Legacy of a Nazgul or Digimon ride to Minas-Tirith. Chapter 1 – A trip to museum.


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Hello, this is another of my rather random crossovers. Hoping to receive some reviews about my work. To read the story and understand everything reader must have some rudimentary knowledge about both "Lord of the Rings" and "Digimon tamers season three". The idea was given by Fergus Flamacron.

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In this chapter you will find out how exactly our heroes made it to the world of Middle-Earth…


It was one summer day. The weather was fine, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and everyone on streets seemed to be joyful and happy. The only person who was not so delighted by that wonderful time was Rika Nonaka, an 11 year old girl, and who enjoyed spending her time in her room, with lights off. She had several reasons to do so. She didn't have too many friends to hang out with, and there was no reason to go outside alone. Plus she liked to sit in the dark and think about something, just about anything.

It was then, when the tranquility and silence was broken by a sound of ringing cell – phone. Soon afterwards the darkness was broken also by a dim light of a small screen. Rika looked at it for a couple of seconds, reading who the person that called her was, and pushed the green button.

"Yeah, Gogglehead, what do you want this time?" she asked directly, with a rather harsh intonation, without even saying hello. Although she and Takato were friends for quite a while, Rika was having problems with getting rid of her tomboy demeanor. On the other end of the line there was heard some confused mumbling, and then Takato finally answered with a beaten voice:

"Uh, I'm sorry, I guess I caught you in a bad mood. I'll call back later, sort of…" and wanted to end the call, but was halted by Rika's words:

"Hold it, Gogglehead, I'm not in a bad mood. I'm just, you know, being myself. Now, why have you called?" she asked with a much milder intonation. She felt a bit sorry for startling the poor boy.

"Err, well, I sort of won 6 tickets to an opening of a new museum, so I am wondering if you would like to come. Henry will come too." Takato said with a much happier voice.

"Wait, I don't get it. Me, Henry, you, that equals 3. Who are the other three guys?" she asked suspiciously. She didn't want to meet with Kazu or Kenta. She hated those guys quite a bit, but didn't show it because they were Takato's friends.

"Our Digimon, of course." A paradox reply came.

"Hold on for a sec. Hey, Renamon!" Rika called, and in a second a shadow materialized in the dark corner of the room.

"Yes, Rika?" the digital kitsune asked with a soft voice.

"Do you wanna go to a museum?" Rika asked her, expecting a negative answer, because she knew Renamon hated to waste time on such things. It was to her amazement, when Renamon suddenly replied:

"Yes." Rika started at her Digimon in amazement for a couple of seconds, and muttered:

"Well now, that was unexpected."

"You know that I will follow you anywhere you go, Rika. And besides, I enjoy learning something new about humans." Renamon explained softly. Rika blinked for a couple of times and picked up her phone again.

"Alright, count me and Renamon in." she said promptly.

"Really? That's great! We will all meet up in the park tomorrow, you know, the usual spot, at 10.00. See you there! Bye!" Takato said with a rather cheerful intonation and ended the call.

"Finally, I thought I would die here from boredom…" Rika sighed as she turned off her phone and the room was covered in darkness again. She sighed deeply and stared at the darkness with a blank glare.

"Rika, is everything alright?" Renamon suddenly inquired.

"Yes, everything's alright… Just great…" Rika sighed out. Ever since the defeat of D-Reaper she didn't quite have the occasion to hang out with her two best friends, because they were busy all the time, so she looked forward to the upcoming tour, yet still being saddened a bit by the fact that such occasions didn't come around too often.

…The next day Rika, accompanied by her faithful digimon, finally got to the park. They were not in a hurry, because they knew they were not late. At the big tree she spotted Henry, who was leaning on it, looking at his watch, and Terriermon, who was on his head like a hat.

"10.00. Right on time." He commented Rika and Renamon approached him.

"You know me, I'm never late. Speaking of late, where's Gogglehead?" she asked with her usual not caring intonation.

"Dunno. But he will be here, otherwise…" Henry replied in exactly the same intonation.

"Otherwise he will be in deep trouble…" Rika said a bit viciously.

"Should I go and look for Takato and his digimon?" Renamon mildly offered her assistance.

"Don't waste your time. Like Henry said, he'll be here." Rika said and leaned to the tree also. They waited for ten minutes, when suddenly loud running was heard, and in a second Takato appeared before them, breathing deeply. Apparently, he ran all the way from his house to the park. Guilmon was with him, but he was not that tired, he enjoyed an exercise.

"Well well well, good to see you, Takato! Fashionably late as usual huh?" Rika asked with a bit of nasty laugh, but this was ignored pretty much, because Takato was breathing as a train.

"Here … are … tickets … sorry … I'm … late…" he managed to say between breathes and gave them their tickets.

"I was afraid you would forget them at home like you did last time." Henry teased his friend a little bit and received a nasty glare from him.

"That time … it was an accident! I swear!" Takato exclaimed between breaths.

"And the time before…" Henry continued to remember all times Takato actually forgot something important.

"Alright alright I give up! Just … let's get it on shall we!" Gogglehead replied, while sounding a bit defeated and irritated. Renamon and all other digimon watched that entire scene while barely holding laughs.

"Humans… They just keep amusing me." She said in her calm intonation.

"Hey! I though you said once you were through with that smarty-face attitude of yours!" Terriermon exclaimed jokingly from atop of Henry's head.

"I am allowed to change my mind once in a while, am I not?" Renamon replied to that with a question of her own, and gave the green little digimon an icy glare. She was joking that way, scaring the guts out of poor "defenseless" Terriermon, a strange sense of humor, it seemed.

"Can't argue against that." Terriermon replied quickly and went down, hiding behind Henry from that glare Renamon was giving him.

"Hey Renamon! Don't be mean!" Henry exclaimed as he picked up his digimon form the ground and now held him in his hands.

"Don't worry, I won't." Renamon replied through chuckle. That gave creeps to everyone, she rarely laughed.

"Err, alright. Let's just go to the museum shall we?" Takato quickly proposed and the whole group went down the road to the museum…

…In a little less than a half on an hour they have already reached the museum. It was not exactly a high building, unlike the rest of the buildings in Shinjuku district. It was made of stone, and looked more like an old theatre. In fact, it really was a theatre before, but now it was completely remade.

A rather old man wearing a strict official costume was waiting outside the door. At first the children thought this man was a porter, but at a closer look Takato recognized him a man who was the owner of this establishment. He saw that guy on TV earlier.

"Welcome, children and … ehem, digimon, to our humble museum of ancient culture!" the old man exclaimed a bit cheerfully. But it was obvious that he was a bit startled with the presence of digimon around. And who could blame him? It has been only a short time since digimon became known to the society, and people were cautious, if not hostile, towards them. The old man opened the door and let them all in.

"Well, um, thanks … sort of. Here are the tickets, we won them in a lottery you made and … um, where are all the people?" Takato asked with a bit of confusion. There were no people inside the mansion, only wind wandered in long and empty halls of the museum.

"Unfortunately our "grand" opening didn't draw too much attention due to … recent events that took place." The owner replied and gave a tired and displeased glare towards the digimon. They felt that.

"You are the only visitors we have so far… And you won the tickets because only one of you participated in our lottery… That a bit sad, really, to know that so many people are missing the fascinating exposition that we have… Or perhaps nowadays history is not so fascinating any more…" the old man added sadly. He was looking pitiful, as would any person who loves history and sees that no one else cares about it. A bit of guilt struck everybody in the group, because deep in their hearts they knew that they only came here to hang out, and not to share this passion for history.

"So, since you're the only visitors, the museum is practically yours to explore. You may enter almost everywhere, besides restricted areas for personnel. Do you need a guide to show you around? I will gladly show you around." The owner proposed his assistance.

"Thank you. We would appreciate that." Rika replied politely. That answer drew an honest smile at the old man's face.

"Very well then, I suggest you follow me and we'll begin our tour. Our museum has various exhibits to show the progress of mankind starting from the Stone Age till the Modern Time. First evidence of existence of a human society was found in…" he began to tell a brief course of history of mankind and civilizations as the group entered the first of vast halls of the mansion…

… They wandered the museum for more than 2 hours, following the owner, who was a sturdy historian, obviously, listening to his passionate monologue about the history of ancient times and about different ancient cultures throughout the globe. At some parts it was actually interesting, and sometimes boring.

The museum indeed had a wonderful collection of different exhibits, starting from knifes made out of stone and finishing with weaponry and other things which were only about 60 years old. When the whole group passed through a hall which had exhibits dedicated to Mayan culture, one particular thing attracted Takato's attention.

It was a strange contraption made out of white stone. It looked like a white table, and on top of it where drawn some strange symbols. In the center there was a circle made out of letters, forming a sign of some sort. And around that circle there were some more symbols, each one differed from another, making in total nine.

"Hey guys! Wait up!" he called as he noticed that the rest was moving away. That call stopped the rest of the group.

"What's the matter, Takato?" Henry asked and yawned.

"Check this out!" Takato replied as he pointed at the strange table with his finger, and accidently touched one of the symbols. Almost immediately afterwards, the symbol started to glow, and slowly all other symbols started to glow as well, with a golden yellow light.

"Whoa! What did you do peanut-brain?" Rika asked in amazement as she took a step back away from the strange artifact.

"I don't know I swear! Did I break it?!" Takato replied in confusion as the table began to shake, as well as the floor. The inner circle released a beam of light in the air. The old man who was giving them the tour, finally turned around and, when he saw that, ran back with screams:

"Back you fools! Back!!!" but it was too late… the light extended beyond the circle and embraced everyone who was around, and, after a brief spark, disappeared, alongside with the children and their digimon.

"Oh no… What have I done! Not again!" the owner of the museum said while not holding his tears and collapsed to the floor… The children and their digimon were gone…

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