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Epilogue – Feel Like Makin' Love

Forks High School Class of 1999 – 20 Year Reunion


"Give it to me baby, uh huh, uh huh,

Give it to me baby, uh huh, uh huh,

Give it to me baby, uh huh, uh huh,

And all the girlies say I'm pretty fly for a white guy…"

I stepped out of the bathroom, shaking my head at the local DJ once again regaling us with the illustrious "Hits of 99", and scanned the crowd. On the dance floor Newton and his sidekick, Crowley, were stepping it up a notch from the last reunion by sporting moves that looked like something out of a Fat Boy Slim video.

I couldn't help but laugh as I watched a bromance at its creepiest, and internally cheered because patience is definitely a fucking virtue. That's right, Baldie – I got the girl and you got…Crowley…

I continued to search the crowd until I found Bella and stopped, taking a moment to enjoy the view before I rejoined our group of friends.

I knew I was probably grinning like an idiot, but some things never changed. My heart still sped up and thudded loudly in my chest when I saw her. Age and motherhood had been more than kind to my Bella. She was still so beautiful with her mahogany hair floating in soft waves around her face, creamy luminescent skin, and her full lips enticing me as she spoke. Although not quite as bold as the delectable black and red creation she had worn at the last reunion, the new dress Alice had designed was definitely just as sexy. The simple gray fabric hugged her in all the right places- just tight enough to show off her still slender figure, but loose enough that only someone as familiar with her body as I was would notice the slight thickening of her waist. She oozed sex appeal in a way that made my mind wander to the delights I would treat Bella to once we were alone, and my fingers ached at the thought of touching her bare skin.

I shook my head to clear my lascivious thoughts before they got out of control, and I resolved to do whatever it took to get her all to myself and back to the hotel room I'd booked for the evening. I would definitely have to do something extra special for my mom for taking on our boys for the evening and allowing me a rare moment of privacy with my wife.

Tonight was a night of memories, so I decided I wanted to have a little fun with it. I walked over to her slowly; she saw me coming and her whole face lit up. I took her hand in mine as soon as I was within reach and stepped around her to embrace her from behind. Her hand still in mine, I folded my arms around her waist and pulled her up against me as she continued to talk with Emmett and Rose, and Angela and Ben, who we had also grown close with since returning to Washington.

She settled back against me and I nuzzled my face into her hair - Still all gardenias and honey - as I listened to Emmett sheepishly tell us about how Jessica Stanley had propositioned him when he went to refresh Rose's drink.

"…and then after I turned her down she had the balls to ask me how old my kids were, because her daughter hadn't been able to get a date since she'd gotten knocked up…"

"Good thing Owen grew out of his Don Juan phase, otherwise you might have had a reason to worry!" Angela joked, having, like Bella, been the object of Rosalie and Emmett's oldest child's affections.

"Hey, my son has impeccable taste, just like his Daddy, so please don't insult him by suggesting he'd ever get within ten feet of a girl like that!" Rose retorted with a smile, defending her son, who'd grown into a very strapping young man, built just like Emmett, but with his mother's biting wit.

"Poor, poor Jessica. Not only is she now a grandma, but it looks like she's looking for a new baby daddy as well." Emmett pointed in the direction of the dance floor where Jessica was amusingly sandwiched between Newton and Crowley in a repulsive tangle of sweaty, drunken, flailing limbs.

Bella laughed gently as I held her, and I could feel the vibration against my body. Despite the grotesque scene playing out before us, my body still responded to the proximity of hers, fanning my need to get her alone. So, as the conversation continued around us I prayed that she'd play along and took the opportunity to put plan Get My wife Alone and Lick Her Until She Screams into motion by taking a stroll down memory lane.

"Looks like Jessica has her hands full. What about you, Bella?" I asked, whispering in her ear. "Any kids? Marriage? Any of that?"

I felt her body shake with suppressed laugher and she whispered back. "Well, there is this guy I've had my eyes on for years…"

"Oh, really?"

"Yeah. Tall, handsome, and slightly nerdy…but in a sexy way." She sighed dramatically. "Sadly, I've heard he's married to this really hot chick and has a couple of kids."

I chuckled and hugged her to me, grateful that she was playing along.

"What about you?" She asked, continuing to indulge me in my game.

"Me? Oh, yes. Very happily married to the only woman I have ever loved."

"Any kids?"

"Two very active boys." I answered and rubbed my thumb gently over her stomach where our hands were still clasped together. "And although it's a secret, we just found out number three is on the way."

"Sounds like you have your hands full." She said quietly, squeezing her fingers around mine.

"I do," I kissed the side of her head, "but I wouldn't have it any other way."

Now if you could just get her onto the dance floor… The song changed to "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None the Richer, and she started to laugh. Perfect, aren't you the lucky bastard.

She let me lead her out onto the floor and I pulled her in close to me, just like the first time we had danced to this song.

I heard her breath hitch slightly when she felt me pressed against her. It was always the same, amazing to believe after so many years that our need for one another had not lessened. I hoped we would always need each other this way.

The song had played perfectly into my desire to leave, so I continued to tease her with the memories of our last reunion knowing full well what the particular memory I had in mind would do to her. You'll get her out of here in five minutes, tops.

So, just as I had ten years ago I gathered her hair off of her shoulder, and grazed my nose across her neck, just under her jaw, and I placed a single chaste kiss right behind her ear. She shivered just as I knew she would. I slowly moved my lips up to her ear and exhaled. She started to tremble in my arms, and I proceeded to whispered quietly to her as we continued to dance.

"Twenty years ago, I fell in love with you, but I was too young and too shy to tell you how I felt." I paused and kissed the spot behind her ear.

"Ten years ago, I foolishly thought I could free myself of the hold you'd always had, but instead found myself more tightly bound to you than ever." Her hand twitched on my shoulder and her body pressed closer to mine.

"Tonight, after all these years, I've realized that no matter how much I think love you, I can always love you more, and I cherish each and every moment you have given me." I sucked on her lobe, eliciting another shiver. I pulled back and searched her eyes for the love I knew I would find.

"Would you like to stay, or could I escort you home this evening?" I winked at her and smiled as I asked her the same question I had ten years ago.

"God, yes!" She tugged me through the crowd only pausing long enough to impart a hasty goodbye to our friends before making our way out to the car.

I pulled out of the school's parking lot and turned towards the hotel and Bella reached for my hand, lacing her fingers in mine over the center console. I looked over and couldn't help the smile that spread across my face at the sight of the beautiful woman sitting next to me. There were few moments when I had been happier in my life, but they had all been with her.


"Yeah?" I looked over at her again, noting the mischievous tone in her voice.

"Dad and Sue aren't going to be back from their cruise until next week…" Her eyes twinkled and moved her hand to my thigh. "We could have the house all to ourselves."

She might as well have said 'Take me home and fuck me on the table like you did our first time', because that was all I could think about when she mentioned Charlie's house.

I pulled a quick u-turn, and we made it to Charlie's in mere minutes. I loved this woman. She knew every secret fantasy I harbored, including the desire I'd always had to christen the new table Charlie had gotten to replace the one we'd defiled after the last reunion. At least this time I knew there was no way Charlie would find out what we were about to do, and this time I wouldn't be on the receiving end of one of his special talks.

We let ourselves in, and I relocked the door before joining Bella in the kitchen.

"I'm thirsty, do you want anything?" Bella asked as she filled a glass of water at the sink. The memory of her asking me a similar question ten years ago flitted through my mind and I grinned.

"What are you thinking?" she asked, as she turned around.

"I was just remembering a few specific times you asked me that question in the past," I said as I wrapped my arms around her.

"Mmmm, yes, I remember," she laughed.

I ran my hands up and down, gently rubbing her back. She leaned into me, resting the side of her face against my chest and hummed her contentment. Massaging her lower back with one hand, I moved the other up and pulled her hair over one shoulder to allow me access to her ear and neck.

"Isabella," I whispered huskily next to her ear. Her head tilted up towards me and I could feel her mouth spread into a mischievous smirk against my cheek. I let my hands slowly roam over her body, gently caressing every inch I could reach as we stood there in her father's kitchen. I grazed my nose along her jaw as I exhaled slow and hot over her skin before claiming her perfect lips with my own, the same lips that continued to tease me even after all these years, and she still tasted sweeter than I could have ever imagined. "I love you…so much."

As usual our kiss quickly turned greedy and hard. I licked her bottom lip, telling her to open up to me and our tongues slid against each other in a familiar dance. She bit my bottom lip, and I groaned at the rush of desire she always caused to surge through my body.

Passion raged between us, even more so since we were reliving those moments when we had first come together. But this is not what I wanted, not tonight. The first time we were together, here in this very room, our movements were hurried and desperate. We were caught up in relieving ten years of unresolved desire. This time there was no frantic need for relief. This time my senses were not overwhelmed with the discovery of her body's secrets; I knew her body as well as I knew my own. This time I was going to savor every inch of skin, showing her exactly how much I loved her, how much I wanted her. Tonight was about loving my wife.

I tempered our kiss to a slower more languid burn, and ran my hands up to the neck of her dress and lowered the zipper, the tips of my fingers skimming across her skin as it was exposed inch, by inch. My hands trailed back up her spine to her shoulders where I slid the silky fabric of her dress down her body until it pooled around her feet.

She gripped my arms for balance and stepped out of her shoes and dress, toeing them out of the way before stepping back in front of me. Her eyes found mine briefly, communicating her desires silently. I knew her well enough that I no longer needed words at times like this.

I stood still and closed my eyes, reveling in the feeling of her touch as her hands ran over my body. She started at my waist, gently tugging on my shirt until the hem was free, and then moved up my chest, caressing me through the fabric of my shirt until she reached my shoulders. Pausing only for a moment, she started on the top button. I kept my hands at my sides knowing she wanted to take her time, and Bella kept her gaze on my chest as she unfastened each button to expose me inch by inch. When she reached the last button she swiftly slipped the shirt from my body.

Her hands slid back up over my skin leaving trails of familiar heat that I felt every time she touched me, and I closed my eyes for a moment, content to just bask in her touch. She made a circuit around my body moving her hands to my shoulders and down my arms before moving back to play with the sensitive skin just above the waistband of my pants.

I opened my eyes and reached for her waist, pulling her close enough to trap her hands between us while I took her lips in another kiss. She took her cues from me and kept it gentle and slow, all while unfastening my pants and letting them drop to the floor to join the rest of our discarded clothing. I carefully stepped out of my shoes and socks, because even after all these years I was not going to make love to Bella with my socks on. I wanted to be completely and utterly naked with her.

I kept my lips on hers as I maneuvered us back towards the table and shifted my hands down to her thighs, lifting her until she was able to sit in front of me, legs splayed to accommodate my body. We continued in our embrace, content to nibble and lick at each other's mouths, as we pressed our bodies close.

My hands moved up and down her sides teasing the outer edges of her lace clad breasts. When I'd had my fill of her lips, I gently leaned her back onto the table unclasping and removing her bra along the way. The tips of my fingers grazed over her hardened nipples, and I couldn't help but be amazed.

Her breasts were still perfect, even more so now that they bore the faint marks of motherhood, but as much as I wanted to focus on her breasts, I knew they were still tender and didn't want to cause her any discomfort, only pleasure. So I continued on, placing soft kisses and bites on every bit of skin my mouth touched. She was exquisite. Her skin was so soft, and her scent still drove me wild. I couldn't help myself from exploring every inch of exposed skin, paying special attention to the gentle rounding of her belly, which had just started to show.

Her body never ceased to amaze me. Where she had once been firm it was now softer, more rounded, more lush... Even with all of the changes childbirth had brought, her body drove me mad with desire; she was even more beautiful, if that was possible.

I parted her knees wider, and moving down to kneel between her legs, I drew my hand down, placing my palm flat against her. I could feel how wet she was through the thin lace of her panties, and as she shifted her hips allowing me to slide my hands under her soft ass to gently remove her underwear, then I leaned down into her, tracing my tongue softly over her.

I increased her sensitivity with my heated breath by exhaling while I swirled my tongue around her most sensitive places, then gently spread her so I could lick her with the flat of my tongue. She moaned and fisted her hands into my hair pushing my face into her. I moved one finger into her slowly pumping in and out, working her with my tongue at a similar pace.

Her hips started to writhe around me and I added another finger, moving faster and curling my fingers in to hit the spot I knew would bring her over the edge. She tightened around my fingers, and I continued licking her as she rode out her orgasm.

When her body had calmed, I kissed and licked my way back up to her neck and I used my nose to trace up to her ear and suck on her lobe gently. "You are still the most beautiful woman I have ever seen."

"Edward," All the love she felt poured out in the one word, my name. My eyes locked on her beautiful, full lips and my chest tightened with an overwhelming sense of emotion. "Please."

That was all the invitation I needed.

I groaned - I was so hard, my body throbbing with need for my own release - and placing myself at her entrance, slowly pushed myself into her warmth. She felt just as good in that moment as she did the first time I had been inside her, and no matter how many times we made love I would never tire of that feeling.

I slowly started rocking in and out of her, knowing I would need to go slow to prolong this every second that I could. A low moan escaped from the back of our throats as we thrust against each other, a testament to every sensation our movements caused to radiate throughout our bodies.

My movements were slow and measured. I wanted to take my time; watch the pleasure play out on her face, and hear it in the whimpers that passed her lips. I had learned what every sigh, moan, and muscle tick meant over the years. So, when I felt her muscles start to tighten around my cock, I sped up and changed the angle of our hips, increasing the intensity of each movement. I wanted to cum with her, so I let myself go and she rewarded my efforts by exploding around me as she breathed my name. I joined her over the edge, our bodies melting together while our breathing returned to normal.

I slowly helped Bella off of the table, relishing in the delight of just touching her bare skin, and couldn't resist caressing her sex-softened lips once more with my own before releasing her. I put my pants back on, and she of course once again evilly donned my dress shirt.

Last time we found ourselves in this situation, I held myself back from initiating round two in an attempt to be sensitive to her needs and not appear as an insatiable douche. This time I wasn't going to let the opportunity pass me by… Besides, this time she knows you're an insatiable douche and married you anyway, round two is fair fucking game!

I crossed the room to where she was bending over gathering the remaining clothes from the floor. I grabbed her hips and pressed myself up against her, letting her know just what seeing her exposed like that did to me.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Were you standing there?" I teased. "I saw this perfect ass taunting me and I couldn't help myself."

"Is that so?"

"Uh…." All the air rushed from my lungs as she ground herself into me. "Yeah."

She pulled away from me and backed toward the stairs, smirking. "Good. I was afraid you might cheat me out of round two like you did at the last reunion."

I stood there speechless.

"I'll be waiting in my old bedroom, and don't forget," she turned around and started up the stairs, "pants off, glasses on!"

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