supposed to make a sculpture, but it looked more like a lump of mud, mostly because this weirdo sabotaged their clay. The school was over in no time, and Sasuke walked home alone as usual. On his way home he held a hand over his brow, because of the table.

"I really should sue the school for making hard tables, my piercing is killing me". Sasuke rubbed his forehead, while he got the mental picture of him in a skirt, and got grossed out. (Temari words was getting to him)

He walked to the front door at his house and noticed a moving van next door.

"Great, new neighbours" Sasuke didn't like new persons, he had a very hard time trusting people, mostly because of his dad. He didn't give it any further thoughts, though. He walk through the front door, and heard voices in the living room. Sasuke wanted to see, who the voices belonged to, so he went to the living room, to say hi (just to have a reason).

"Hi dad, I'm home." Sasuke looked around, and saw a middle aged man sitting on the couch.

"Oh hi Sasuke. Say hallo to our new neighbour".

"Hi". Sasuke said with a waving hand. He then left the living room, and headed for his own room. As he opened the door, he saw a girl with pink hair.

"Is that a natural colour, or do you just like pink way too much?" Sasuke smirked at the fact, that his comment made the girl jump.

"I like pink, but not too much". The girl said while putting her hands on her hips, looking superior.

"Right, what are you doing in my room?" Sasuke walked into his room, closing door behind him.

"Your father invited us over, he told me that his son would be home soon" Sasuke knew were she was going.

"So he told that you could go up here and wait for me?" The girl nodded.

"I'm Sasuke" Sasuke conquered his bed in a jumping attack, landing on his back.

"Sakura". She looked confused.

"What?" Sasuke had noticed.

"Well, nothing" Sakura sat down on a desk chair, while Sasukes phone started to ring . He knew who it was.

"I'm still not wearing a skirt". Sakura giggled imagining Sasuke in a skirt

"That's not what I wanna talk about dork"

"Then what is it, cake?" (Huge insult to Temari)

"We're going to plan the birthday party". Sasuke raised himself from the lying position.

"But I have a guest".

"yeah, I heard, take her with you".

"Fine, as long as you promise not to traumatise her". Sasuke looked a bit worried.

"No can do". Sasuke sighed, and looked at Sakura.

"Wanna meet my friends?" Sakura nodded while smiling, She was very exited.

Sasuke and Sakura went by the living room, to tell their fathers that they were going out.

"I'm gonna show Sakura around the city, Don't worry, she'll be home by eight" Her father looked at Sakura with a smile, while nodding as an approval to Sasukes idea.

"That sounds okay" Was Sakuras fathers responded, The two teens went out of the door and headed for Temaris house.

Sasuke and Sakura walked through the door to Temaris house, she had just moved away from her parents, so the house were full of boxes. They heard voices coming from the basement, mostly Temari bossing around with Shikamaru. Sasuke guided Sakura through the house and down the basement, to see one girl and two boys staring at Sakura.

"Why are they staring?". Sakura asked looking at Sasuke.

"You have pink hair, but don't worry, they are nice... most of the time". Sakura gave a weak smile.

"So this is Temari, the girl who called me". Sasuke said pointing at the bossy girl, who just nodded in return.

"And this is her boyfriend, Shikamaru, or slave". Sakura looked at a lazy faced boy, with something that looked like pineapple hair.

"And that's Neji" Neji just raised his hand.

"Dudes this is Sakura" Sasuke said while pointing at Sakura. Temari was glaring at Sasuke, and he knew why.

"Sorry Temari, I simply just refuse to see you as a girl". Temari chose to ignored the comment, and started bossing around Shikamaru again

"So were did the music device go?" Sasuke had noticed the silence that had to be broken.

"The boom blaster is upstairs, but I hope you brought your own CD's, because mine are... disappearing".

"Your CD's to? They're playing hide and seek!" Neji said while he was about to freak out.

"Of course I did" Sasuke went upstairs to get the boom blaster. I soon as he spotted the it, he grabbed it and inserted one of his favourites. He went down stairs and saw, that Sakura had been put to work.

"So Sakura, what's your favourite band?" Sasuke asked, while placing the boom blaster on a chair in the corner.

"Well, I like Green day?" She looked confused at Sasuke, who just gave her the "you're a retard" look.

"Yeah, this is what I call music". Sasuke pushed play, and the song started

Throw your dollar bills, and leave you trills all here with me.

And speak but don't pretend, I won't defend you any more you see.

It aches in every bone, I'll die alone but not for you.

My eyes don't need to see that ugly thing, I know It's me you feel.

Sakura liked the song, and after a few replays (on her demand), she could sing along with the others. They finished, and they were completely ready for the upcoming birthday. There were still about three hours, till Sasuke had to return Sakura to her father, so they decided to grab some dinner, and see the not exactly small city while eating. Sasuke showed Sakura the best places to eat, the cinema and the school. Sasuke and Sakura returned to her house five minutes before eight.

"You know, you're pretty easy to talk to". Sasuke said with his hands in his pockets

"What do you mean?" Sakura didn't quite understand.

"Well normally I don't like new people, I had a hard time getting used to Temari, but you are just easy to talk to."

"Well thank you, I guess"

"Hn, well... goodnight." Sasuke waved as he crossed the garden, and through his front door. He quietly made it to his room, not wanting to disturb his father, for more than one reason, but he didn't succeed. His father was standing in the hallway, waiting for Sasuke to get home.

"Sneaking around, are we?" Sasukes father looked drunk, the only thing in Sasukes mind was "Shit! he's drunk, it's gonna hurt". And oh was he right, his farther placed a fist against his ribs, which made him loose his breath, followed by several fists on his chest, arms and legs. He hated, when his father was drunk, that was when he reserved the worst kinds of beatings.


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