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Spontaneous Combustion Samson : Chapter 1: Dmitri's Plot

It was a sunny day at Tsar Vlad's palace and everyone there were doing their daily chores for the mighty Tsar. Lord Peg leg was running errands for the Tsar by delivering messages to the neighboring country as fast as he could, Big Ears was hearing everything that was going on in the world and reporting them to the Tsar and Samson was carrying a huge cargo of stone so that he could build the Tsar's new bathhouse. As Samson was carrying the cargo, he hears a strange rustling sound from the Tsar's extravagant garden and he starts trudging towards the sound. Silently, Samson peeked through the weeds and spotted two bizarre looking figures digging for something in the ground. Samson then realizes that those two bizarre looking figures are Boris and Sergei. Samson thinks to himself, "Uh-oh, string boy and two-face are snooping around the palace. That means something is up." And something was up as Boris tells Sergei, "Hurry Sergei, we got to dig this *spontaneous combustion virus* into the ground so that it will blow up part of the Tsar's palace. If we don't do it, then Dmitri is going to be hopping mad." "Oh, Dmitri is going to be mad, huh?" Samson said unexpectedly. "Yes," said Boris, who does not notice Samson standing over them, "Dmitri is really going to be mad at us if we don't…" Boris stopped talking and he and Sergei looked up to see Samson saying, "Hello boys…" "RUN!!!" yelled Boris and Sergei and they tried to run, but Boris ends up tripping in a couple of vines and accidentally flung the virus, which is in a bottle, into the air. Samson calls out to the two, "Come back here you two HOOLINGANS!!!!" But just as he said that, the virus that was flung in the air, fell into Samson's mouth and Samson accidentally starts swallowing the virus!!!! Boris and Sergei then start panicking at seeing what was happening to the virus, but they ended up running away from Samson to tell Dmitri what had happened. When Samson finally drains the liquids of the virus, he suddenly feels very dizzy and faints on the ground.