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Originally a one-shot. Will be continued.


"Okay, FIN!" Alice swept her arm over my head in a grand gesture. Her 'Bella Barbie' masterpiece was now complete.


"I still don't understand why I need to 'pre-game' my attire Alice. I think you're just making up reasons to dress me up now."

"Trust me Bella, when I say, there is NEVER a reason too small to dress to the hilt."

"Mmhmm," I responded skeptically, "for you."

"Oh Bella, just go show Edward before they leave. Trust me," she huffed exasperatedly as I felt, not saw, her speed past me into Jasper's study. "Oh Jazzzzzy!-"

Hmph, 'Trust me', I mentally chided her, rolling my eyes as I made my way carefully down the steps to the living room. I had to admit, the Alice torture treatments I received (daily) were worth it as far as Edward and I were concerned.

Since returning from our honeymoon, we certainly had a…healthy…three months of marriage. Things had been so good I almost didn't want to be changed now…almost. We had it planned out for the end of the summer, three weeks away, when I would be "going to college", or so all the mortals in my life would be led to believe. Needless to say, I would continue playing dress-up for Alice as long as the resulting…uh…reactions from Edward kept up.

I hit the last step and then the foyer floor with my new stiletto Manolo's and internally praised my agility.

No injuries, mission accomplished.

"Ahhhhh!" I half choked, half shrieked in surprise as my body left the floor and I was engulfed in two massive bear arms.

"HOT Momma!" Emmett roared while unceremoniously tossing me around in his arms so that I was face to face with his bulking form. These vamps really didn't understand the meaning of personal space, a lesson I was repeatedly taught each new day as the newest member of the 'Cullen Center for Familial Dysfunction' (as I lovingly referred to my new family). Dysfunctional was putting it lightly.

But then again, we are talking vampires here.

Emmett gave me the Devil's grin while leaning into my ear. My mind swirled momentarily, and a shiver ran down my body at his forward actions.

He inhaled an exaggerated breath through his nose and released it over my now overheated neck, "Hmmmmmm… Bella." Not moving an inch from my ear, but fluidly and purposefully planting both of his brawny hands on my rear, "It's too bad you're married to my brother."

I froze in shock and…arousal? Shit. He let out an evil little chuckle. What the hell?

At this very moment, Rose strode past, tinkering with something large and mechanical. My heart quickened at my precarious position, but she nonchalantly rapped Emmett on the side of his head with the huge tool and disappeared into the garage without ever breaking her stride.

My blush was furious at this point as I looked to Edward on the sofa who sat idly behind his newspaper with an amused expression on his face.

Oh, I see how it is.

"Emmm-ettt," Edward cautioned low in mock deprecation, a crooked smirk threatening to break on his face. Jerk.

Emmett simply laughed in reply, slowly lowering me to the floor with deliberation…by my ass cheeks. "C'mon man, I'm just tryin'a make her blush again!" He turned his wicked smile back to me, "You know I'm just messin' with ya Bells-baby." I thought I heard him say "sexy," but I could have imagined it. Fuck! My stupid big oaf of a brother-in-law just turned me on!

"I do love that color on your cheeks," I heard from Edward. Turning, I saw his longing expression as he continued, "I'm really going to miss that." My eyes narrowed. It was obvious that Edward had decided to let me fend for myself at this moment. So I did what any self-respecting Cullen would do in this situation. I steeled myself, reigned in my blush, and prepared to dish a heaping plate of ice-cold revenge to my overly playful pseudo-sibling.

A flash of brilliance and a surge of confidence had me sauntering around Emmett's massive frame, dragging a single finger over his shoulders as I circled the giant. Stopping directly in front of him, I reached up on my tiptoes to slide my hand up and around his neck. I threaded my fingers through his dark curls, begging him forward. His eyes darkened and he complied easily. Ha. This would be a piece of cake.

"Hmmmm…Emmett," I exhaled in a sensual breath, letting it spill over his constricting jaw, "You're lucky I'm married to Edward. You couldn't handle me." With that, I let my tongue reach out to lick up his outer lobe with precision as I descended back onto my heels, releasing him from my grasp.

I heard Emmett's sharp intake of breath as I met his eyes, and plastered a wicked glint and a cocky smile on my face. His eyes bulged, and then darkened, and he gripped my hips roughly while releasing his shaky breath. "Bella…"

I looked down to witness the obvious physical effect I had on him and was no longer able to contain my laughter. I also couldn't help but notice the physical effect I was experiencing myself. Wow. I was aroused!

Emmett let out a low growl, "Gah, you are EVIL woman." His hands hesitated, tightening hard around my hips once more before he abruptly let me go, almost throwing me off balance, and shuffled awkwardly out to the garage. "Rose!" I heard him cry as I tried to contain my erupting fit of giggles and fist-pumping.

"Ha!" I shouted, satisfied with my tête-à-tête on the big bullying grizzly bear. I had to admit, I was getting pretty good at this. I'd have to think of something similarly genius to stave off Alice sometime. Before I could even begin to concoct plans of more sibling revenge, I was spun around with a dizzying speed and pinned to the staircase wall, face to face with my Edward. I gasped as he dragged his nose along my jaw line, stopping at my ear.

"Mmmm…my little sex-kitten," he purred. "You have no idea how close my dear brother was to losing his control with you. You really shouldn't tease him so."


"Well, you certainly weren't going to help me, so I had to get back at him in my own way." I was half-serious as I slapped his shoulder, "Way to defend my honor."

"Well love," he said grabbing my wrist and locking me between the wall and his steel body, "he wasn't the only one enjoying the dangers of your feminine wiles."

"Ungh," my eyes rolled back as I felt his burgeoning excitement press into me. It took a moment for the reality of his statement to register. "Wait, he was enjoying that?"

"Mmmm…yes, as was I," he growled out before capturing my lips with his and slipping his tongue easily into my mouth. My brain clouded over in the moment. I was teetering between complete, aroused oblivion and trying to maintain my wits to continue the conversation. He broke the kiss, dragging his delicious mouth back up to my ear. "He is pleading with Rose as we speak to take care of the…uh…problem you started." I shuddered a thrill.

Wait. That brought my wits back to me.

"I started?!" I pulled back from his grasp as much as I could and attempted to push him back. He wasn't having it as he only continued with his divine torture of my nape. I needed a different tactic before I became lost to his deft ministrations. "Well," I started, determined, albeit breathless, "Since you got so much…enjoyment…from my display, I suppose I'll have to flirt with Emmett more often. Maybe Jasper could use some special attention as well."

Ha! That'll show this teasing God of a husband I have!

Fully expecting my brooding, possessive Edward to rear his head, I was taken aback when he simply sighed, flashing my crooked smile and pressing further into my body.

"Only if I get to watch, love."

My confusion apparent, I had no time to register my reaction to Edward's words before he ate my response with his eager…uh, make that, aggressive mouth. Holy hell.

I paced endlessly in our bedroom, cell phone in hand, trying not to make a permanent decision in my head. Charlie was expecting me for dinner and I had assured Edward that I would be staying with him until Sunday; that he and his brothers should make use of the weekend to get in a good hunt. I made a conscious effort to concentrate on actually going to Charlie's. I even began planning the meal I would cook for us tonight…stroganoff. Charlie loved the stroganoff. I was sure I could fit in a visit to Jake's tomorrow while Charlie fished.

Yes, that's what I'll do. A nice visit to La Push, and then…

I thought with consternation, while quickly punching the familiar numbers in on my phone.

a stop off at the grocery on the way back for some tenderloins. Pork tenderloins with my famous caramelized onions will be perfect…

A second ring in my ear. He's always slow to the phone when a game is on.

and I'll grab some snow peas and a nice wild rice mix. Perfect Saturday meal. Charlie will love it.

Fourth ring, "Hello?"

"Hey Dad."

"Oh, Heya Bells. What time are you headed over? I was just watching the game, but we're losing pretty bad."

Alright, decision time.

"Umm, actually Dad, I was wondering if you could fare without me this weekend. I know it's short notice, but Edward is taking me to this really fancy place in Seattle on Sunday, and Alice is chomping at the bit to get me to the stores before they even open in the morning. I'm required to have new attire if I'm going…well…anywhere actually…but a fancy place is like code word for shopping-spree to the pixie…"

Okay, shut up now! You're starting to ramble.

Damn, my lying skills were becoming pretty impressive. My new family must really be rubbing off on me.

"I think that girl has a serious addiction Bella," he countered.

"Don't I know it. Good luck telling her that Dad. Her credit card is black and numberless, that should tell you something."

Will you stop rambling? The cat's out of the bag now anyway.

He chuckled, "It's no problem kiddo. I'm gonna miss you, but I'll catch up with you next weekend." He forgot to say my cooking…he'll miss my cooking, I mentally added to his sentence. I could picture the pizza and take out boxes strewn across the living room now. At least I knew Charlie was smart enough to steer clear of the kitchen when I wasn't there.

"K, Dad, I'm really sorry. I love you."

"Yeah, you too Bells. And don't sweat it, really. I'll just get a head start with Billy in the morning. I'll talk to ya soon, and…uh…have fun…on your…uh…date thing."

I stifled my chuckle. "Thanks, Dad. I will."

No sooner did I punch the 'End' key on my phone, when my door was flung open wide, practically off its hinges, and the Fashion Plate of Terror streaked into my room.

"Alright Little Miss Trickery-of-the-Mind! I knew you were up to something!"

I sighed, awaiting the tumult.

"Bella honey, I love you to pieces, but you are utterly insane," she shook her head, incredulous. "Seriously Bella, watching them hunt? Have you completely lost your mind?! Are you on drugs?"

I gave Alice a wide berth and a few moments before unleashing my new and improved reasoning skills. This was not something that I was going to budge on and Alice needed to understand this.

"I have to do this Alice."

"No, Bella"

"Look, Alice, I know what you think, 'It's dangerous, something bad could happen', sure. Something bad could totally happen, but seriously, what's the worst that could happen? Edward finds me, Edward bites me. This is not something that we aren't already planning, right?" I had to make her understand how much I needed this.

"NO, Bella..." she repeated.

"Alice. Please, just listen to me. I need to do this. Edward doesn't understand, and you know how he is when he gets overprotective-"

"It's not overprotective Bella, it's common sense. I have no way of predicting an outcome when dealing with them, and you, and hunting. For God's sake, why is it so important? You are going to experience it for yourself soon enough anyway!"

"Exactly, Alice. I'm going to change, and I am going to have to hunt for myself, and I have nothing more to go on than what Edward has explained to me...which isn't much!" I was starting to realize how weak my arguments sounded out loud, but this was too important to me to stop, "I make a fool out of myself enough with this family! The little, klutzy, blushing human weakling." I mocked, "Can't you understand that there is just ONE thing that I want to be good at...to show Edward that I can be equal too? And don't get me started on the fact that Emmett already INSISTS that he go with us my first time hunting!" My pacing started again, frantically, and Alice actually paused her retort to consider my words.

None of them could see what being human in this house really did to me, not even Edward, and it drove me absolutely insane. I hated being weak, and I was reminded of nothing else living here with these vampires. I was determined not let my weaknesses carry over into my new life, and if that meant a little risk while I was still human, that was a price I was willing to pay.

If I was honest with myself, the thought of seeing Edward, while he hunted, all raw instinct and power, was a complete turn on, and was another reason I wanted to do this, though I would never tell Alice that. In addition, the thought of Edward seeing me while he hunted, and preying on me while he was lost to his senses, excited me beyond all reason. This was something that I secretly dreamt about, but it was also something that I knew would never happen. Edward would never lose his control with me. I had a hard enough time just getting him to discuss these things. He had already arranged for my change to take place in a completely controlled and supervised environment.

To be sure, I knew what I was planning was dangerous, but I wanted it nonetheless, and I would be damned if I was going to let the psychic pixie get in my way. I could see the resolve break out on Alice's face after her moment of deliberation.

"Bella, listen. I understand your motives, truly I do, but just...no. NO."

"No?" I cocked my eyebrow at her.

Alice's eyes glazed over, and for several minutes, she was motionless while her visions overtook her.

"Ooooh! You are so stubborn!" she jerked her head toward me with a look of annoyance. Her eyes narrowed to slits as she was no doubt making her own counter-decisions to stop me from going. She couldn't hold me captive. That had not fared well with Edward (or myself) the last time, and she had promised to refrain from physical restraint in the future. Well, now was the future, and I knew I could beat her at her own game this time.

"Ugh, I swear Bella. Edward is right. You have no sense of self-preservation what-so-ever." She glazed over again and after a few moments began to chuckle, "Resourceful little human."

I continued to wait patiently while her visions played out and I took this opportunity to firm up my resolve to go, and review the endless escape plans I had concocted. Finally, her eyes focused on me and she let out a defeated sigh.

"Okay, look. This is what's going to happen…"

Alice explained to me that she would help, in exchange for my complete cooperation, which I heartily agreed to. I was admittedly surprised that I had out-wit my fortune-telling sister, and she was visibly dejected at this turn of events. I felt the least I could do was to listen to and comply with her instructions.

She was quite explicit. She explained to me that my expedition could result in a number of possible outcomes, and that I needed to be as prepared as possible to avoid unwanted results.

Of course, this meant that we were going shopping, and of course, I objected vehemently.

Alice shook her head, "You need to be properly camouflaged Bella...as much as possible. If you go traipsing into the forest like that, they'll see you. Hell, they'll smell you from a mile away."

Oh. I hadn't actually thought about that.

"Yeah, didn't think about that did'ja?" she huffed with indignation, "You are going to get me in so much trouble. Damn you Bella, your ass is my shopping buddy for the next 10 years for this."

Alice and I set off to Newton's Outfitters early Saturday morning. Our plans weren't entirely different from the lie I had perpetrated to Charlie the night before. Of course, my so-called date on Sunday would involve myself, a pair of waterproof gaiters, and scent-lock camo gear.

We headed straight for the hunting department upon arriving and Alice pulled me over to the women's section, handing me some really sexy Tiffany Lakosky camo apparel by She Safari.

"It's as close to designer as we can get with this type of clothing…Ugh!" she tisked in disgust at the items. "When you're done with these hideous garments, we're burning them."

Once we had my gear selected, she started tossing some odd items into our basket. "Scent-away shower kit? Deodorant pills? What is this stuff?"

"Another form of camouflage. Hunters use these things all the time to hide their human scent from animals. It will help. You won't be scent free Bella, especially to Edward, but this may help you stay inconspicuous enough so that you can possibly catch a glimpse."

We stopped off to get lunch for me after making our purchases, and then headed back to the house to prepare for my trip the next day. Alice washed the clothes I would wear in the special detergent, and locked them in plastic material while instructing me on what to expect and how to stay hidden.

"...so you need to find a comfortable place to sit and watch," she said. "When you get settled, you need to hold as still as possible. Take some underbrush and pull it over yourself for some cover, and only breath through your nose. That should keep you from becoming a lure to them if you end up in range of their senses." I nodded, trying to absorb all of her advice and instruction.

I woke before dawn on Sunday morning, excited to be on my way. I showered with the scent masking soap and shampoo and searched for the new clothes we had bought and washed.

"No, just your undergarments Bella, the thermals and the boots. You won't put these on until we get to Goat Rocks to avoid getting too much of your scent on the material. Here-" Alice handed me a dark hood like hat, "Make sure you keep your hair covered as much as possible while out there."

"Okay." I took the hat and my wrapped clothing from her, and we set off in Emmett's Jeep up to the Cullen's favorite hunting area. When we reached the Goat Rocks Wilderness Reserve, Alice maneuvered through a few treacherous trails before pulling over near a small clearing. She cut the engine and turned toward me in the vehicle cab.

"Alright Bella, now let's go over this again. I'm going to take you to a spot where we've had a lot of luck with our hunting. You're going to find your spot, and settle in. I'm giving you eight hours. I'll be in the Jeep, just past the Ranger's Station off the highway." she broke off for a moment, slipping into what I could tell was another vision. I could see a hint of smile on her face before she looked back to me again. She seemed to have gained confidence from whatever she saw in the vision.

"I'll be back to pick you up at 3pm. If you don't see anything, then it's too bad. But DO NOT TO MOVE from the spot I show you Bella, understand? This is dangerous enough as it is and Edward is already going to have my head in the fire when he finds out."

"Wait, when? Don't you mean if?"

"Ha. Really Bella, do you think I'm that good at keeping Edward out of my mind? He's going to find out, whether you see him out there today or not. It's only a matter of time before I slip and he sees it." I guessed our blissful marriage was going to endure it's first fight sooner rather than later. Alice's head wasn't the only one that would be in the fire once Edward found out about what I did today.

We got out and started on the mile and a half journey that would take me to Alice's 'perfect spot'.

After Alice ran back to the Jeep, I made myself as comfortable as possible, per her instructions. I found an area that was built up with shrubbery, yet had what looked to be almost a seat in the center of it. I pulled up some fallen branches and brush around my body to further cover my presence, and I waited.

I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.


I started to feel extremely uncomfortable being in the same position for what had to have been hours. I let my mind wander in the hopes that I could ignore my discomfort, and I thought back to Alice's vision in the Jeep earlier. I wondered what she saw, and I realized that she had looked almost smug when it was over.

What would have made her smug?

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that she had not only looked smug, but the worry in her face had all but disappeared completely. And then it dawned on me.

That evil little pixie! She knew I would see nothing out here!

After listening to her warn me over and over on the many possible outcomes of today's venture, and how she could not pin-point an exact future because we were dealing with base vampiric instincts, which were at best, unpredictable, I realized why she looked smug...and I was pissed. She was no longer worried, because she knew from her vision that none of the boys would come past this spot today. It was the only explanation.

I decided that I was not going to let this opportunity go to waste. I wanted this to work. I wanted to know first hand what the experience of hunting was going to be like, and I was not about to let my underhanded sister-in-law stop me from doing what I came here to do.

So I got up.

I left my shrubbery seat, stretched out my desperately aching muscles, and started on a hike toward the mountain edges. I didn't want to push my luck and risk Alice coming after me, so I halted my journey after about a half an hour. I found a huge tree with a nice rounded out area between its giant roots, and I settled in to my new spot for the rest of the afternoon. I only hoped that my change of plans would prove to be fruitful.

I didn't have to wait long.

After only about twenty five minutes, I heard movement off in the thick trees to my left. My heart quickened at the possibilities, and I took a few deep breaths through my nose to try to calm myself and remain perfectly still. I trained my ear at the distant sound, trying to focus in on what I was hearing. Whatever it was, it seemed to be large...and slow. I still could see nothing in my line of view.

After about two minutes of intent listening, the faint noise grew exponentially loud and a turbulent snarl pierced through the trees. The rustling forest brush sounded as if it were being broken and trampled at an ever increasing speed. Before my adrenaline could even pump through my body in excitement, I saw an unbelievably large form break through the tree line about thirty feet to my left. I sat motionless, not breathing, as I watched the huge bear barrel out of the trees.

No sooner did the animal break from the cover of trees into my line of vision, when I saw it's colossal body rip though the air and flip head over feet, crashing to the ground with blinding speed. It wasn't until it had settled to the forest floor that I noticed another figure hovered over the beast, and hard growls emanating from the sight before me.

It was Emmett.

It was Emmett on top of a mammoth sized Grizzly bear, and he was...drinking from it. His noises were tremendous and scary, and upon my focus of the scene, my mind and body caught up with my eyes. My heart began to race with adrenaline, my breathing peaked, and I seemed to break almost into a sweat from the intensity of it all. The noise was immense, and Emmett handled the animal as if it were only a few pounds in his arms. I was in awe as he drained the creature with a violent intensity that I hadn't expected.

The noise began to quiet, his growling ceasing all together, returning the normal sounds of the forest to the air. I could hear a bird off in the distance and at that exact moment Emmett's head snapped up. His eyes focused directly on mine immediately, and I froze.

In less than a second, I was pinned, helpless, to the forest floor under Emmett's massive weight. His face went directly into my hair as he ripped the hood off of my head and once again, my mind struggled to catch up to the new situation. But I wasn't just watching this time, and I hitched a deep, surprised breath in through my mouth as I felt Emmett's nose and mouth on my neck through my hair.

Oh God... oh no.

He grabbed a fistful of my hair at the nape of my neck and pulled my head back exposing my most vulnerable skin.

Don't bite me…don't bite me…don't bite me…

"Emmett, please don't bite me! Please, please!" I trembled out in stark fear as he ripped my shirt down my chest from the collar.

Oh shit, he's gonna bite me!

"Oh, I'm not gonna bite ya Bella…" he growled out, grabbing my hips hard and pressing me into his…fucking huge erection, "I'm gonna fuck you." I let out a whooshing breath I hadn't realized I was holding.

Oh God. Okay panic. PANIC! How do I stop this?!

How do I…


He's licking my nipples… Oh God. Oh God! Shit! This is wrong. This can't be happening!

"Emmett…ungh…ahhh fuck! Emmett…I…we…can't…" I was panicked, trying to speak, but I was losing myself. He was.... he felt.... so good. I was hastily thwarted in my effort to reason by Emmett's strong mouth plunging into mine, his tongue reaching out without hesitation parting my lips and devouring me whole.

"Oh, yes we can baby. Yes we fucking can."

I felt a hard tug and heard ripping as Emmett wrenched my pants from my body in one quick pull, discarding the mangled fabric. He snaked his hand around the edges of and into my panties, driving to fingers into me without mercy.

"Uhhhnnn! Emmett... Ahhh God!" I gripped both of my hands onto his shoulders and hung on for dear life. I could feel myself gushing onto his hand and my body coiled and contracted like a wind torn branch ready to snap.

"Mmmm yesss...so fucking wet!" he panted, curling his thick fingers inside me and rubbing his thumb over my quickly swelling clit. "Unnngh, yeah. That's it baby," he rasped in my ear as I unwillingly started to pant and moan out loud. "Cry for me, Bella, yeah. Fuck, I wanna taste you so bad," he snarled, his breaths labored and quick, "Just a..." he breathed, "just a little taste..."

Shit. Biting. No... Fuck, I can't think!

He grabbed my wrist with his free hand, pulling it out along the side of us and dragged my hand hard along the rough roots in the ground.

I couldn't stop him. I couldn't make myself even try to.

I could feel the pressure of his force pressing my hand against the roots, and a sharp sting of pain as the skin on my palm was ripped open.

The growl he let out at the waft of my fresh flowing blood was nothing short of terrifying, but it only excited me further, feeling his fingers twisting inside me like something I had never felt, and I didn't care about the pain because I didn't want this to stop.

Don't stop. Don't stop.

He released my wrist and lightly dragged his fingers over the open cut on my hand, lifting them to his lips. The resulting moan from him and his hand thrusting into me was even more overpowering. His growls were growing consistently louder and unforgiving, and without so much as a warning, I screamed out with an intense release, unable to breath as my whole body clenched through my peak.

"Yeaaah, that's a good girl." He pulled his fingers from my body, freeing his rock hard cock from his pants faster than I could even see. With no warning, he thrust himself deep into me with staggering force. I held onto him as tight as I could, my fingernails straining against his marble skin, and cried out at the sheer momentum of his onslaught.

"Oh so tight. So....hot. Wet," he moaned moving into me, out and back in.

"Emmett....oh God please don't stop!" I whimpered and mewled as he continued to fuck me.

"Shit, taste how good you are Bella... taste it." He forcefully moved my wounded palm over my mouth. I could feel the smearing on my face. There wasn't much blood, but it was enough to drip past my lips. I was too far gone with rapture to be sickened by the taste or the smell, and I moaned into my hand as Emmett's thrusts became impossibly faster... deeper.

"Fuck! Oh fuck, that's beautiful." He ripped my hand away and crashed his mouth onto mine, sucking both my lips and my tongue into his hungry mouth. He was feasting on me, for sure, licking over my bloodstained face and latching back onto my lips with a fervor I could not comprehend.

He snaked his left hand around to the small of my back, using it as leverage to push himself even further into me. He was so deep. I was drowning with the impact of his thrusts. It was pain, and heat, and heaven, and hell, and I was climbing to a place I had never been before. My eyes would no longer open and I could not find the air I needed as my moans turned to screams and I lost myself completely in that moment. Fuck, I had never been filled so deeply or fucked so completely. I couldn't measure his strokes. He was an animal. Edward had never lost control like this with me, and I couldn't even think of Edward in that moment.

I couldn't think of anything. I could only feel my release coming again. Hard. And fast.

My eyes opened, bulging at the force of the orgasm that was approaching, begging to kill me. Emmett took his other hand, still gripping my wounded one tightly, and rubbed my palm against his mouth, licking, sucking, defiling the perfect pale skin of his strong jaw with streaks of my blood.

I cried out at the force of him between my legs and the sight of my blood on his skin. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen, or felt, and it brought me straight to the brink of oblivion.

My screams were turning hoarse, my throat parched. Emmett's force was pushing us up and into the tree behind us when my climax consumed me, and I clenched so hard I thought I was going to seize forever.

Emmett yelled out as well in wild, agonized moans, continuing to fuck me harder and with a speed that was just not possible.

"Oh, fuck Bella...... Ahhhhhahhh...FUCK!"

My eyes squeezed shut as he attached both hands to the top of my head. I felt him fill me with his cold release in four...five... long, powerful final thrusts. He stopped his movement inside me, his head buried into my shoulder, and I felt his hands slide down my hair to cup the back of my head.

I didn't move. Emmett didn't move. The only sound left was my labored breaths. My mind slowly came back to me and I couldn't....couldn't think about what had just happened.

What did just happen?

Slowly, I turned my head to the side in Emmett's cradling hands. I parted my eyes open, trying to focus my vision, and stopped breathing all together when I laid my sight on a shock of bronze hair a short distance away. The figure beneath stood silent, a pair of black, wild eyes burning into me.

I was in major trouble.

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