A/N: Hey….This is a random story I kinda imagined when I was in my English class…anyway it's about twilight…it's set in Breaking Dawn but there is no Nessie and Edward and Bella just got married. Something happens and Bella runs away ,her group have weird powers(like in Xmen, Bella Is a mix between Storm and Susan…),They got these powers by getting a certain tattoo,(I had this idea from reading Ink Exchange)They're in concert and they see some old 'friends'.


I was on my way up to the Cullens door. I opened the door and looked was nobody here but I could here loud rap music…it wasn't Edwards type of music but it was coming from his room.I walked up the staircase –tripping twice-and went to his I got closer to his door I could here moans and growls , at first I thought it was one of his 'siblings' trying to piss Edward off, but when I opened the door I and looked in was my best friend and my husband on my bed.

I looked at Edward and gaped, Edward looked up and smirked at me. He fucking smirked. "How could you?" I asked him incredulously.

"Bella!" Alice exclaimed, but I had already been long gone.

Jasper was walking into the house-back from hunting- when I stormed past him, almost knocking myself over in the process. "Bella?" He asked.

Edward and Alice were following, now fully dressed. Edward stood silent .They faked looking guilty.

I pulled off my wedding ring and my engagement ring and threw them at him, I then started walking back to my truck.

"Would someone like to tell me what's going on?" Jasper asked, grabbing my wrist to stop me.

"Alice .Whores." I muttered too low for him to hear.

"What?" He asked.

"Alice and Edward Slept together!" I snapped and ran to my truck.

I drove until I was out of the country I went to my cousins house in phoenix and he said that I could stay as long as I needed to.

A few weeks later

I picked some black skinny jeans and a random black and white striped tank top, and some cons. When I got dressed I put some dark make-up I decided that It was the new me, a change. I already bought some clothes so that part was done. I headed out the door to the nearest tattoo shop.(Pins and Needles-Also from Ink Exchanged)and went in to get 'vampire fangs'-two lip rings on each side of my lower lip, and one more pierce at the top of my ear.

3 weeks later

I wanted to get a tattoo today, I went into Pins and Needles and looked through the book where they had pictures of tattoos in it.

I found on page that had numbers of different sort of tattoos one jumped out at me though-it was a crescent moon shape it had bolts of lightning going through it, the moon was a silvery colour and the lightning was a midnight blue sort of colour.

"Anything you so you like?" Rabbit asked – the owner of the shop-

I nodded and pointed to the one that I liked, he looked at me oddly.

"Are you sure this is the one you want? If you get this tattoo things will change," Rabbit said.

"I'm sure, trust me the stuff that I've seen in my life I'd know what change means "I said

He nodded and led my around to the room where he did the tattoos .

He told me to lift my top up and show him where I wanted it, I decided that I wanted it on my shoulder blades,

He put some white stuff on it, then put the stensle on the shoulder blade, he asked me if it was alright I said yes, he did the outline and said that it would take a few sessions to complete it.

After a few sessions it was complete, I also had a belly button bar.

I started to noticed changes I was as fast as Edward…I could control fire and storms I also had tekenises (I don't know how to spell that )

I decided to leave town. again. because it wasn't safe to be around the ones that I cared about with these weird but cool powers.

After a while I searched a while then I found a group of people that had similar powers as mine and also had crescent moon shaped tattoos but with a different symbol around all had a crest also it was in the same shaped crescent moon in silver.