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With his trademark scowl on his face, Ichigo sighed morosely as he walked home from school in the rain. Not only was he forced to stay after school to finish up some work, but the dreary weather always brought up painful memories Ichigo would rather keep locked away. At least he thought ahead enough to remember to bring an umbrella this time.

As he passed by a dark alley way, a flash of blue caught the corner of his eye. Bewildered and curious, Ichigo paused and backtracked a little, peering into the darkness. What he found made his eyes pop open in surprise. A seemingly tall, muscular blue-haired feline hybrid was slouched unconscious against the brick wall of the building in between two trash cans. Dressed in only a pair of ratty pants, the poor fellow had gashes and bruised littering his chest and abs that were probably from a fight with another tom cat. He looked a bit underweight and was going to catch a cold if he stayed out in this terrible weather any longer. Ichigo's heart went out to the big guy and he decided to take him home to his family's clinic to take care of those nasty looking wounds.

It was a bit difficult lugging the heavy dead weight on his back, even forgoing and folding up his umbrella, but luckily the alley was only a couple blocks away from home. He managed to unlock and enter the door, hefting up the tom cat before he closed the door with his foot. It looked like his family wasn't home. Good. He didn't want goat face interfering and be generally annoying at the moment.

Up the stairs and in his room, Ichigo carefully laid down his charge on his bed, sighing in relief as his back was lightened. 'All right then,' he thought to himself, 'off to work.' First thing first, he needed to undress his patient to assess the damage. With a blush, Ichigo quickly pulled down the feline's soaked pants, trying not to look at anything he wasn't supposedly to be looking. 'Though he is pretty good-looking…' the thought made him blush hotter as he stood abruptly to retrieve a couple towels and extra blankets. He came back with an armful, and a first-aid kit, too.

Plopping down all the items at the side of his bed, he grabbed the towels and began to vigorously rub down the hybrid's body to get the blood flowing as well as dry him off. Next, he gently touched the back of his hand to the blue-haired male's forehead nodding in approval when he didn't feel any signs of a high fever. Ichigo also noted that other than the superficial injuries and no doubt feeling sore once he woke up, the man was in relatively good shape. He also began shivering, another positive sign. The teen bent down to retrieve the first aid-kit, and started to clean and bandage all the wounds.

Afterwards, he cleaned up his supplies and put everything away, tossing the bloodied towels in the washer with bleach and padded back over to his charge with a pair of strawberry boxers his sisters got him for birthday that year as a gag gift. He quickly dressed the man in them, politely averting his gaze once again with another blush, and bundled him up with the warm, dry, fluffy blankets.

He nodded to himself, satisfied with his work before leaving to take a shower and grabbing something to eat. Later on that night, he worked on his homework, and then set up a futon on the floor next to the bed. The whole time, the hybrid didn't stir, except for the occasional flick of his white tail. Ichigo tilted his head.

'Hm, is his tail…armored?' With a curious hand, he reached out to gently stroke the tail. It twitched at his touch and the cat began to purr deeply in his sleep. The teen smiled, reaching up to scritch behind one of the dark ears on top of the male's head. In response, the feline nuzzled his head into Ichigo's hand, a little smile on his sharp, handsome face. It made Ichigo feel warm inside at the…cute sight, and he had a feeling that this particular cat didn't really do 'cute' when he's awake. He shook his head at the thought. 'I'm starting to sound like a woman,' he grumbled to himself, despite the smile on his own face. He turned and crawled into his makeshift bed for the night. With a last glance at the occupant in his bed, Ichigo turned onto his side with his back towards the bed, falling into a deep sleep shortly after his head hit the pillow.


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