Marie's P.O.V.

God I hate swim practise. I had been in training since I was six, competitively since I was seven.

I barely juggled school and Luciano (my long- term boyfriend since I was fifteen).

I was powering through the water as I started plotting my revenge on Coach Bell. I can't believe he made me miss Luciano's birthday AGAIN!!!!

After I had plotted her demise, I thought about the beautiful new kids, The Cullens and The Hales. All of them were adopted by Doctor. Cullen, who was new to town (which was lovely Vancouver since you asked) and working in the hospital.

Rosalie and Alice were already signed up for the swim team, and the boys were signed up for Basketball.

I finished my laps, but then I heard Coach's voice. "Dwyer, I need you to race against Mallory, she needs to bring up her speed!"

I groaned. Just what I needed.