A/N: I'm sorry, but this should have been much better and longer, but my entire world just crashed down and this is all I have in me now.

His calloused hand ran roughly along her cheek, and it was her favorite feeling. Softer than sandpaper, but definitely a man's touch. She loved nothing more than when he gently caressed her soft skin, his green eyes connecting with her blue eyes.

He closed his eyes with his hand resting just below her ear, taking a deep breath and sighing, "Suzie, you feel…sapphire today."

With just a touch, Jeff Hardy could imagine what color his girlfriend was radiating. When she was sad, she was blue. Sometimes she was mossy green. When she was happy, she was pink. At one point in their relationship, she had been at least every single color of the spectrum. Even once, she was clear.

Suzie giggled as Jeff brushed back some of her blonde locks that still showed a light shade of purple from when she had let him do anything to her hair. "Sapphire? Why couldn't you just say blue?"

"Well, you're not sad, so you're not blue. But you're not happy, so you're not yellow. But you always sparkle, so you're the color of a gemstone," Jeff explained.

He saw the beauty in everything. The dead leaves on the ground were the choruses of autumn when stepped on. The wind was the flute of nature. Rain played the steady percussion beats.

Nothing was ugly. Everything had substance. He took nothing for granted.

He was just Jeff.

Royal Rumble.

It was more like the royal crumbling of one of the greatest tag teams to ever exist, even if there was a blood bond involved. Natural chemistry was the hardest thing to come by, even more rare than actual talent. They both had it all.

But was it envy? Was it really jealousy that caused Matt Hardy to turn on his brother? No one really knows, now do they? People will claim to know, but they'll unknowingly remain blissful in their ignorance.

Only Matt Hardy knows the true answer. Will he ever tell? That's his story to unfold.

As Jeff stared into the mirror, he saw something he hadn't seen before in his life.


It wasn't that he just saw a void in the reflection. He saw the image of himself and the room behind him.

There was no color, no depth, just a plain reflection. Nothing was bright. Nothing was dark. No glares, no shadows. The lines of definition between objects had been blurred. It wasn't black. It wasn't white.

It was just colorless.

Suzie sighed as she stood in the doorway of the bathroom. She was sure that Jeff could see her in the reflection, but he gave her no recognition.

Ever since his own brother had turned on him, Jeff had been different. No longer did he wear bright colors. His face paint wearing days were far and few between. Instead of artsy shirts and cargo pants, he went for jeans and dress shirts, and even suits and ties on days of the show. He had abandoned his high-flying ways in favor of a more conservative wrestling style.

Suzie was sick of it. This wasn't the Jeff Hardy that she fell in love with. This wasn't the creative writer, artist, musician, and wrestler he once was. The new Jeff Hardy was a robot, only speaking when spoken to, a slave to his job.

With two quick steps across the tile floor, she poked Jeff sharply in the shoulder. "Look at me."

Jeff slowly turned around, his head bent down to look at his girlfriend. "Yes, Suzie, dear?"

"What color am I today?" she angrily asked, her small voice shaking. He hadn't told her in a while, and this was her last hope that the real Jeff Hardy was somewhere inside of him, unless Matt had killed that along with their partnership and brotherhood.

"…Color? I'm not quite sure I understand," Jeff said, emotionless, almost as if he had recited those words over and over again.

Suzie closed her eyes and slowly turned around, disheartened. It was official.

Jeff Hardy was lost. He had lost his color.